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James Bond: (Dr. No / For Your Eyes Only / From Russia With Love / Die Another Day / Live And Let Die / Thunderball) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Sean Connery, Roger Moore & Pierce Brosnan

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Six Bonds on Blu-ray

| | See all DigitalCritic's reviews (18)

This is a six film set, with three classics in the shape of Dr. No, From Russia with Love and Thunderball all starring Sean Connery. Then there is Live and Let Die and For Your Eyes Only staring Roger Moore and finally Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan.

I have to confess that it has taken me a while to watch all of them, in fact I bought this set back in Dec 2010 for 24.99 and I see that it is currently priced at 42.97 Aug 2012.

The restoration on the three Connery films is very good and I couldnt find anything to grumble about, if there were any blemishes, I didnt notice them. Picture was sharp and clean with good colour depth and clear crisp sound. I must also add that as far as restoration is concerned, Goldfinger 1964 which is not included in this set and possibly Cleopatra 1963 are the finest examples of film restoration on Blu-ray I have seen so far. While the picture and sound quality on the three Connery films is very good, none of them would equal Goldfinger. The later films with Moore are in very good condition and once again, I couldnt find any fault with either the sound or picture. Die Another Day was shot in 2002 and has the best picture and sound of the set, but that is only to be expected being so young.

Of all the actors who have played 007 in this set, I prefer Connerys version of Bond. Personally, Moore just did not do it for me and in my opinion, the films in which he played 007 were weaker when compared to Connerys and all the other portrayals of the British agent. I think it was because he looked older and there was too much humour in the personality of what was after all a cold and ruthless killer like the character created by Ian Fleming. In my opinion, for Your Eyes Only is the weakest film in this set closely followed by Live and Let die. There others are all reasonably good stories if a little fantastic, but isnt that part of their appeal and why we go to see them.

So, should you buy this set, unfortunately I am going to have to say no, sorry Play.Com. Certainly not at the price it is being asked for here but there is another reason. All 22 Bond films will be released together in a boxed set on Blu-ray this September 2012 for around 90 pounds. At 4 pounds a film, and especially if you are a Bond fan, I would recommend waiting until September.

  A must own

| | See all seaholt's reviews (8)

Very good picture and sound quality.
It also contains some of the best James Bond movies in my opinion.
The only question in my mind is when does vol.2 and vol.3 of this collection? i havent found out anything about that anywhere.

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  This boxset is a must own for James Bond fans

| | See all CJSD1984's reviews (5)

I was lucky to get this from my parents as a Christmas present. I couldn't wait to start watching the set. I was blown away by the movies watching all 6 films on Blu-Ray was a real treat. The transfers are so detailed, sharp, colourful and clean. Many of the films like Dr No and From Russia With Love are well before my time (I am 25 years old) but they are classic movies and look incredible on Blu-Ray, Lowry have done an amazing job on these films and clearly a lot of work went into making them look so breathtaking. I can't express enough how good the films look you need to see them for yourself. Even Die Another Day which didn't get a full remaster like the earlier James Bond titles (probably because it's only a few years old) it still looks great. The extra features are nice as well with plenty of documentries that are actually entertaining to watch. I actually found myself enjoying the extra features unlike with most movies. I own a lot of the remastered Ultimate Edition James Bond DVD's which also look excellent but it's worth owning the James Bond films on Blu-Ray as well if you love the series because the picture quality is a real improvement from upscaled DVD.

I hope at somepoint in the future MGM or another studio will get round to releasing the rest of the James Bond films on Blu-Ray (especially Goldeneye, The Spy Who Loved Me, You Only Live Twice, Tomorrow Never Dies etc).

Basically if you have a Playstation 3 or Blu-Ray player and you are a James Bond fan this is a must own collection.

  " Nobody does it better" than this blu-ray

| | See all swartzy's reviews (82)

After owning the Ultimate 2 disc Editions which were upgraded with picture and sound by a process called Lowry meant Bonds could never look better...So it was with much scepticism when I switched to blu-ray that I felt would it much better...Well the good news is that it is..Dr. No and From Russia with Love look almost like modern day Bonds and whilst only a certain amount can be done with the sound ...there has been leaps forward with the picture...This is a really worthwhile blu-ray set for any fans of the Bond genre and Die another Day is just sublime on both picture quality and DTS HD Audio sound (plus Halle Berry in HD has to be a bonus).Thunderball, Live and let Die and For your eyes only may not have the same 3 dimensionality of the other three but having said this it is still better than their dvd equivalents...This is Bond at it's best on blu-ray and certainly nobody does it better....Highly Recommended...

  Bond is Great.... Bond is Unmissable In Blu

| | See all MJSMUFC99's reviews (18)

Bond james bond. What a great series of 22 films with bond. But these 6 have been giving the blu treatment! With dr, no, from russia with love, thunderball, live and let die, for your eyes only and die another day you are thrown into hd world of bond with dts 5.1 surround sound and a crystal clear 1080p picture you will not be dissapointed with the hd treatment the early films have been giving. Theres always the scenes which stand out in your head eg ursula andress coming out of the beach on dr no. That is unforgettable but in hd its unmissable as well. The train fight scene withbond and spectre agent red grant is amazing in blu. The vulcan bomber underneath the water in thunderball is jaw dropping., the chase scene with roger moore and jane seymour in the half double decker buss is awe inspiring. The chase scene with the red lotus espirit in the snow is truly georgeous in blu from your eyes only and that famous flip with the ejector seat in the upside down aston martin vanquish in die another day is the best of the lot! Blu ray your joking. I never joke about blu-ray 007

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| | See all david16's reviews (35)

the transfer is amazing the picture and the sound is amazing if anyone one is a bond fan get this.


| | See all TheAssociate's reviews (56)

These are classic bond films but coupled with blue ray make them even better,the quality & time and care that have gone into these is quite remarkable as you will see when it's up on the screen,
absolutely amazing viewing

  Best Ever Film Franchise on Blu-ray - BRILLIANT!!!

| | See all jimbo450's reviews (5)

What more can i say - the best films on the best quality format ever! Amazing - buy it!

  Blu Ray Bond!!

| | See all Quahog's reviews (2)

A cracking collection to kick off the introduction of Bond on Blu Ray!!
Dr. No - Where it all began, enjoy the High Def Jamaican cinematography
From Russia With Love - A lesson in 60's cool and a cracking cold war thriller to boot.
Thunderball - Great sunsoaked locations and lots of underwater action and a thundering score from John Barry, make this a Blu Ray transfer must have.
Live and Let Die - Roger takes over and proves that theres life after Connery and life after DVD in this cracking 'States' based adventure
For Your Eyes Only - Moore gives more in this taught thriller thats very much overlooked, spiced with Greek locales and a cracking ski chase down a bobsled run (on a motorbike!), great stuff.
Die Another Day - Brosnan bows out HD style, the film took a few risks with its apporach to effects and editing but the wall to wall action satisifes on many levels.
The ultimate edition DVD's were not released too long ago but hey!..Live and let buy.

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