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Prometheus 3D & 2D (With Digital Copy) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron & Idris Elba

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Enjoyable sci-fi. good in 3d

| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

if you have watched alien then youll have pretty much seen the story for this film. its almost a remake at times. the ideas are remarkably the same with a few nice twists and turns along the way. im in no way saying this is a bad film and the effects and visuals certainly help and are stunning at times. however i was hoping for something maybe abit different. it certainly has elements of avp in there too and despite its attempts i cant really say it kept me on my toes. i guess i was hoping for a little more suspence along the way. nothing much really suprised me but it was a very good sci-fi film and well worth buying especially if you have a 3d television. it certainly adds to the film and gives it plenty of depth. although the 3d isnt quite as stunning as say avatar or life of pi or dredd its well worth having in your collection. its certaintly re-watchable and i guess thats what we want films to be first and foremost.

  Awful film

| | See all Ardcomp's reviews (1)

This film relies on special effects and is really a cheesy and predictable waste of a couple of hours.

The storyline is weak and relies heavily on the past Alien films for structural support. The only redeeming feature is the special effects and some of the gadgets used.

All in all though, a pretty disappointing film.

  amazing film

| | See all stwiie's reviews (30)

Ok first off im just gonna say that alot of people seem to be totally missing the point of this film and instead expecting a bog standard alien slasher film...WRONG. The original wasnt that and neither is this, they both share that minimal action but huge on suspense feel. What most people are failing to take in is that this film is all about evolution and questioning the origin of mankind and how that evolved. People who expecting the alien they know and love will be disapointed due to ignoring the previous statement, this film is set many moons before the original and before LV-426. This introduces us to the first of its kind facehugger before evolving over the years to how we know it and the same with the alien at the end, just the same as we did from monkeys. As for the film quality itself its a beautiful picture thats stark and mute in colour but the cinematography and art style is beautiful. The 3D is a natural style with no gimmick in your face moments so the long dark tunnels of the engineers base feel huge and stretch out deep into the background, landscapes feel massive and deep. One particular great bit is the scan of the pyramid on the table which is just amazing in 3D. The DTS:MA 7.1 is a wonderious thing that just surrounds you with atmosphere and is spot on. Acting it great too from everyone you got a few stereotypical characters in there which is fine. Overall a brilliant thought provoking film that questions our origins and what we done wrong and if part 2 goes ahead then i cant wait

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  Can't believe the ratings this terrible film is getting

| | See all Fromourcollection's reviews (8)

This film is simply dull, I can't believe the ratings that some people are giving it. I love he alien films especially the first 2, it almost feels as though linking this to alien was an after thought. It's almost like they said its set in space, it's directed by Ridley Scott and distributed by fox how can we link it in. What's more the performance of lead actress Noomi Rapace is terrible and Michael Fassbender is only slightly better. Steer clear! You have been warned.

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  who cares what the critics say!

| | See all siouxsie1960's reviews (2)

Treat this film as a one off and dont think about the previous Alien movies and it is a really good enjoyable film. The addition of 3d makes it even better.

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| | See all MartinsBluRay's reviews (46)

No, this is not as good as the original Alien film, but how many films have been? This is however an absolute 5 star film in its own right, this was billed as a sci-fi actioner and thats exactly what it is... The nods to the original film are throughout but in the most part subtley done, casting is almost perfect, effects and 3d are great and the story holds up throughout. A thoroughly enjoyable movie and a rare decent prequel...

  Fantastic prequel

| | See all kira1717's reviews (7)

As stated by other's saying this is not a prequel to Alien, yes it is a prequel. This film tell's the story of how Alien actually came about and how it first started. There is a connection at the end of Promethus and the begining of Alien. May I suggest you watch the film a little closer.

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| | See all RWT2009's reviews (2)

Great bluray set!

Loads of extra's.

However, digital copy needs to be downloaded rather than being inculded on an enclosed disc which sucks up almost 2gb of Internet usage.

