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Marvel's The Avengers International Collector's Box Set (6 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all cuddles96's reviews (2)

This box set is well priced, Great films and looks great.
Avengers is easilly the best marvel movie that has been made so far.
All the other films are great to. If you like marvel and you love the avengers. Buy this set. Its worth it!

  For your info.

| | See all Dillpazir's reviews (10)

The films are big, good and very good quailty. They're blu-ray. You know where you stand. The actual product...there is artwork on the fold out case of each of the avengers. The discs themselves have no artwork apart from the hulk disc that has a print of hulk on it. I would've loved more but the packaging was the only semi-letdown. The films themselves are good, a must for any blu-ray collection.


| | See all WillWheaton's reviews (2)

All of the films leading up to/including Avengers Assemble, and all for just 40 pounds. Each film guarantees a great viewing experience, and a wise buy for anyone who doesn't own any of these films currently.

  5 Star Movies, 3 Star set

| | See all JonnyWhiteN7's reviews (1)

First review, so short and sweet
I would like to start with the positives of this set, the movies themselves are amazing and I managed to get through all of the origin films the day the set arrived. Followed by Iron man 2 and the Avengers the next day, and personally I enjoyed every second of them.

However, the set its self is a bit of a mess, all the blu-rays are the discs from the individual boxes and don't follow a set pattern like the picture for this set.

So my advice would be, if you are looking to save some money and don't yet own all of the films but want to, get this set. But if you are a collector and like things neat and tidy, I would recommend forking out the extra cash and buy the triple-play sets (they look very nice altogether)! :)

  Collectors Box Set

| | See all bookreview96's reviews (1)

Got this today, totally brilliant and am obsessed with it.All the disc look like what they would if you brought them all seperately, the art work on the back is brillaint, all the characters (hulk,hawkeye,nick fury, maria hill,iron man,thor,captain america and black widow) is fantastic! in the image they give you, you can see captain america! love that! the image of all of the them on the front is a see through thin plastic slip off cover,so it is optional. The 'A' for avengers on the front is embost,and feels/looks amazing! The actual box slides on and reveals the art working and cardboard holding the disc! Amazing set! A must have if your a fan of marvel, and the avengers!

iron man - 5/5
the incredible hulk - 3/5
iron man 2 - 4/5
thor - 4/5
captain america - 5/5
marvel avengers assemble - 5/5

Overall taking into account the blu-ray artwork overall and the entire box set itself! This is a MUST HAVE if your a marvel fan and want a collectors edition, utterly brilliant!

overall rating 5/5


| | See all Cody2794's reviews (1)

not only does this include 6 perfect films, it comes in an amazing case, fit with a beautiful sleeve on the front of the avengers themselves, the quality of all the movies is outstanding and the special features are brilliant, i cannot mark this product down at all and am glad i chose the blu ray over the standard DVD

  Avengers Assemble!

| | See all CJCARDIFF2009's reviews (1)

6 Avengers Blu Rays for under 40 is superb value, especially when you consider all 6 films were made in the last four years. Sure, there are weaker films than Avengers , Iron Man and Thor, but that is the case with any good box set. A must buy!

  Amazing film, box set badly assembled

| | See all Andrew38's reviews (2)

Avengers Assemble is an incredibly brilliant film, 5 star, 10 out of 10, perfect product of Hollywood and highly reccomended to everyone.

This box set however is nowhere near what it should be. Serious lack of special features and nothing special about getting the box set against getting the individual films.

The box set firstly has nothing more than the discs, no special artwork or little goodies like character profiles or anything like that. Just a case suitable for 6 discs with a cover. A bit disappointing for a comic book box set. Although this isn't a requirement, it is kind of expected.

Then the discs themselves are actually directly out of the boxes from the original movies. The Iron Man disc actually says Disc 1 on it implying that there is a second disc but it's obviously not included in the Avengers box set!! And as the discs are just stock from the original films, the artwork on the discs don't match up so looks very random. Also doesn't include DVD copy or digital copies, again, not essential but becoming kind of standard with most Bly-ray purchases these days.

If you're looking just to watch all 6 films, this is a great bargain. But if you're looking to have a proper complete collection with special features and all the other goodies you'd expect from a comic book film blu-ray disc, you'll have to buy the films individually.

Hopefully they will release a proper collectors edition with all films with goodies and the special feature discs with matching artwork. I read an article saying that they were going to release a proper complete collection with a model of the SHEILD helipad etc in America, I would've expected at least a similar option in the UK.

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  Avengers Boxset Bluray

| | See all DannyWhiting's reviews (1)

Amazing price for an amazing product even the box it comes in is great and really trend, 5 stars from me :)

  Collection versus individual movies

| | See all Faker74's reviews (1)

Just worth noting for those thinking of swapping existing DVDs / Blu Rays for this collection.

In the case of the two Iron Man movies, on both DVD and Blu Ray these were released originally as 2 disc editions. What is in this set is the first disc from the the Blu Rays of each movie. So you'll lose out on any special features on the second disc. Note anything on disc 2 of the DVD sets hasn't been including on the Blu Ray.

For the Incredible Hulk, all the features of the two disc DVD edition are on the single Blu ray disc in this pack.

Captain America and Thor are as the original Blu Ray releases.

Avengers (Assemble) is the standard Blu Ray also.

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