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Spider-Man: 1 - 3 Box Set (4 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst & William Dafoe

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (55 reviews)"

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  Still Brilliant, BUT

| | See all MustAV's reviews (1)

there seems to have been a reprint done on both spider-man and Number 2. these discs no longer contain the 5.1 PCM soundtrack of the original release, they do however still contain the TRUEHD, which by no means dts-HDMA, is worthy of the score.

on a side note, had a slight problem playing Spider-man 2.1, in that when i tried to select it, as the chosen version for playback it would just jump back to play movie and just seemed to select the theatrical version, this is on a DMP-BDT210. If you have similar problems you can access the extended version through the scene selection screen and use the yellow button on your remote to switch between versions...... maybe just a slight glitch, but a heads up for any out there with similar happenings.

I'm Sorry, I still can't forgive Spider-man 3 for the casting of venom, or the song and dance routine!!.... and venom really should be enough of a villain for a film on his own....
lets hope the reboost produces something better....

would have got 5 if it still was the original disc set.

  Great value three movie set

| | See all benhorror's reviews (6)

Even though the remake (already!) is due for release in summer 2012, you could do a lot worse than to revisit the original Sami Rami Directed and Tobey Maguire starring Spider-Man trilogy. These movies are up there with the great comic book adaptations, i.e., Superman: The Movie, X-Men 2 and The Dark Knight. They look great, have an authentic comic book feel about them and are really entertaining. Even the much maligned third entry makes for spectacular entertainment. Rami was a great choice of director and has created a fantastic trilogy that feels part of the same universe. Tobey Maguire makes for a great Spider-Man. He will certainly be a hard act to follow for the sequel cum remake. On Blu-Ray these movies look and sound simply amazing. Thrilling entertainment for all the family and well worth a purchase, you will find yourself coming back to these time and time again.

  Super Spidey !!!!

| | See all steviebhoy73's reviews (18)

Great films ,Toby maguire exellent,
3rd is the the real stand out ,but they're all good
Blueray conversion very good


| | See all casscastillo's reviews (32)

The Spiderman trilogy are addictive, to say the least. I've watched the first movie more than three times, at least and I'll keep watching it over and over. It was a great movie to start off the trilogy and I absolutely love it. The second was probably not as good as the first, but it was definitely very close. The ending was great, though was slightly dragging halfway through. The third was slightly more disappointing but it was definitely dark and did the comic books justice. In Blu-Ray, there's a great leap from the DVDs. The sound is phenomenal and the picture is so much more advanced. And the price is definitely reasonable for all three movies.

  insane sound and graphic quality

| | See all khazgore's reviews (4)

the grapic is some of the best ive seen on a bluray movie. only surpassed by Avatar. a superb improvement from the dvd version!

  hot shot web action

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

Fantastic trilogy even though the third was a big let down dont let it take the quality of the first away. Very good stories to go with the first to seeing some of spidermans greatest foes. Even a surprise appearences from Stan Lee in all three of them. Great cast selection from Toby Maguire as the web slinger, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane and James Franco as Harvey Peters best friend. The first on the three see's spiderman go up against the Green Goblin one of sipdermans biggest foe's played very well by William Defoe, as peter is learning of his new powers he must first a great test against him. Number see's him go up against Doctor Oc the mechanical six armed man, who is setting out to ruin spidermans life for his own goal. And the disappointing third see's spiderman take on 3 enemies Venom, Sandman and harvey as the Hob goblin after revenge for his fathers death. Soon they unite and take on the other two. It is on of marvels better films and it is a strong option to go for to get the feel for comic book adaptations. If not go for X-men also very very good.

  three gteat movies

| | See all scooby59's reviews (16)

There are plans to make another spidey movie so they say ,i dont know if its spiderman 4 or a complete reworking of the story? if it is a reworking then that would make sence...people say the last film left to many unanswered questions, but i think it answered all the questions. spiderman 3 was a good movie it rounded of a great trilogy so dont let reviews put you off buying this. The Blue ray transfer is brilliant..not a blemish in sight and great sound quality. add this to your collection, and i hope the next spidey movie can live up to the last three.


| | See all Schlosser's reviews (1)

This is awsome, i could only find spider-man 3 on bluray here in denmark, play is th only place i could get all 3 on blu-ray, in the us this cost more than double

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  great but where are the extras on one and two?

| | See all Joshd18211's reviews (17)

These films are great, even the oft-criticised spiderman three and they all look fantastic in blu-ray. My only concern is that there are no special features on spiderman one or two, not even from the two-disc dvds, which is a bit of a let down but still worth a buy.

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