For some reason us UK residents only get a 3 disc version which excludes the dvd version that every other country seems to get as part of a 4 disc version.

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  'Prometheus has landed'

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

I enjoyed 'Prometheus' myself I have to say. But only after I had watched it in cinemas twice and let it bubble around my brain for a few days afterwards and also have some conversations about it with other people.

Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic that sorta is and sorta isn't a prequel to his own 'Alien' is indeed a very different film to what I think many were expecting it to be. That was fine and didn't bother me because I didn't especially want to just see Xenomorph's running around tearing flesh apart. I can watch the 'Alien vs Predator' films for that really. 'Prometheus' has bigger fish and themes and ideas to fry and if it doesn't entirely succeed in making complete sense out of itself (seemingly intentionally) then it remains fascinating for what it tries to do more than what it succeeds at. There are BIG ideas bubbling around the crew of the 'Prometheus' and her crew's journey into the stars following what they believe to be an invitation to try and knock on the front door of our Creation story itself...................but like any large door, they will discover that some are not supposed to be opened by us. And while it doesn't succeed in making them all work 'Prometheus' primary advantage remains that it at least HAS ideas within it.

With mostly good performances (especially Micheal Fassbender as David but also Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw - our new Ripley like strong female centrepiece), some utterly beautiful set design and startling visual effects and one disturbing sequence in particular that gets as close as any other 'Alien' universe film ever has to creating a rival to John Hurt's famous sequence the film only starts to really lose it's way once it seems to realise that it only has about a half hour left to bring itself to a conclusion. The final third is where the film starts to feel rushed and begins to lose focus. However, there are going to be substantial additional scenes on thehome release version of the film in the form of deleted scenes which may well help this section of the film out. At the moment, I'm inclined to think Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof do have some inkling of where they want to take 'Prometheus' (and my hope is that it tangenitises further away from 'Alien' specifically rather than slavishly going towards it) because the film itself quite blatantly sets itself out by the end as only a piece of a much larger story. That's a flaw in the film as well in fairness, but it appears the film has been successful enough that at least one sequel may just come along. Hopefully, with Ridley Scott returning at the helm as well.

I would actually want to give it more along the lines of three and a half stars, but I wouldn't give it as low as three so I'm giving it four stars at this point.

This version of the film comes fully loaded with the 3D version of the film, the standard 2D version and is also fully kitted out with a wealth of extra material including the massive documentary 'Furious Gods: The Making of Prometheus' which itself has links to even more material (inluding literally hundreds of concept art photos and drawings) and exhaustively covers the making of the film from inception to it's final version. There are two commentary tracks (one from Ridley Scott and a combined commentary from the two writers Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof) and a further extensive set of deleted scenes running to over 30 minutes of material. There are areas where the criticism's the film recieved are addressed quite openly but I guess it would be up the viewer to decide whether or not that helps with their reception of the film (since I don't think there's been a more divisive film this year).

All in I still want to see what happens next!

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  A Modern Science Fiction Classic

| | See all replicant12's reviews (2)

It has been a long time since we have gotten and intelligent thought provoking science fiction movie on such a grand scale as prometheus! This is not your typical dumb cgi action fest.... this is a classic, just like Bladerunner prometheus tells the story through visuals... meaning some patience and brainwork is required, however when you understand the story all the subtle hints in the film become so much more obvious and the story melds nicely... this is a film you can keep exploring and finding new things and ideas. The negative reaction to this film is mostly unjustified... many seemed to want alien all over again, prometheus is so much more, and a recent diet of comic book movies has in this reviewers opinion dumbed down cinema audiences to expect safe predictable cgi blocbusters instead of intelligent sci fi.
Prometheus is by far the best big budget science fiction movie in decades.
This special edition blu ray is quite simply the best blu ray release of the year, Seven hours of extras which truley are fascinating and realy give you a sense of story and where it is going, not to mention it comes with a nicely designed sleeve and stunning art work.... an absolute must for collectors!