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Pacific Rim (2 Discs) (With UltraViolet) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba & Ron Perlman

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Another Robots v Aliens?

| | See all suddie00's reviews (15)

Wasnt sure what to expect from this, bought mainly on it having an action packed cover. Once into the film, it smacks of British Actors trying to be gung-ho American actors. Dont get me wrong, the special effects are probably the strength of the film, and very good they are too.
Plot is basically a load of Godzilla size alien monsters manage a time breach every now and again under the ocean, coming up to wreck cities and make lots of squealing noises, and the govt have to build 'robot suits' of same size to defeat them. All goes well until said aliens adapt, get stronger, and the 'suits' are no longer top dog, and prone to the expected EMP pulse thats favoured by a lot of baddies these days, to make the powers that be realise the old analogue suits dont get affected, so faced with aliens whupping them, set the quickest 'out of mothballs' recovery programme to pitch against the aliens. Once that happens its really a massive battle between good and bad and CGI rules as the San Fransisco bay is turned into a big paddling pool while battle commences. Its a good SFX movie, but you get easily thrown with Brits using verbal Americanisms you get used to at the movies. Give it 3 stars as cant decide how good or bad it is, so just plumped for the middle one lol. A bit of an action romp of the future, but seen better, seen worse.

  Pacific Rim

| | See all mike8g's reviews (9)

This is my new disc choice for demo -ing my system. Brilliant special effects - razor sharp picture. The familiar Gung Ho attitude when kicking alien butt is prevalent in the storyline but where would sci- fi be without it?
.Whoever did the transfer for the Tom Cruise version of "War of the Worlds " should watch this and weep!

  Watchable..But forgettable!....

| | See all supercool's reviews (96)

The mere thought of iris Elba and Charlie Hunnam in a sci-if driven movie evoked excitement, but that was soon replaced by a disappointing sense of mediocrity, and could be another winner confined to the bargain basement in a video store. The action sequences in the water were obscured by to many dark overtones. The plot line was thin on the ground and Ron Perlman's performance was lacking in any kind of credibility. Overall the movie is watchable but not unmissable!

  A giant of a movie

| | See all snuffer's reviews (5)

I saw this in 3d at the cinema and as other reviewers have said you are straight in to the action with a nice narrative of the brief history of the Kaiju and from where they came.
One of the things that is done really well is the scale of both the Jaegers and the Kaiju and the level of devastation that both inflict on the surrounding cities, the main characters all interact at a reasonable level and Idris Elba as the man in charge is his usual tour de force. Now whether you go for just Blu-ray or 3d is a personal choice, having seen it in 3d already I will just stick to the Blu-ray pack.
Overall this is what it says on the tin, a breath taking vision of a world under siege from a far superior enemy where there are losses at nearly every encounter well worth a watch

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  One of the top 5 movies I have ever seen

| | See all Cluffle's reviews (1)

I have only seen this in the cinema, but wow, what a movie. From start to finish you are gripped by the clever story and brilliant plots. Not to mention the effects! This was truly amazing. Buy it.

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  Awesome Action

| | See all Zazzle's reviews (9)

I have now seen this twice and it is one of the most amazing action/sci-fi movies I've seen in a long time.
The special effects are mind-blowing and so realistic. I loved the actors chosen for this movie and they did a great job of bringing this to life!
What I really loved about this movie in all, was the fact that the threat didn't come from outer space, but from within our own planet and how the world needed to get together as one to fight back.
Also, the music caught me from the first moment and I had to use the theme as my ringtone. I am definitely buying this bluray and I will watch it over and over!!

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