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I Am Legend: Special Edition (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Will Smith, Alice Braga & Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (98 reviews)"

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| | See all GodOfGaming's reviews (52)

A great unique story with superb acting from will smith (as always) and from his companion. Great cgi effects and imagination of new york city overgrown and deserted. A complete thrill ride and emotional roller coaster (you will understand why after watching). A must see.

  Legend of its own

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

A very good film with Will Smith playing the only man left in New York with his trusty side kick dog Sam. Watch him how he struggles to come with life by himself and not to be driven crazy. He is searching for a cure to the recent outbreak of a desease that sends everyone crazy into a state almost like a vampire or a wild beast. The special effects do let this film down a bit but the idea is there and is great. Will Smith has shown over many films that he is a top actor and doesnt fault in this film. A good buy

  This is LEGEND!!

| | See all MANIB81's reviews (147)

I heard mixed reviews of this movie but I put all of the comment to one side and I thought I'd judge it myself.
I thought that this movie is brilliant and a incredible performance from Will Smith. It's not easy to act on your own and I have to say that Smith pulled it off.

I didn't buy this edition but I did buy the Limited Edition from America which cost me 70.00GBP. It's a great Collector's piece and is beautifully put together and I have to say that it's worth the money. If it's still available then get that, if not then get this edition as it's just fantastic. The Blu ray print is sublime along with the sound.
The extras are really good too and are worth a watch along with the alternative ending.

  Blu Ray Enhancing this masterpiece!

| | See all Nathan444's reviews (274)

Will Smith at his complete best, a fantastic furturistic movie as to what would happen if a deadly virus got out. Very enjoyable gripping and emotional at the same time. Full of intense moments.
You get your hands on this for a few quid these days, if you havnt seen it by now i recommend you watch it. 5/5

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  Great film, very entertaining

| | See all balmoraljames's reviews (228)

This film was very good, not at all like the like the Vampire book that it is based on. The film is very well acted and there are some very tense moments of suspense.

The film is very well written and acted and always keeps you entertained. The special effects do not hold up very well by today's standards and are laid very bare in HD!.

The film will entertain and stand up to repeat viewings.

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  Will Smith.. is a legend.

| | See all KyleAC's reviews (7)

This film.. is awesome and to be fair, im not basing it on any books or previous films. I am basing it on knowing nothing about I Am Legend and watching this film, which is all that matters to me.

I can understand people who get disapointed by re-makes or going from Books to Films and not sticking 100% to it.. but hey, if everything was the same it would be a bit boring in my opinion!

Great film!

  did the ppl who put 1 star see the same film as me !!!!!

| | See all cornell1's reviews (51)

how on earth u can say this is 1 star ..must be joking right ... this film is brilliant smith does a really good job in this movie and the storyline is really good and if u look at the other things on the dvd they tell u y they went with cgi for the infected and not real ppl I WOULD REALLY SAY THIS IS A MUST BUY FOR ANY PS3 OR BL U RAY OWNER

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  Worst adaptation EVER!

| | See all SinisterMice's reviews (15)

Not only a very bad movie, but the worst adaptation of a novel I have ever seen. Avoid at all costs unless you enjoy dull, poorly made films that erase the orginal intended concept, and rely fully on big name actors. read 'I am legend' the novel by R. Matheson, a VAMPIRE novel that is one of the best post apocalypse-type books ever written. AVOID THIS FILM.

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  You must be Kidding

| | See all Cobiwan's reviews (3)

This movie has all the elements to a spectacular Blockbuster, A List Star, Massive Budget, Great Story, however it fails how I dont know, but on every level disappointed me!

The worst thing about this movie is the Computer Graphics for a budget this big, I guess they must have spent it in Will Smith's salary. The Zombies/Infected what you will call them looked so out of Sync, couldn't they have used real actors for that, compare them to the infected in Lets Say 28 Days Later There isn't a comparison


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  Will Smith saves the world again

| | See all angrycustomerFIN's reviews (3)

When this came out on 2007 I was totally amazed who good this is. I bought right away the DVD when it was available and watched it about 10 times in a row. Now I have also BD version and its amazing how good it looks. Will Smith makes a unbeliavable role-playing alone. New York is just the right place to this movie.
Everything in this movie is right. Can't wait the sequel!