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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 3D (4 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett & Andy Serkis

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  Great film

| | See all stwiie's reviews (30)

First off I will say I've not watched it all the way through in 3D I've just looked at certain scenes and the ones I did was good, it's a native shot 3D film so it's all real and not converted which is good. The 3D employed here is the walk into the world style ie it opens the world up beyond and into the screen rather then out and the in your face style. In the bits I watched it worked a treat, bilbo's house felt like I could walk into it, forests felt dense and thick, cities and castles felt vast in size and scale. In both 3D and 2D the image is incredibly natural looking from start to finish not once does it fall short. The DTS:MA is also a treat not as booming or big as LOTR's but still it's very good. I highly recommend this film to anyone whether your a LOTR'S fan, a movie fan or a 3D fan cos it ticks the boxes in all those areas


| | See all gazlad's reviews (2)

Possibly the worst 3D out there ......not worth the money....poor film all round.....keep your money

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  Average film, good 3D

| | See all DHL1234's reviews (4)

Let me start by saying that the 3D element of this film is the best i have seen by far. There are very few "ghost" images, it has good depth and clarity and enhances the viewing experience (unlike a lot of 3D films).
The problem with this film is not the technical aspects, which you would expect to be good for the amount spent on them, it is the story line. The Hobbit tells a story before The Lord of The Rings of Bilbo Baggin's first adventure. Unfortunately for Hollywood the Hobbit was a single book and not a very big one at that. The reason this is unfortunate is that the producers of the film seem determined to create another trilogy despite the limited scope and this means that very little happens in the first film. We get nowhere and it reminds me of the endless US dramas where, because the first series is a hit, they create another 6 series where nothing much happens before they get to a conclusion. This is the first film of The Hobbit. By the end of it you feel exhausted and like you have just wasted nearly 3 hours of your life that could have been condensed to half an hour. Don't get me wrong the scenery is epic, the special effects are fantastic. But the film goes nowhere. You meet the characters and then you are dragged through endless walks and meetings that do nothing to develop the story. At one point the characters are flying on giant eagles and you ask yourself "why didn't they just catch them at the beginning of the film and get to there destination sooner". It is an average film but Lord of the Rings it is not. I hope the second film moves at a much faster pace but, unfortunately, i doubt it will.

  Step aside Frodo!

| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

Firstly this feature is split over two discs. I dont find this a problem at all, its a good time to goto the toilet or get another cold one out of the fridge, but some people may not like this...
I found the film to be a little slow to start with but its introducing you to alot of new charaters plus it follows the book very well and it certainly picks up. The story is very enjoyable and full of excitment, emotion and laughs. Its a true classic and equally as good as the 1st in the LOTR's series. There are some really nice bits in 3D aswell. Its probably not the best 3D feature Ive seen but its certainly up there with the best.
The introduction of the dwarves is Brilliant and they do not disappoint, from the charaters to the graphics in the battle scenes. Again the acting and the choices for the charaters is top draw. I think I might just end up enjoying this series even more than the LOTR's. I found Frodos charater to become abit annoying towards the end, I dont think ill have the same issues with Bilbo especially in the company of the Dwarves. (might be on my own there, but hey so what) The Dragon, when he makes an appereance is certainly the most impressive adoptation Ive ever seen in a film, and extra special in 3D. Once again, what a wonderfull fantasy adventure! Top marks and fun for all the family.

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| | See all BOLDWICK632's reviews (28)

Do not believe the comment that said not as good as the others because it is this is the start of it so things may seam a little slow for a start but it gets better as it goes along and the second part is going to be amazing the 3D is amazing better then some 3d films that are out there at least it is 3d its all 3d. with this blue ray copy you get a great deal with it you get the normal 2d blue ray copy plus the 3d copy plus a extra bonus dvd and to top it of a ULTRAVIOLET copy which you get a form with a code on so you can watch it anywhere you like and as much as you like and get to share it with 5 friends to so they can watch it to on there lap tops or computer or consoles just amazing deal.

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  Not as good as LOTR but enjoyable Fantasy

| | See all JJB888's reviews (33)

The Hobbit may not be up to the standards of Fellowship or Two Towers but this film is a grand, fun, fantasy film. Fans of the novel will be pleased by this loyal adaptation. There are a few too many characters and the first half takes a bit of time to get going. Still this is very well acted, brilliantly executed and thunderously entertaining.

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