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The Sweeney (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Hayley Atwell, Damian Lewis & Ray Winstone

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Don't listen to these Muppets!

| | See all JodyPUNX's reviews (6)

We went into watching the Sweeney with low expectations, but this film delivers!
Winstone is fantastic, the one liners are always well timed, great use of the camera throughout London.
9/10 easy.

  2 hours ill never get back.

| | See all emperor10's reviews (277)

Unimaginative,predictable story, with a horrible,constant soundtrack (trying to copy the soundtrack of batman - the dark knight rises,but failing). And Ray Winestone - playing...Ray winestone. A 2D actor,cast along with Ben (Plan B) Drew,who quite frankly cant act for toffee.He should stick to singing. Im really surprised a good actor such as Damian Lewis has agreed to star in this rubbish. Oh,and if you want to be put off your food,there are a few scenes of Winestone,when he isn't looking as though he is going to go into cardiac arrest in action scenes, having a couple of 'sex scenes', being all sweaty,with his gut out,in his underpants.Yep,nauseating.

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  Has the director ever watched The Sweeney on TV?

| | See all DVDMan's reviews (3)

I was so looking forward to seeing this film. What a disappointment it was. It had none of the slick humour and banter of the John Thaw Dennis Waterman originals. The plot was ridiculous. I like Ray Winstone but he was rubbish in this. Compare him saying 'get your trousers on you're nicked' with John Thaw saying it. If people want to remake a classic then either keep reasonably close to the original or don't bother. Try writing your own story instead of messing up someone else's!

  Appalling Film

| | See all victor2's reviews (2)

An appalling film in any format. Even the great Ray Winston can't hold this film together. It doesn't have one foot in reality and is too laughable for any of it to be taken even as fantasy or escapeism. A travesty of a reinvention of a great series. The Americanisms such as reference to a warrant card as a 'badge' is so poor I don't know why I'm wasting words on it. Maybe it's to prevent someone else losing a couple hours of their lives they won't get back.

  Oi Oi, Saveloy!

| | See all 5iveyFive's reviews (22)

Don't believe any bad reviews, this is one class film. The idea from the past, all new everything else. Great plot, loads of action and gritty scenes. Gripping from start to end. Loved it, don't you miss it.

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  Recreated the spirit

| | See all Marnico's reviews (132)

Probably the only thing I'd like to add is Nick Love painstakenly kept the spirit of the original series which I was lucky enough to watch when it first came out. The attitudes, the cars and the blaggy villains, all there but modernized. 4 stars because I may have expected too much but really ejoyed it all the same.

  Worst film ever

| | See all redsquare's reviews (3)

This is beyond doubt the worst film i have ever seen in my life. The acting is the real crime. The plot is paper thin. The realism is non existent. Avoid like plague. This is garbage. Ed wood would be ashamed of directing this

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| | See all DouglasBunn's reviews (4)

This film has a has a great title sequence which give the impression of a sophisticated thriller! After that it was all down hill. Plan-B looks way too young to be a copper. More like he's fresh from the womb! Too young, not convincing, badly acted. Bit in the bar was cliche and over the top and to add that my eyes were in extreme pain and watching this appalingly directed peice of non cinematic trash!!!! Nick Love's movies are all in the same league......Absolute rubbish. Mindless, Bad Story, Bad Acting, Bad Directing, too cockney and as far as british films go., c'mon please give us a break from this type of film.

It's like flogging a dead horse and appeals to the Jeremy Kyle, Jobless and greasy teen types.

Please for GODS SAKE! Do NOT!! Make a sequel. Phew....Thats my rant over!!

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  "..YOUR NICKED!!.."

| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

You don't need to be any fan of the series to love this, a good fun Brit action romp, from start to finish they tear up London with cool shootouts and car chases, the story is pretty straight forward and plays out with an electric cast of talent and has director Nick Loves touch on it, certainly worth a watch, its not brilliant but still damn good fun.

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| | See all dannsr's reviews (2)

I love this film and will be buying it release day. Plan B played a good part, its a great gritty British movie.

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