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Pearl Harbor (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Ben Affleck, Dan Aykroyd & Ewen Bremner

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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A couple of farm boys who have always been obsessed with flying, best friends Rafe McCawley (BEN AFLECK) and Danny Walker (JOSH HARTNETT) join the American Air Force and by 1941 have gained a reputation as excellent, if foolhardy, fliers. McCawley soon meets beautiful Navy Nurse Evelyn Johnson (KATE BECKINSALE) just before his request to aid the struggling RAF in the Battle Of Britain is granted by Squadron Leader James Doolittle (ALEC BALDWIN).

With McCawley away and soon posted as missing, presumed dead, love slowly blossoms between grief stricken Danny and Evelyn. When Rafe turns up unexpectedly several months later very much alive and determined to rekindle his relationship with Evelyn, he finds himself in an awkward love triangle and tension between the trio soon reaches breaking point.

Yet war is looming. Japan, crippled by embargos of essential raw materials imposed by America, decided to go on the military offensive, relying on Admiral Yamamoto (MAKO) and Commander Genda (CARY HIROYUKI TAGAWA) to devise a brilliant strategy - the destruction of the entire American Pacific Fleet as it lies at anchor in the shallow waters of Pearl Harbour.

American military intelligence analysist Captain Thurman (DAN ACKROYD) is convinced hostilities are imminent while President Roosevelt (JOHN VOIGHT) and Pearl Harbour naval commander Admiral Kimmel (COLM FEORE) also share his misgivings.

Then, early on a clear Sunday morning, hundreds of Japanese aircraft dive onto the peaceful island of Oahu to devastate the sleeping fleet and finally drag American into the Second World War.

PEARL HARBOR is actually a film of two halves. The first is primarily a romance, setting the scene and establishing the love triangle between Rafe, Evelyn and Danny. Certainly this will have action fans screaming at the screen, willing the slushiness to end and hostilities begin.

When the Japanese forces do finally attack the Harbour, things move up a gear dramatically. Director MICHAEL BAY loves his explosions and here he has them. Lots of them! The attack itself is truly spectacular to experience. We follow a torpedo from launch to its detonation against an American vessel, as well as a falling bomb all the way down to the deck of the doomed Battleship USS Arizona. Warships capsize, planes bomb and strafe in a superb blend of real and CGI footage. While at times it may feel a little too much like a computer game we are witnessing, it is at least very exciting stuff.

BAY, to his credit, also shows the Human loss in the aftermath of the attack and pulls no punches in depicting the horrors of war in traumatic hospital scenes and with trapped, drowning sailors.

Yet it says much for modern Hollywood when it dislikes anything which smacks of an American defeat, so the final part of the film depicts the famous Doolittle bombing raid against Japan. More poignant would have been a downbeat ending like with the classic TORA! TORA! TORA! - a film which gives a fairer and more historically correct depiction of the fateful Day Of Infamy.

PEARL HARBOR, for all its scope and epic feel, is sadly riddled with numerous inaccuracies which will undoubtedly confound students of history. These range from ignoring key characters such as Admiral Nagumo (who led the Japanese Task Force) to the actual length of the attack itself and even the colour schemes of the aircraft involved.

However, I believe the film was never meant to portray a true history lesson and BAY went for spectacle over realism. In this he certainly delivers!

  Pearl Harbor.

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Pearl Harbor has always been a film of two halves. The stunning centrepiece attack and the extremely soggy and badly written romance plot that anchors the rest of the film for the two hours either side of the main attack. Obviously at the time attempting to ride the coat-tails of Titanic a couple of years earlier the film has the same idea of marrying a historic disaster to a love story. But it fails to marry them as well as Titanic did and has even worse dialogue! Therefore all that's really left (and where the film earns it's stars) is in the lavish and sumptuous recreation of the period and the cutting edge visual effects employed to make it all seem horribly real as battleships are blown up and capsize, and men are cut down by aerial fire from above. It's hugely choreographed by Bay who is in his element with that part of the film and it looks superb on Blu-ray. But the rest of the film is much less impressive.

  Not as good as it should be

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

It is a fine effort to make this tragic event to come to life in this life time. But it was ruined by the stupid love story between two friends and a women. The only reason this is given 3 stars is because the bombing of pearl harbour is stunning with effects and cinematic perfection. Buy with caution as this isjnt ia typical war film.

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  Pearl Harbour......The dogs !!

| | See all bigbigc's reviews (2)

For anyone that liked the original you will love this in stunning blu-ray. Brilliant visuals throughout

  absolutely brilliant!

| | See all MSLADYTHOMP's reviews (60)

I don't get people who say the love parts shouldn't be there, I thought it was a perfect balance considering the action that comes later, it was really nice story about 2 men who love the same woman and had to go to war, almost like a suicide mission, so to me it made the film complete and have a proper story than just all action and no point, but of course there is some people who want all action and no real story, but this film has plenty of both so why complain?
I have to pouint out I actually hate war films, but I thought the overall film was amazeing includeing the action scenes, and titanic?
This was a lot better than titanic, I thouroughly enjoyed this, you can't get better than this, it's absoutlely brilliant, one of the best films I ever saw.

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  Aside from the movie part this film is great!

| | See all mistercod's reviews (1)

I couldnt select 1 star as the action sequence at the end was brilliant! The problem with this film is everything else. It would have been a lot better if they just cut the first 3/4 and left the ending.

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  Sub titles

| | See all BobCore's reviews (2)

Any sub titles for this movie?
If yes:
- Norwegian?
- English, not English For The Hearing Impaired?

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  'action scenes impressive'

| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

L bought this film on 'blu-ray' some while back now and have only just taken time out to watch it.
I'd purchased the 'dvd' and watched it when released, but when i saw this on 'blu-ray' i wondered just how good the attack on pearl harbour might be on 'hi-def' i wasn't dissapointed, it was pretty impressive, overall it was like watching the film again for the first time.
Currently 'play' have a '3' for '2' offer on, maybe if your struggling to find a third title this might just be the answer ?