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Sharkwater (Documentary) (Blu-ray)

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  All for a good cause

| | See all Danrok's reviews (11)

There is some excellent footage which is filmed in HD, but be aware that some of the footage is filmed using standard video cameras, rather than HD.

There's plenty of real excitement in this documentary, especially when Rob Stewart teams up with Sea Shepard.

They do a good job at showing people that sharks are mostly harmless and deserve to be protected from harm.

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  Wow! Incredible! This is a real eye opener!

| | See all Ryanwhite123's reviews (7)

I purchased this film expecting just an ordinary documentary following sharks, but i was suprised to find that it was a plead for help to the public to save sharks! The people involved in this documentary are trying to get the message across to the public's that sharks are being killed for the worst reasons possible. Not just killed though, they are being tortured! They are cut up and thrown back into the sea! I never knew anything like this was happening to sharks and i was disgraced to see that humans could do this. The footage on the documentary is awesome! I always just thought that sharks were another dangerous animal till i watched this. It made me realise that sharks arent dangerous at all, infact they are extremely intelligent and gentle creatures. The media goes way over the top by claiming these to be dangerous killers and forces people into believing that we need to kill sharks to be safe, this is not true! This dvd tells you everything you need to know about whats happening to sharks in the real world, and that they are infact not dangerous to humans at all!

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  Very moving

| | See all TheHappyHammer's reviews (9)

This film is superb in different ways. You will get a great and worrying insight into the world of the shark and what man is doing to them all over the world. I was glued as it is not only very interesting but also the picture quality on some of the scenes is amazing - one of the best Blu rays I own.

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  Fin-tastic :o)

| | See all legotrooper's reviews (3)

A really moving documentary and a real eye opener into the underworld of shark trade and just how important sharks are to our environment. Rob Stewart has managed to capture some thrilling underwater footage and some scary scenes of pirate trading along with some extremely sad moments. A must see documentary which I hope one day will come full circle for Rob Stewart and the passion he has and shares for what lies beneath the ocean!


| | See all detolhead's reviews (34)

Best to rent it. A great film but Shark documenary have been done to death. This is one of the better one.s .Wellworth a watch in HD very good but the film ending looked abit fake. Buy it or rent it and pass the message on that we have a burden on our shoulders not to destrroy the very things that make this Planet a great place to live and share Gods Wonders.


| | See all MovieRator's reviews (81)

First of all great price for a Blue-Ray and value for money. The shots in this film are amazing and watching this really makes you feel sorry for theese mis-understood animals. Top marks, really good!!

  A Must See Film.

| | See all HDMASTER's reviews (6)

What a beautiful film this is. It contains some of the most incredible footage you wil ever see. In High Definition this is an awesome movie. Whilst there are some mixed media sections, it is, for the most part, a spectacular piece of film making. Whilst the film maker , Mr Stewart, does not look old enough to even shave...he really does clearly know his stuff! But inside the gorgeous pictures and international locations, there is a really serious message to be learned.

Firstly, this film contains footage of sharke being butchered alive, just for their fins. Sometimes it is not pleasant to look at but it is the truth of the situation.

Rob Stewart and his friends in this film are some of the bravest and most commendable peolpe alive. When it comes to sharks, they are certainly on a level with the Adamson Trust and lions. Some of the statistics mentioned are jaw dropping, and to think it is all happening for money - it really does make me ashamed to be human.

So, whilst it is not always pretty to look at, it is a valid piece of film and carries with it a message that needs to be heard, WORLDWIDE.

Essential viewing.

  Everyone should see this movie

| | See all barnie884's reviews (265)

Not only is this a great HD movie with amazing shots, but it's a thought provoking eye opening must see. See for yourself and make up your own mind, but whatever your feelings I urge you to watch this movie.

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