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Superman Returns (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey & Kate Bosworth

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Superman Returns.........and Soars!

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

I don't know what went wrong with this and the wider public at some point between it's release in Summer 2006 and the state of affairs a few years later where it was fashionable to seemingly hate this film. It's simply one of the most outstanding 'reinventions' of a superhero franchise there's been since 'Batman Begins', courtesy of Bryan Singer.

The sheer quality of everything, from the spot on titles, the countless nods to the first two films, the gob-smacking seamless effects, impressive and beautiful production and set design right down to the use of Marlon Brando, a neat recap to explain why films 3 and 4 (are wisely) removed and great casting (except Bosworth - a good actress but just way too young looking for Lois Lane) makes this film reek of class. The story is simple but powerful as both Clark Kent and Superman adjust to a world (and a Lois) that got used to not having them around and moved on, while Lex Luther continues his fascination with land acquisition!

I think it's a great couple of hours entertainment and I'm quite pleased that I double dipped and bought the Blu-ray (which comes with the same thorough three hour making of documentary that was on the original two disc DVD release) as the picture quality here is utterly superb and one of the most beautiful transfers around.

  Great Movie, Not Much Of A Bluray Transfer

| | See all carefuldegree's reviews (8)

the movie itself was great, but the bluray transfer was a bit of a letdown. some scenes are amazing but then some of them are poorly done


| | See all mjm2974's reviews (3)

AMAZING FILM!! Don't underestimate this film. Great script, Good humour & Amazing cast. Superman has truly returned after the nightmare of Superman 3 & 4. Great film.

  Difficult to Review this One

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Ok, this movie took years to get to the big screen and ultimately was a disappointment.
There was very little chance that it was gonna be better than the Original, and the way other Superhero films have grabbed the publics attention meant it was always an uphill struggle. Saying that, it certainly was not due to lack of effort..
There are highlights, and nothing really Awful about the Movie, it just doesnt FEEL like enough for a Superman movie, I guess I just wanted it to be like on the same level as the new Batman and iron Man movies.
Anyway enough gripes. The Story is Decent, The Direction is Good and the Performances are reasonable and It send a Genuine Tingle down your spine once THAT theme tune kicks in and Superman appears.
On a positive note, they are working on a new Re-Boot for Superman, to be directed by Zack Snyder (Director of 300 and Watchmen) and produced by Christopher Nolan (Director of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Inception). So there Is still Hope.

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  "And i thought Dean Cain's Clark Kent was bad!"

| | See all jimmyjams's reviews (16)

How i wanted to love this film! Having grown up, like many, with Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel we've undoubtedly been spoilt. Bryan Singer knew it was going to be tough to live up to the Richard Donner films and he should have waited a little longer before going into this long awaited prequel. Set between Superman's 2 and 3. Superman Returns, hence title, from a 7 year flight to where Krypton was; in case it was still there.....hhhhmmmmmm to find his true love Lois Lane married to Perry White's annoyingly understanding nephew and with child!
Poor old Brandon Routh (Australian/Chiseled/Unknown), is so out of his depth with the portayal of Clark Kent that the whole film is under a huge believabilty strain from the first glimpse of him wearing those glasses! His bumbling, nervous clumsiness is so poorly executed that i literally found myself wincing during his "golly, swell and jeepers" moments.
If you don't think this will bother you when you watch the film then i'm sure you'll love it.
On a positive Kevin Spacey is an impressive Gene Hackman...er i mean Lex Luthor! and there is a twist to keep your attention until the last scene.
Bring back General ZOD!

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  Perfect re-launch for the man of steel

| | See all benminx's reviews (73)

For all the current maligning and talk of need for a 're-boot' (the current trend for everything it seems), you'd think this was shot on video and starring Dappy from N-Dubz as Superman. Instead, it's as pitch perfect as a re-launch gets. Brandon Routh makes a superb Man of Steel, imbuing the role with both a handsome other-worldly grace, and a deeply human kindness and emotion that will feel familiar to Christopher Reeves' fans, but is still very much his own take on the role. The film starts after he has returned from a long absence looking for remnants of Krypton, and the world has moved on. While it does briefly - and excellently - hark back to his childhood discovery of his powers, the film is rooted in the present, and a new threat from Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor. Spacey doesn't quite soar to Gene Hackman's heights of delicious comedy villainy, but he does bring sly humour and evil to the role, and is aided by Parker Posey as his conflicted 'gangster's moll' style sidekick. The film is perfectly paced, the fun, fairground ride of a plot revealing itself piece by spectacular piece amongst one amazing moment after another - whether during a night flight with Lois, or an astonishingly tense plane-crash set-piece - and it is set firmly and reverently amongst the mythology established by the previous films. Bryan Singer paints a beautiful canvas too. I watched this again only recently, and remember thinking that almost every frame and shot of the film is so beautiful and colourful that it could be a painted canvas landscape. It's a perfectly designed, convincingly acted, thrillingly exciting superhero movie with a strong emotional core being provided by some great writing. A heck of a comeback, filled with epic, amazing set-pieces. A truly justified modern classic.

  superman returns

| | See all plasma's reviews (6)

watched this when if first came out on blu-ray and thought it was a good film, shame about the picture quality i was expecting a grain free film as its a recent film, im sure not all scenes were filmed in high definition. all the cgi parts were amazing eg. the part with the plane crashing onto the football stadium.
lets hope the next superman film is better quality

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  Cracking film, shame there's no HD audio on this transfer...

| | See all DrRamore's reviews (1)

Overall I was pretty happy with this Blu-ray - I'd loved the film and the visuals were spot on. While the sound is "OK", it is certainly lacking the extra oomph an HD track would have provided as we have to make do with mere Dolby Digital which is why it only scores 3/5 for me.

Warner have re-released this in the States with both PCM and TrueHD audio tracks (and the Aus version also carries HD audio), but I've seen no reports of the UK seeing this re-release yet - so for now you may be better off importing it from the US or Aus (it's a region-free title anyway but remember Aus is Region B same as UK).

  Dolby True HD?

| | See all JoeHindley103's reviews (7)

Can anybody confirm the presence of a dolby HD track on this disc? I've been hunting for one that has it. most of the in store discs have only DD.

i thought the film was flawed but still enjoyable.

  A Super Return from the Man Of Steel

| | See all N2TheN's reviews (15)

Whilst the second Pirates of the Carribean movie may have won at the box office, Superman made a triumphant return, with a story that was captivating and visuals that were breathtaking.

I wasn't everyones cup of tea, but it was probably the only film released in 2006 that I actually enjoyed, and saw in theaters multiple times.

Ok so it was light on the action and it may have divided Superman fans around the world but in my humble opinion this film is one of the great Comic Book movies to have been made in the last 10 years. Second only to Spiderman 2 in my affections.

Despite it's general lack of action the movie still had me entertained, and has earnt a five star rating purely on the basis that I actually cared about the characters. There aren't many movies out there anymore that make me feel that way anymore.

Looking forward to Superman's next outing in the Summer of 2010 which is sure to be an action packed adventure that will truly re-ignite the series, and give Superman fans what they've been waiting for. A full throttle showdown between Supes and a villain with powers that equal the "Man of Steel".

If you haven't got round to seeing this movie yet then i suggest you give it a try. Rent it maybe just to test the water! But this Blu-ray is well woth purchasing for the gorgeous picture.

The only niggling problem I have is the lack of Hi-Res audio... But the Dolby 5.1 track on this Blu-ray is still one of the best I've heard.

I think it's time to reacquaint yourself with a great hero for the 21st century.

Yep Superman is back, and he's better than ever!

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