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Wall-E (2 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Ben Burtt, Fred Willard & Jeff Garlin

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (81 reviews)"

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  Pixars best

| | See all BREWTIMER's reviews (21)

Pixar raise the bar for animated films once again,this is the best film they have made so far and thats saying something since all of the films they have made have been so good.this is a wonderful tale of love between two robots that is done so well that it defies belief.....10 out of 10

  Spectacular, one of PIXARs finest and the best Blu Ray yet.

| | See all bob009's reviews (1)

You'll get 2 disks of brilliant extra features, including a Blu Ray exclusive "Burn.E with boards"
Also plenty of the usal extras expected.

But it's the film that matters, it's incredible. Not only the best animation since Toy Story 2, but one of the most lovingly crafted, painfully detailed pictures to come from PIXARs wonderlabs. For a large chunk of the film, there is no dialogue. Just WALL.Es irresistable beeps and animations are there with you, and it wouldn't have vworked any other way. While the second half isn't as groundbreaking as the first, it still provides some excellent chase scenes and jaw dropping moments.

WALL.E as a character is what stands out most though. He is the cutest, most adorable character you'll see, and in my view, the greatest film character of all time.

'nuff said. Buy this Blu Ray. Now.

  Not a pixel out of place..co starring..Michael Crawford!!!

| | See all Bigal1870's reviews (36)

I have to be honest, at 47 years old, Wall E isn't normally the kind of film I would spend my hard earned on. I didn't go and see it at the cinema despite my wife urging me to do so, and didn't even give it a second thought as a serious movie for a serious movie goer.

Ok I will eat humble pie right now. Despite being prominently a movie for children, Wall E has a serious message and stands out as a landmark piece of cinema. It's a story of our planet Earth laid to waste and abandoned, of humanity allowing itself to become dependant on machines over a period of 700 years to the point where evolution has taken charge and transformed man into a helpless obese state.

It's also a love story of sorts and delivers the feelgood factor from start to finish. Wall E is the star of the show, a loveable but lonely robot with a superb work ethic who is slowly clearing the Earth of the rubbish that the humans left behind. Wall E is rescued from his solitude when he discovers the last green plant on Earth, a discovery that activates the interest of a survey ship carrying EVE, a survey robot, who Wall E develops a relationship with.

Without spoiling the plot Wall E,s discovery results in the recolonisation of Earth by humanity and a superb climax which continues into the end credits (so watch it to the very end.)

Visually Wall E is incredible in Blu Ray Hi def. At times it is hard to believe that you are watching animation with incredible detail, photo realistic landscapes and a feeling that the whole movie could have been shot on film and not created on a computer.

Colours are deep and involving, blacks are solid and even though many of the Earth bound shots are in a dusty city none of the detail is false or artificially rendered. Absolutely beautiful to watch.

The audio is similarly involving and is actually DOLBY DTS 6.1 ES, not 5.1 as stated on the box. The soundtrack to the film is a mixture of original songs and other music that everyone will recognise. Featuring heavily in the flim "Hello Dolly" starring of all people Michael Crawford. The songs from this film are on Wall E,s favourite (and only) VHS tape and I was absolutely fascinated to see that Crawford doesn't even get a credit at the end.

Overall this is a masterpiece or digital film making without a pixel out of place (a direct quote from Pixar's advertising campaign) with a totally absorbing soundtrack and an end credit soundtrack (penned by Peter Gabriel) which was worth the money alone.

In my opinion a must own Blu Ray film and a huge step forward in Hi Def home cinema.

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  Its Arrived

| | See all Pontelad's reviews (38)

We saw this as a family at the cinema, and now our BluRay came this morning.
Bring out the popcorn its time for a family movie!
Excellent fun, cute little robot with a love story thrown in! how cute!

  2 disc edition, or not?

| | See all KingClash's reviews (11)

I do love this movie and really want it, preferebly on Blu-ray, but i have my doubts weather this really is the 2 disc edition, can anyone confirm this?

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| | See all UltraZone777's reviews (13)

I must admit i am 24 and even i liked this film not liked it loved it!, my son who is only 3 loved it even more, he giggled all the way through. Wall-e is a great loveable little character, a great storyline too with a very fitting happy ending, wall-e is all alone on planet earth until he discovers other beings and grows a loving friendship with eve(another little great character) which is touching, bless. Pixar have really excelled themselves with this film and i cannot wait to see it in blu-ray, the animation is of a very high quality. 5 Out of 5 easy! One of the animations i have ever seen.

  Amazing Film

| | See all AngelandZeus2007's reviews (2)

I would just like to say Wall-E is just amazing. I absolutely love him. I think he so adorable. Disney have certainly created a masterpiece here. I have been waiting for this film to come out on DVD just to I could buy it and watch it as and when i please.

Brilliant Film
Wall-e is adorable

A must buy for anyone with kids

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  what a movie

| | See all scarfacejimi's reviews (11)

I've had my eye on this film for a while now.I kept seeing the advertizements on the tv for it and it looked so real i had to watch it...You can definitly see where the budget went on this release.It takes a while for the story to get going but even the bits at the start with just wall-e and his pet cockaroche are hugely entertaining.The overall story it's self is very touching and very funny with the relationship between wall-e and his beloved eva growing as the film progresses,disney have got it spot on again,there are parts in this movie that are really heart warming even for a full grown man like me......all in all an excellent family movie with some aldult jokes thrown in there too....Proberbly the best pixar film to date....10/10

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  The most innovative, original and charming Pixar film ever

| | See all Adrastus13's reviews (8)

Wall-E is most definitely one of Disney-Pixars all time greats, and certainly needs to be bought by those who have still not had the opportunity to marvel at its glory.
As I have already stated in the title of this review, this film is stunning in every aspect and it is clear that the geniuses over at Pixar Studios went flat out on creating this masterpiece.
Although a little slow to start off with, Wall-E is an absolute joy to watch and it is entertainment at its very finest. It doesn't matter how old you are because you're sure to love this film as the characters, storyline and stunning animation make it suitable for anyone and everyone.
There isn't a doubt in my mind to purchase this on Blu-Ray, which I'm sure will look absolutely stunning on my TV.
It ranked in the top 10 on RottenTomatoes "50 Best Animations of All Time" list, a well deserved position in my opinion.


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