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The Day After Tomorrow (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal & Emmy Rossum

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  Gonna need more than an Umbrella..........

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

Everyone knows this pretty well by now so it seems silly to spend too much time going over the plot so apart from rejoicing in the super-silly science and hyper-fictional dramatisations lets get down to basics.

How does this baby look on Blu-ray?

The answer is pretty darned good. Since this is one of the ultimate visual effects based movies it should after all, and as Los Angeles and New York City get their respective acts of destruction the lovingly rendered CGI has never looked as spiffing! Apart from one or two areas where some slight dating of effects shows up.

The Blu-ray (like several of FOX's Blu-ray releases of older films) does sacrifice most of the extras from the previous 2 Disc and Definitive Edition DVD's but since they were never the greatest extras it probably won't matter to most. If you are into this film's disaster and apocalyptic scenes then it's worth getting the Blu-ray for your system.


| | See all GodOfGaming's reviews (52)

I loved this film ( the reason why ive re watching it multiple times). It has a great story which seem very plausible and realistic and this combined with the top rate cgi effects makes this one of (if not) thee best disaster movie i have seen.

  Still fun today

| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (703)

Despite being almost stupendously silly, Emmerich's global warming disaster epic also happens to be rollickingly entertaining. It's the usual plot of the lone voice (paleantologist Quaid warning that the world's weather is going to take a nasty turn) and no one listening to him until it's Too Late. And there's an ecologically responsible message at its heart. But that's not really why we're here. It's to see tornadoes rip downtown LA apart, and a tidal wave engulfing New York. The special effects are so good they actually help us overlook the inanity of the plot and the dialogue.

Should give your sound system a good workout.

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  rock on america!!!

| | See all adamk69's reviews (119)

I love this movie, not quite enough to give it 5 stars because really it is sometimes like a series of unrelated scenes strung together to make one long one, such is the weakness of the plot. But if you have Full HD and a big screen and HD surround sound capability it is almost a must have addition to your collection. Now, I have a theory that the whole global warming thing is a a bit of a con. It is a natural cycle that will happen no matter how many times I drive to the shop, or how long I leave my standby light on on my home cinema amp. My theory is not popular among those who would tax us for breathing if they could, so this film kind backs my theory in the naffest way possible, but there is something about the whole massive implausability of the story and it's survivors that while commical and filled with more wholes than a bar of aero chocolate, (quick it's minus 1000 degrees outside, shut the door to keep us safe!!!! It can freeze the fuel in a helicopter pipelines in a second, whilst flying (i am sure the jet engine generates some heat!) but it can't get through a wooden door especially if you have fire lit in the corner!!!! Brilliant!! I had to have the BD disc, and I am glad I did. For all it's crumbyness it is a hoot to watch and a better than average demo disc, good transfer and good soundtrak to accompany the large scale (and some hysterical) effects. Just buy it and enjoy it for what it is and ....God Bless America!!!

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| | See all storm2600's reviews (4)

Saw this film in the cinema which was awesome ..sayin that watching it on blu ray it totally blows you away especially the BIG wave worth getting it on blu ray another top film Worth every penny

  Decent film, great transfer

| | See all Nate19O's reviews (6)

Being only my 5th blu-ray purchase I am no expert however I did realise that this is a very nice blu-ray. The quality far surpasses the dvd version. This is not because of clarity ( although the clarity here is good) but rather the extent of the colours. In the dvd version it felt too white and lacked any sort of detail in the darker scenes.
This movie is filmed with a blue tint which greatly emphasises the chilly feeling of the whole thing. There is actually some grain, but it is usually present only in outdoor scenes and I believe is intentional just to make the blizzards look more dense.
Overall this is one of the best disaster movies to come out in a while because of the great CGI and great acting.

If you like it and will want to watch it multiple times definately buy the blu-ray version but if you just want to give it a shot then but the dvd (only a few quid on here)

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  One of the best on Blue Ray!!!

| | See all Stifflerr's reviews (69)

Im gonna make this short and sweet i dont wanna go on and on, bottom line is this film is one of the best films ive seen on blue ray and if you have surround speakers like me you will totally get into the film as there is so much going on. All in all fantastic film and it should promote blue ray players by showing this film so people can see what they are missing out on. 10/10

  Absolutely brilliant - you'll feel cold just watching it!

| | See all Dantx2's reviews (7)

I saw this film first on DVD, and really enjoyed it then. Now I have this BluRay and the experience is so much different, for the better! The effects and picture quality are both amazing, you'd swear that it was a video of that tsunami wave hitting Manhattan it looks that good. I'm sure I honestly felt really cold, the whole combination of the brilliant sound and the just awesome picture. I also wrote a review of AVP:2 and said I thought that was one of the best uses of BluRay. That was only one of the best, but this one IS the best.

For £15, in my opinion, this represents the best buy on here!

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  Blue What !

| | See all reviewer92's reviews (3)

Well I've wanted this film for a while now , so i decided to buy it , i looked for the normal version and it was £4.99 and the blu ray one was £17.99 so it was over 3x's the price ! So obviously i was skeptical about spending so much more money for the same film , but it was worth every penney. Played this via my Sony ps3 and it was brilliant. Would recommend this to anyone , even if you own the standard DVD its worth buying , bluray makes it seem like a new film !

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