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300 (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Gerard Butler, Vincent Regan & Lena Headey

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (86 reviews)"

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  Kicks all kinds of butt

| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (703)

Snyder's all buffed up version of Frank Miller's graphic novel is a robust and exhilarating display of spurting blood, goosebump-inducing money shots and awesome digital effects, not least in the cast's sixpacks so vigorously on display. Of course, being based on a comic strip there's not much meat on the bones of the plot, but the story - about the 300 Spartan warriors who held off thousands of Persian oppressors - is incidental. This is all about how cool it looks, and, in that respect, it rocks.


| | See all stellaluna's reviews (26)

My Blu-ray copy is as clear as a bell so I can't agree with the "grainy" descriptions. As a movie, I loved it. Action-packed and thrilling with more than my fair share of gorgeous muscular bodies thrown in as an added bonus. This film celebrates a time when men were real men and women were real women whose survival depended on their willingness to fight to the death. Butler is, of course, utterly glorious with a very strong supporting cast. Never a dull moment and plenty of grit. Awesome!

  Sepia-tinged visual masterpiece

| | See all mattyjek's reviews (3)

In action choreography and visual depiction, this film is stunning. It has been mentioned at 9.99, it's a bargain but at half that price, it should be in everyone's blu ray collection. People complaining about grainy picture seem to be missing the point of this and probably any war based transfer such as Saving Private Ryan. Appreciate this film in all it's wonder

  Very Grainy

| | See all Gramole's reviews (2)

I bought the blu-ray expecting this epic movie to be shown in crystal clear HD as you would expect from any Blu ray. But After a couple of minutes i thought there was something wrong with my PS3 because of the picture quality.
I did some research and found that "it was shot on 35mm film, which is inherently grainy, and was shot that way because that's exactly what the director wanted it to look like. The graininess of the film is a stylistic decision and in no way reflects a lack of quality on the Blu-ray."
I carried on watching regardless, being very dissapointed all the way though thinking how good it would be in propper HD and towards the end in the close ups of Leonidas's there is severe flickering on both sides of the screen which obviously are mistakes and arn't their on the DVD, which completely ruins the mood of the film.
Wish i had done research on the Blu ray version first and will do for all films from now on. Dont waste your money on the Blue ray version like i did!

  Picture quality is terrible!

| | See all Quagmire1984's reviews (25)

I bought this on Blu-Ray because I am transfering all my DVD's. I was very disappointed with the picture quality due to it not being any better than the DVD I had already owned, The sound is a little better but it doesn't excuse the fact that the picture looks so bad that it is an embarrassment to Warner Bros. for releasing it. I also had this problem with Warner Bros. The Matrix on Blu-Ray which is just as bad. However the film itself is great, loads of action and plenty of gore. I normally don't care to much for films with too much CGI but they done it really well in the action scenes.

The Blu-Ray comes with several special features including:

*Additional Scenes of the Traitorous Hunchback and Never-Before-Seen Giant Warriors [in Hi Definition]
*Frank Miller's Vision Realised on film [In Hi Definition]
*300 Spartans - Fact or Fiction?: The shocking life of a Spartan revealed [in Hi Definition]
*Who Were The Spartans?: How the actors built their characters based on Spartan customs [in Hi Definition]
*Webisodes: Go on set with the cast and crew
*Commentary by Director Zack Snyder
*- and more

So my final conclusion is, if you dont care if you own it on Blu-Ray or DVD, buy the cheapest because you don't get anything special with the Blu-Ray.

  Watch this film!!!

| | See all sphere78's reviews (28)

This has to be a must have was blown away by it the story is great based on the ture events the film its self is just gripping you will find your self saying many of the lines. Also my wife thought it was great because of the lines that gave credit to the spartan women.

  Great Film, Bad Port to HD

| | See all DigitalDreams's reviews (2)

This film is fantastic, it's well worth watching - my gripe isn't with this outstanding movie, but it's outstanding fail on Blu Ray. Basically on some parts of the movie, the grain and over-HDR (High Dynamic Range) +the sharpness due to the resolution of a Blu Ray movie make the film an absolute nightmare, the picture quality is just so poor. I will say other parts of the movie are perfect and spot on, however the really really bad parts of the movie should not have been accepted, bad bad bad. Buy this on DVD.

  Old Skool Kick Ass Movie

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Firstly I must mention that I didnt fancy watching this movie from the trailers.
It just looked dark and dreary and too cartoony.
Now that I have watched it, I must say I was very impressed with it.
The film is Visually Stunning and the Special Effects blend in well.
The fight Scenes are Brutal but inventive at the same time.
The film exudes a Manly energy of a 100 Action movies combined..
The performances are good, Gerard Butler is perfectly cast.
I also really liked the voiceover being told from a modern perspective.
Even though the story is based on certain facts, it is decorated in Visual Fanatasy.
A little research shows the true picture, leaving this Movie as a brilliant piece of entertainment
This is the Second movie I have seen from Director Zack Snyder, the other being Watchmen,
and I must say I am looking forward to his possible re-booting of the Superman movie,
with Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight and Inception) on Producer duties. Woo Hoo. If it happpens

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  Brutal and Stunning

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

This is a great film especially on blu-ray as well. The action is at times the best ive seen and along with sound and visuals it is spectacular. A must have for any Blu-ray owner top top film.