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Superman The Movie: Special Edition (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman & Ned Beatty

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  You may have believed a man could fly...in the 70's...

| | See all StalloneFan's reviews (31)

On first re watching Superman, I was blown away at how very well it holds itself 30 years down the line amongst recent big box office superhero movies such as the Spider-man trilogy, Hulk movies and the reworkings of Batman. Obviously, the special effects, that were its main selling point back in the late 70's now look very shoddy indeed, but that is the real only thing the recent Superman Returns has over this little gem. It remains arguably the greatest Super hero movie of them all. It is Epic, thrilling, funny, warm, romantic. nicely paced for a 2 and a half hour movie and features the superb, instantly recognizable and powerful theme music by Movie Composer Legend, John Williams!Everything about it works, the great story telling, how it has made such a far fetched idea seem plausible and endearing, a feat poor old Spider-man didn't quite achieve in 2002 with the uncomfortably dreadful and silly looking Green Goblin (although Willem Defoe did as best as he could with the character). The movie tag line was "You'll believe a man can fly", but it could quite convincingly have been "You'll believe a man would wear bright red pants on top of blue tights"! A superb cast with fantastic performances from Gene Hackman as the greatest criminal mind of our time, Lex Luthor, Ned Beatty as his hilariously dim sidekick Otis, as well as Legend Marlon Brando as Superman's father Jor-El, and the not very sexy but extremely spunky Margot Kidder as Lois Lane. But supporting cast, great composer, excellent script and directing aside, it is single handed virtual newcomer Christoper Reeve as Clark Kent/Superman that shoots this movie out of this world! What a performance, so strong and powerful as the man of steel and endearingly clumsy as Clark, I think a lot of what made such an impact on me watching this movie as an adult now, is thinking how perfect Reeves was as Superman and how heartbreaking tragic was this mans poor life to turn out to be. Watching him fly around the globe at the final shot of the movie as he smiles at the camera almost brought a tear to my eye. What a Super hero Reeves was indeed. Virtually unknown for any other of his roles but will be remembered world wide for his turn as son of Jor-El, Kal-El.
I wasn't too impressed on 2006's Superman Returns, thought it was a tad slow and the 3rd act was weak and had no real build up or satisfying climax. But not only did new Superman Brandon Routh have to be a convincing Clark Kent and Superman, he had to be a convincing Christopher Reeve, and there will never be another Christopher Reeve.

Superman The Movie: "Still, the best Superhero movie put to Celluloid"

  A mixed bag

| | See all tuco1808's reviews (12)

This was second choice on my list of blurays when i bought the player, but the quality is a mixed bag.

It doesn't handle whites very well which means that the opening scenes in Krypton are v v grainy and look worse than the DVD.

By contrast, the scene in the cornfield where Clark and Martha prepare for him to leave smallville is absolutely stunning, both picture and audio.

Fans of the movie should consider upgrading but be aware that it's not a perfect ransfer. 80% does look superb though!

  Best Superman Experince

| | See all screen4's reviews (16)

This movie was amazing when i saw it. The plot everything i love Superman as it is. Then in get it on Blu-ray and it was the best Superman experience ever.

  You Will Believe A Man Can Fly

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Brilliant Movie. One of the Original and Best Superhero movies ever made.
The film takes its time to establish events and characters and then when the story kicks on, it is genuinely exciting.
The casting is spot on, Christopher Reeves IS Superman, I dont think anyone will ever be as good as him.
The rest of the cast are in top form with Gene Hackman hamming it up, Marlon Brando adding Gravitas and Margot Kidder very good as Lois Lane.
No point really writing much. Its a Classic. It's Superman

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  Excellent Movie - Average Blue-ray Quality

| | See all DVDMonster's reviews (3)

What can I say about Superman The Movie that you don't already know? Superb film coupled with an excellent music score that has stood the test of time and become a classic. The Blue-ray version includes some extra scenes and one of the extras is the actually screen test with Christopher Reeve. The only downside to this Blu-ray version is the picture quality hence the 3 star rating. I have the movie on normal DVD and can honestly say I can't see a difference, apart from the cost! I'm slightly lost at why film studios would release movie classics like Superman without putting in some effort to make it worth buying. It's made me weary now about purchasing other classics unless there is clear evidence that the studios have transferred/restored/digitised the original film stock before releasing onto Blu-ray. Otherwise I suggest you purchase on normal DVD.

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  "You will believe a man can fly."

| | See all Sideswipe's reviews (9)

This movie was a labour of love for it's director Richard Donner, and it shows! From the opening credits that suck you in with the fantastic score by John Williams, who actually makes the music say the word "Superman" as the lettering appears on screen. To the ground breaking special effects, remember at the time there was no cg, everything you see had to be filmed in front of a camera, and no-one had ever made a man fly before. To the perfect casting of a young Christopher Reeve in the title role, who in my book will always be Superman for the work he did both on and off the screen. I can't imagine my childhood without this movie, and I can only hope that this BlueRay version delivers on the HD Visuals and crystal clear sound quality that I long for. Thank you Richard Donner for sticking to your guns while under a great deal of pressure from the Salkinds, and creating a super hero movie under the banner of Verisimilitude. I salute you and your film crew for this piece of cinema magic.

Ok, I got all my sentimental guffing out of the way, but realised I hadn't actually told you much about the quality of the Blue Ray. Considering this is a film from the 70's, the movie looks great on Blue Ray! It's clear and crisp and does the movie justice. In fact it's so clear, that when Krypton explodes at the beginning, you can see it light up the black curtain they used at the back of the set. The sound is fantastic as well. Nothing beats cranking up the volume and watching the opening credits. It's the best Superman movie, with THE best actor that ever played the part. Just buy it will ya?

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  Stick with your dvd copy.

| | See all classicmoviesondvd's reviews (5)

I compared my old dvd against this new Blu ray and the picture quality(Up scaled) was almost exactly the same. I can honestly say if you own the old dvd there is no point wasting your money on this release. On a positive note though all the extras are on one side of the disc unlike the old dvd.

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  super blu ray

| | See all cat007's reviews (21)

Picture 5 / 5
Sound 5 / 5
we all know how good a film this is and the conversion to blu ray has added to it a real master class in hd and am pleased to say no grain on any of the scenes a dvd to put on when the neighbours come round and really show off

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  A super Blu-ray to own

| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (696)

One of the key elements to the success of Richard Donner's definitive superhero movie was probably the magnificent lensing of cinematographer Geoffrey Unsworth. The Smallville scenes in particular looked absolutely gorgeous. (Donner was apparently incensed that Unsworth didn't receive an Oscar nomination for his work.) And this is the part that zings out on Blu-ray too. Some real visual sweep. The transfer may not be the sharpest in the world but some of the colour rendering is just great. Superman's blue costume in particular virtually bursts off the screen. The sound mix is pretty darn good too.

If you're just starting off with Blu-ray, then this is a great film to begin with.

  Is It Really Super?

| | See all waytogo's reviews (1)

I brought this film, a few days ago, and I thank Play.com for the fast delivery. I recently brought a Blu Ray player and have been stunned at the high level of detail.

As to Superman The Movie, I must say the quality considering the age of the film, to be good quality rather than stunning, I'm not expecting older films to compete with films like I Am Legend, where the quality is second to none. The only problems I found with the picture was that on occasions I found the picture to we a little washed, especially when there were bright scenes. The sound however was very good.

Overall I think this Blu Ray edition of Superman The Movie to be worth the money that I paid for it. If you are looking to replace your current version of Superman then you could do a lot worse then to invest in this Blu Ray Edition.

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