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Exotic Saltwater Aquarium (Blu-ray)

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: Exempt from Classification

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all ThePhonemarketCrew's reviews (3)

This is not the must have title to show off HD. The picture quality is fair to good but a lot of the recent releases have surpassed the quality of this. Decent enough, but for me the "must show" HD sequence, is the chase scene at the begining of Casino Royale.

  Not Great HD

| | See all DuncanEdwards's reviews (153)

This was exactly what i wanted and has 5 nice tanks, with some nice close ups but it doesnt look as good as i expected , well its certainly not the best hd you've seen.
Aquavision on sky arts hd is stunning to look at and is much much better quality.
I was expecting the same from this
Having said that it would still make a nice background if you're playing music or having a few friends round but it certainly does not show the power of playstation hd
So if you're after a few fish tanks with close ups and decent views and ok picture then this is for you. If you expect razor sharp images then you may be disappointed

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  not bad at all

| | See all mgrimsley's reviews (3)

with 5 different tanks and various viewing options i.e. full stationery tank, close-up tank and edited views this does look nice on blu-ray. Three audio tracks combine of 2 classic music tracks and the sound of bubbles this would put any baby to sleep within minutes :-) Put it on for the youngsters and watch them stare at the screen for hours hoping for a glimpse of Nemo. A good buy if you want something different to impress any visitors and neighbours.

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  Not that bad

| | See all Sandstorm's reviews (5)

Not quite sure what I expected but this is a bit naff to be honest - was my original review but this is actually better than I initially thought.

passims: you can select either a full, stationary tank view or close-ups which follow different fish for a while a bit like a documentary. The full tank view is definitely best though and there's some very chilled music to choose from.

On the whole not bad.


| | See all passims's reviews (1)

Is the view of the aquarium stationary ? I've seen some demos of other disc and they zoom in and out all over the place panning left to right etc....
All I want is a stationary view of the whole tank ? I hope you understand what I mean.

Please drop a reply on to et me know .


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  Exotic Saltwater Aquarium - blu-ray

| | See all birdmanofalcatraz's reviews (1)

The only positive thing I can say is that the picture quality on blu-ray is pretty good, but if this hadn't of been free in the blu-ray offer I would of sent it back.


  The cat thinks they are real!!!!!

| | See all Hopper79's reviews (8)

Got this as a Christmas present and am running it through my PS3 on to my 42" plasma and the quality is amazing, it's so good the cat sits there watching the fish swim around! Haven't figured out if their is an option for no sound at the moment but it's not really a problem as I just turn the volume down (The bubbles sound affect makes you want to go to the loo every 10 minutes)
Great product, highly recomend it to anyone.

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