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Pirates Of The Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom & Keira Knightley

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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| | See all 30SecondsToMars's reviews (9)

I personally love the pirates of the caribbean trilogy so this is a a must buy! The film is awesomely brilliant as is Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Dont Listen to the fools below this film is as brillaint as the first!


| | See all DoneALewis's reviews (19)

I hated this movie when I first saw it on DVD and groaned loudly when it arrived in my house alongside its BD predecessor. I still thing there is a good film somewhere in Pirates 2 desperately trying to escape the dodgy plot, dodgier acting and bizarre Davy Jones and his crew.

BD makes the SFX reasonable but they weren't particulary brilliant to start off with. Not the best BD to add to your collection unless you are a trilogy buff...

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  Another quality Blu ray.

| | See all ch33zy's reviews (68)

As with the first movie, the Audio and visuals in this movie have vastly been improved over the standard dvd edition.

Alas the movie itself is not as good as the first movie (but its not terrible either)

And with over 7 hours of extras, this is almost an essential purchase as the first movie is.

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  No Script, No Plot and no idea.

| | See all Jeffa123's reviews (6)

I am very disapointed in this episode of what was a promising trilogy. The scriptwriters were right in saying that they put everything into the first film, and they did. No fresh ideas, and no real plot construct were the main faults of this film. They should of finished with the first film. Most of the film is made up of the actors mumbling about wondering what they are doing there let alone what the hell they are doing. I feel very let down by Disney. I cannot go to the Cinema so I watch in HD at home and this is one film I wouldn't let the cat,Dog or Mouse suffer through. Both the cat and dog would have pulled their hair out by the end and been more entertaining about it.
If by any chance you purchase this watch the featurette first and it actually mentions the fact that they didn't have a script until the last minute. On top of that half of it was missing. Disney are usually so organised about these things but this just goes to show how badly this was put together. I have never rated a Disney film so low before but this has to be an all time low. This has put me off the next episode of the adventure for sure. I feel sorry for the Actors whom put a hell of a lot of hard work into the art and are presented with this utter fodder.
Disney have got a big re-think ahead of them. Get decent screenwriters for a start. Their location managers are excellent in their field and CGI very impressive. I am only sorry that the actors had to make a pleasant effort out of a poorly driven script with little or no direction to it.
Jerry Bruckheimer is usually a brilliant conceptual producer. He even keeps a tight budget. Think of all the TV series concepts that have been snapped up by big networks from his drawing board. CSI one of them. But I am just putting this down to a bad mistake with a bad director whom had no script and Actors that looked llike Zombies for most of the film. I'd get more excited watching paint dry.........

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  Jack Sparrow sent me to settle his debt

| | See all nate23's reviews (26)

Too long, and too wrapped up in its various plot contrivances to notice it's veering off course. But Jack just about pulls the wheel back, aided by Verbinski's flair for cartoonish comedy action.

  Ahoy there

| | See all Stupot6's reviews (69)

Not as good a film as the "Curse" but still enjoyable, Blu-ray Hi-def brill & audio clean & crisp.

  Another fantastic blu-ray

| | See all stevemm37's reviews (28)

The detail and sound of this film in hi def are just Brillant.
I was not a lover of this film when i first went to see it .

But really loved it in hd. the colours are in fantastic details and so clear and the sound again is really great

Like the other pirates blu ray disc theres lotts of extras and a game to keep you happy for a few hours.

Buy it well worth getting again.

  Agreed, but...

| | See all SassoPalmieri's reviews (9)

...it's still thoroughly enjoyable, despite its relentlessness. Traditionally, second acts are the most likely to become saggy midriffs. Here's hoping the concluding episode surpassses the opener.

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