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The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008) (2 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes & William Moseley

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Not so princely

| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (703)

You can stuff your fantasy adventure with the best production design, the most seamless CGI and the most beautiful locations, but if you haven't got character involvement then you're largely sunk. And so, for all the plentiful colourful supporting characters, this sequel to "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" sinks because of its colourless lead children and its blank title character. For a children's film, it's pretty violent and rather odd that this Christian allegory features many scenes of children killing lots of faceless soldiers. It still comes across as a bland copy of "Lord of the Rings", and hellishly long at that, too.

Spanking Blu-ray print though.

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  Rather surprisingly good film

| | See all spenceboy's reviews (26)

Not seeing the first one - it took 10 mins or so for my kids to tell me who was who :) But the film does grown on you and you are glad yuo watch it in the end. Great family film and my kids were rivotted all the way through. Great picture and sound

Worth getting as a family film to sit down and watch together.

  Even better then the first Narnia film which was great!!!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

I read all the Narnia books when I was a child and loved them all very much indeed. At the moment I must say the films so far are doing the books great justice and I can't wait for the next one. Prince Caspian is faster paced then the first film and has these cute sword fighting assassin mice which made me smile alot. One thing I have noticed with all my Disney Blu-ray films is that they seem to have the best hd transfers going at the moment. If you liked reading the Narnia books or enjoy fantasy films then this really is a must buy you won't regret it.

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  Language included ?

| | See all reremoon's reviews (1)

I'm french and I would like to buy the film, can anyone tell me about the included langages ?

  Excellent all round

| | See all reviewking's reviews (52)

I really didn't like the first film, I only bought this one to fill in on 3 for 2 deal.
Wow it's good. Great story, effects, characters, acting and sets. It almost rivals a lord of the rings film, just a bit more Disney-efied. I own a fair few blu's and this has to be one of the best for picture and sound.
I'm quite shocked I enjoyed this film so much, I wish I watched it in the cinema now.
Buy it, you won't regret it

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  Amazing looking film - mostly!

| | See all Byrdman's reviews (2)

This blu-ray really will take your breath away for the most part and the story and action is really enjoyable. I couldn't stop noticing details on costumes and in the scenary, best blu-ray visuals yet.


Eddie Izzard ruins another film by his presence

CGI is really uneven, sometimes it's eye poppingly gorgeous, other times it's really bad - the mice look so poor it really ruins the realism

The film is very long and not really suitable for young kids.

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  bring on the dawn treader

| | See all fantasyfilm's reviews (1)

i thought this film was a excellant edition to the narnia series i really enjoyed as well as the lww i would recomend them to nybody young or old the storys are fantastic bring on the next film

  Region B Locked

| | See all ThorMk1's reviews (1)

ATTN: Mamoon - It's Region-B Locked so it won't work on Region-A PS3/Blu-ray Players, hope this helps.

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  Great production, poor adaptation.

| | See all Powerman's reviews (54)

Let's start with the glaringly obvious. This BD is a Disney title, and as such, is simply beautifully produced. The scenes in Slovenia are simply stunning and it is all you can do to stop yourself from thinking you are actually there and walking out on the set.

The second disc contains the usual stuff of how the movie was planned, and brought to life, and I loved that ..and it's in BD format too!

Getting on to the movie however, it is a disappointment. It is so altered from the original book by CS Lewis, that it is unrecognizable. What I really thought was, that it was a Lord of the Rings lookalike.

The character development, so so important in the book, have been left out. An example: why was Peter fighting at the start? It is so unlike his character.

And the acting was so poor at the start, just as if all the characters knew in real life what their companions were about to say

...and when Susan and Caspian..well..enough spoilers.

So, it's just a medieval war movie with Narnian characters thrown in for the cash flow...Spectacular filming and location, but less so for the 'new' plot. It's a good movie mind you, but it feels too much of a re-hash of LOTR.

3 and a half stars.(you really must introduce the halves Play!)

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