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Dredd 3D (3D & 2D Blu-ray) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Karl Urban, Lena Headey & Wood Harris

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (71 reviews)"

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  Bring back Stallone....

| | See all Andy2305's reviews (2)

This film, er, no... did nothing for me at all. Could of been make so much better, also could of had a better cast selection.
"only works because it's an action flick with wide appeal "

  Make a sequel!

| | See all SNicol's reviews (4)

All the action and cheesy Dredd one liners you could ask for. I can only pray they make a sequel.

  Fans of the comic willl love this...

| | See all DeejayDomino's reviews (8)

I was an avid reader of 2000ad and was actually fearing that this would be worse than the horrendous Stallone one... especially as this was not very well publicised... I was pleasantly suprised!! It is shot on a budget and you can tell sometimes but they have really made an effort to make a film "for the fans" and totally gone against making another Hollywood pleaser........ hopefully there will be a few more in the pipeline and they stick with the policy of making it for the fans of the comic.

  Good not Great

| | See all donesson's reviews (1)

Starts off well, ends weird. Tried to go for a gritty look, but actually doesn't look that great. In some ways the other judge dredd movie was better, in some ways this was better

  An outstanding adaptation

| | See all end337's reviews (1)

Other comic-book-to-film efforts should learn from this.

It's simple: stay true to the source material. It's good - it's why it's popular enough to warrant a film in the first place.

The performances are excellent, Urban channels the original Dredd flawlessly, Headey is hardcore as the villain of the piece, and Thirlby plays a surprisingly convincing Anderson.

The settings are appropriately grim and foreboding, finally showing what Mega-city One would look like (something to avoid, clearly).

A sequel is a much-requested film by pretty much everyone who has seen this, and it's easy to understand why. For those of us who have been fans of Dredd for years, this is the adaptation we've been dreaming off (finally wiping away the stain of the Stallone nonsense).

Brutal, violent, visceral and relentlessly entertaining. If you're wondering whether to try it - do it. you won't be disappointed.


| | See all Python15's reviews (37)

I'll keep this short and spoiler free. I have a rule, I will not buy anything that has the letters 3D in the title, 3D is a horrible gimmick and the sooner this fad dies the better.... now that said on to Dredd 3D, this is the only film that has made me break my rule. I watched it in 2D of course, this usually means things fly at the screen left right and center, this looks ridiculous and and you know they are there just to please the 3d viewers... not so with this one. There are moments you can tell are designed for 3d but they never interfere with your viewing experience, they have more substance than items being shot towards you, in fact the slow mo parts look pretty decent even in 2D. This film is brutal from start to finish, certainly not one for the children, it certainly sticks more to the source material than the 90's version. Speaking of which, Karl Urban manages to out act Stallone using only his chin! not that this film can be compared to the original judge Dredd in any way shape or form. The trailers to this did it no justice and seem to have put a lot of people off of it, ignore them, just watch this and as long as you have a strong stomach you will love it. I just hope enough people buy this so that a squeal is made....

  Dredd with helmet on....

| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

Sooo much better than Dredd with Sly, action packed and looks awesome in 3D. Cant wait for the next instalment!!


| | See all tintin1981's reviews (2)

Actually the script/story for this movie was in place before the film The Raid(full story available online) so THIS MOVIE IS NOT A RIP OFF. ;) enjoy a great movie folks ;)

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  Best comic book film ever?

| | See all metalgatesolid's reviews (4)

For sheer enjoyment this is up there with the best films to come out of America for years. Its easy to forget Dredd in a world of Batman and The Avengers but this beats them hands down for bringing a comic to life. Dark, gritty, funny and very violent its a film that received critical success but not great cinema success as studios are aiming at the 12 plus age groups. If your a comic fan or just a fan of 80s action mixed with modern story telling this is a film that deserves to be seen. It looks as if a sequel will only come about based on take home figures like Blu-ray and DVD. Even if you know nothing about Dredd this will make you a fan.