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Die Hard 4.0: Live Free Or Die Hard (4) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Bruce Willis, Maggie Q & Justin Long

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (32 reviews)"

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  Didn€t Really Happen for Me

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Despite being really Hyped Up for this movie, it just didnt click with me.
Decent enough Action movie, just not the Die Hard 1 And Die Hard 3 Standard.
More in line with the 2nd Die Hard Movie.
Not something i will be raving about or watching again.
Bruce Willis still has the Magic. Story let him down a bit this time.

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  Die hard

| | See all englandcraig22's reviews (37)

i'll start by saying this is not the best die hard movie but it still has the action and laughs that the others have. The picture and sound are brilliant as are the other die hard on blu ray. 10/10


| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

Best action film in years!!!! Bruce willis back on form as usual, fantastic over the top action sequences, great cast, sit back and enjoy rollercoaster ride of a kickass movie, what more do you want?

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| | See all 603007745's reviews (16)

Well worth adding to your blu ray collection ,picture is superb and dts sound through a amp & 5.1 speaker set up is awesome.....trust me you wont regret it

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  Are you serious?

| | See all SayHelloToNorway's reviews (1)

This is without doubt the worst movie in the Die Hard series. Adding together the plot, how Willis ends up saving the world, and some of the most unlikely action scenes I have ever seen, the whole movie has to be classified as a total flop. I really enjoyed the first three movies, but if this is going to be the standard, please save us all from a "Die Hard 5.

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  Maybe the best Die Hard film!

| | See all DrakeRamoray's reviews (19)

When I heard there was going to be a film number four in the Die Hard triology i was sceptical because i was worried that this film was going the ruin the great reputation of the films. But when I saw it I released that this was maybe the best Die Hard film!

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  WOW, What A Ride!

| | See all V1pers's reviews (8)

I've seen the original movies but it was so long ago I can't really remember them, so I wasn't overly excited about this franchise comming back after 20 years, but I have to say I've just been blown away by one of the best action films I've seen in years.
Bruce Willis is as wise cracking and good value as ever but its the action scenes that really steal the show here, I can't wait to watch the extra's to see how they were done as they really were some of the best I've ever seen.
The Picture quality is also of an excellent standard with a really crisp almost 3d look to certain scenes and the DTS MA soundtrack will really rock you're room and give the sub a good workout.
Highly Recommeded!

  Bruce Willis is still Tops in a non stop Action Film

| | See all swartzy's reviews (82)

When I heard of Die Hard 4.0 my first thoughts were "they're are really milking this dry" not so....Bruce Willis returns as the infamous Detective John McClane in what is best described as one of the finest Die Hard Films of the Four....In a computer age the USA is under a threat of a total closedown of all transport,business and power through the proverbial genius who has just turned lunatic in tapping into every Government computer known to man the reason? to get the $$$millions of dollars payoff that he didn't get when working for the US Government in the past..... Queue the role for the thorn in the side cop to spoil it .....Bruce Willis plays his role to utmost perfection and even with the years going by from the last Die Hard he is still every bit as believeable as the cop who gets the bad guys playing his role with class to spare and incredible stunts...Die Hard 4.0 is a fast action special effects bonanza with a great storyline that fits into the modern day with ease.....from professional hitmen to computer whizz kids it becomes a battle of the minds as well as the braun....This Blu-ray is everything you would want it to be in terms of reference quality with picture pin sharp and the sound absolutely sublime especially with explosions making your living room shake..... A Blu-ray of reference quality status and a film to match....real class


| | See all dimosgate7's reviews (5)

Can anyone who bought this title from play.com tell me if it has Greek subtitles? As usual nothing is mentioned from the site about subtitles for this release.

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  Cracking Stuff

| | See all Pimboli's reviews (70)

Best Die Hard since the original.

As action packed as they come and thankfully mostly CGI free. While it may not be as blood soacked as the others in the series the bonkers action set pieces means you dont even notice people arent being shot 27 times each like in Die Hard 2.

Fantastic HD transfer and a sountrack that will blow your ears out.

Highly recommended.