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Saw 3: Extreme Edition (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Tobin Bell, J. LaRose & Angus Macfadyen

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  A notch above its predecessor

| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (682)

A surprisingly more efficient sequel than its predecessor, the Saw franchise is now settling into a familiar groove - the cruellest tortures, the swerviest twists in the plot, and the most gruesome gore imaginable. The dismemberment which occurs to the opening victims largely inures us to what follows (though Bell's cranial surgery is conducted with carnivorous glee) but at least this one has a plot that is going somewhere and some convincing acting. As the acolyte of the demented killer Jigsaw, Smith acquits herself best.

  Typical of its kind

| | See all ALBNEL's reviews (3)

Ive just recently purchased a ps3 so of course i needed something to watch on bluray format.I decided to go for plays 3 for 2 offer.I bought Apocalypto, Superman the movie and being the kind of guy i am let my partner pick a film.....She picked Saw 3.
I liked the first Saw movie as i thought it was quite diffrent and had a good twist at the end however i really think they should have left it there.
Like the Final Destination movies they are basicly films about "lets think of how many diffrent ways we can kill people and the more shocking the better!"
I must admit there are scenes which made me wince and laugh at the same time. I didnt find the story line that interesting but that didnt matter as i knew that if i wait a few more minutes there will be another gory scene to watch.
Its obvious that there is a market out there for these kind of films as there was in the late 70s with the teenage slasher movies and Saw 3 would fit nicely in that genre.
The Picture and sound was nice and crisp and the colours were true.
I imagine if you are a fan of the saw movies you wont be disapointed.Personally this Saw didnt cut it with me.

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  The Saw that binds - lots of reference to Previous movies

| | See all niftyuk's reviews (184)

Opening with a shocking tyrade of bad language and grotesque violence, it is aparanet it is trying to out do its predeccesors, in the end though, it is ultimatley dissapointing in comaprison to the firsr Saw movie, after all, the first saw movie has the greatest ever shock twist ending.

In HD this movie is truly excellent, the dark settings, eventive equipment, bright operating surgery, the freezer sequene and the horrifying pig and mincing sequence looks vivid and will have you immersed in the violence. The horrific sound effects and great sound track will hammer out of your 5.1 system and have you holding your skull during the 'operation'

So in this movie, as with Saw 2 you'll find yourself guessing the ending... Its good, its clever (and gruesome) but could never compare to the originals ending.

The torture Scenes are grotesque, they'll make you flinch, and thank god that no one has invented smell-o-vision or we'd all be sick during the pig sequence (once you've seen it you'll know) I won't spoil them, but there really are some gringe worthy moments.

The story centres on Jigsaw's apprentice taking over as he faces the inevitable death we learnt he was facing since Saw 1. But there is twists and turns everywhere. As he is dying the game this time is to keep Jigsaw alive at all costs for one of his victims, whilst another must choose to save (or not) people involved in the tragic death of his son.

The gore is inventive but ultimatly I failed to connect to the characters, and really only enjoyed the incites into what became of the police officer at the end of Saw 2 and again, more incite into what happened at the end Saw 1.

Worth a look if you liked the first few... It leaves it open for yet another sequal. Hopefully there won't be

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  Yet more excellence and gore

| | See all Azeryk's reviews (56)

The Saw series just keeps getting better and better and this film is no let down. With more intense moment and gore than before it's a real shocker. But where the films come into their own is the ability to have a gripping storyline which stops you from turning away and wanting to know what happens at the end.

One of the best horror films in many years and a must for all film collectors.

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