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War Of The Worlds: Paramount Centenary Edition (Exclusive Steelbook) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning & Miranda Otto

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Don't bother

| | See all Cheqraise's reviews (4)

I was hoping this would look great on blu ray but was very disappointed with the picture quality - if you liked the film just buy it on DVD.

  another Spielberg masterpiece.

| | See all gazmufc78's reviews (2)

Great looking steelbook. I cannot understand why this film did not get great reviews. In my opinion this is one of the best films i have ever seen.

  War of the Worlds V Jaws blu ray picture quality

| | See all 3112610's reviews (1)

This just in reply to Mr P. Cook's question as to why the War of the Worlds blu ray picture quality is not comparable with that of the new blu ray release of Jaws.
It goes back to the complaints people had when blu ray first came out as to the picture quality not always meeting peoples expectations of HD quality. Tthe answer then as now depends on how good is the original source material from which the disc is mastered.
Loads of films are being released on blu ray, often from the same master as the dvd; War of the Worlds is one such example. However, the increase in studios genuine interest in fully restoring films ( given a boost by the advent of blu-ray ) is that select films are being put through painstaking frame-by-frame digital restoration. This often then includes adjusting the colour grading, sound mix, etc. Jaws is one such movie ( with Spielberg personally involved in the remastering process ) which is why the picture quality is stunning. Fortunately more and more movies are being put through this process such as the recent Universal classic horror movies and all of the Universal 100th anniversary digibook releases. However, it is a time consuming and costly process so it presumably will always apply to only a very small percentage of blu ray releases of older (pre-ditally shot) films
Hope this clarifies the issue.


| | See all RingRaider's reviews (59)

Without doubt, I feel this is one of the finest steelbooks Play.com has released (in my opinion). In fact, it's extremely similar to the super desirable Iron Man steelbook in terms of design and feel.

The title on the front is embossed, complimented by a slightly debossed border. The back cover has no embossing or anything fancy, but the images used on both the front and back cover are of a very high quality and very striking. Theres a black and white print on the inside that runs the length of the steebook and the disc's are completely standard (no artwork).

The quality of the Blu ray transfer is fine, yet grainy (as in keeping with the film). There are a few extras included, but nothing special - just the usual. Given the design, I feel this is one steelbook to watch. Grab it while you can.

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  Excellent Steelbook, Amazing Soundtrack, Good Family Film.

| | See all HUGGY83's reviews (2)

The steelbook is beautiful and maybe on par with the recent release of the Iron man steelbook (I think all Paramount steelbooks should be like this).
This may not be one of the best films out there but it is a good family film with some decent acting. I see people ain't to happy with the grain effect on this blu-ray but the picture does enjoy a strong film-like look thanks to a thick layer of grain that's maybe even a bit heavier than that seen in Minority Report and Saving Private Ryan. War of the Worlds does not offer high definition "eye candy" in the traditional sense, but it is reflective of the way the film is supposed to look, which is the ultimate compliment to any Blu-ray, no matter how rough around the edges it may be. The thing thats makes this blu-ray one to own is the soundtrack that devastates sound systems with a reference-quality DTS-HD MA 5.1 lossless soundtrack.

A must own for any blu-ray/steelbook/audiophile.

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  Poor Transfer

| | See all MrPCrook's reviews (1)

Very poor and grainy transfer, is this a fault. I was really looking forward to having this in HD, but this transfer is no better than the DVD I have.

I purchased the Jaws Blu Ray, WOW what an excellent transfer, so why is this Blu Ray so poor, does not make sense.

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  Beautiful Steelbook

| | See all stepstone's reviews (23)

This is a beautiful Steelbook. It's embossed/debossed, just like the recent Mission Impoosible Ghost Protocol, and has a nice glossy finish. The inside art is black and white concept art.

The contents of the disc are the same as the previous release.

Highly recommended, especially at this price.

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