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Miami Vice (2006) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx & Going Li

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Hugely Underrated

| | See all miamifan's reviews (55)

Miami Vice is a hugely underrated and misunderstood movie, and to be frank I can understand why. For old Miami Vice fans it bears no relation to the TV show other than location and character names. For it's potential new audience, it was advertised in trailers as something that it wasn't. The trailers featured many scenes that never made it into the movie, much of them appear to be action based. Naturally, some movie goers would therefore have been disappointed that the end result may not have been what they were expecting. I left the cinema after watching this movie with a fairly mixed reaction.
It wasn't until I got this film on DVD and subsequently Blu-Ray, that I really appreciated how good it was. Although on the face of it this movie may not appear to be like the TV show at all, in several key regards it is. The style of the movie from the Music, the scenery, the cars, suits, women, drug dealers, to the action, this film is spot on in terms of Miami Vice style, merely updated to the 21st century. The storyline isn't exceedingly strong, but then again there were only a handful of episodes in the TV show that had strong storylines. The TV show was labelled as being a key definer of the phrase 'style over substance', and in this regards the movie is spot on.
I love watching the scenery in this movie and also the music is just fantastic throughout. Some of the action is really very very good, although it comes very few and far between. The acting on the whole is ok, with some great characters. Colin Farrell is spot on as Crockett. Jamie Foxx I believe however is a key weak link in the casting. His performance is lazy and uninspiring.
Overall, for all those people who went to the Cinema to see this and came out disappointed, I implore you to watch this movie again. This movie get's better the more you watch it. Also, with regards to the Blu-Ray quality, it's stunning and makes the film even better to watch!

  Visually and Aurally Stunning

| | See all Snakebloke's reviews (3)

As a piece of cinematography this film is epic. It overloads the senses with fantastic music choices, dramatic camera use and beautiful landscapes. The casting is excellent with all main actors filling their roles well, if not brilliantly in terms of looks, style and attitude. However despite the cast and fantastic cinematography, the chemistry between 'Ricardo' and 'Tubbs' is limited at best (as is well documented with critics). Moreover, the premise of the movie was not capitalised on enough to stimulate me mentally. The 'storyline' got very weak at times and I found myself wondering what was going on due to this and the often frenetic almost documentary-style cinematography. Because of this, the lack of chemistry and the effect they both had on the overall feeling of the movie, Miami Vice falls short of a 5* from me.

In short;

Pros: Cinematrography, Musical Score, Casting, Scenery, Premise is intriguing, Eye-Candy for all (although I can only talk about Gong Li with respect to that, from my own perspective).

Cons: Story is not developed enough for my liking, On-Screen chemistry between Farrell and Foxx is virtually non-existant most of the time.

Verdict 4*, very good movie, well-worth a watch in my opinion but I would like to see a sequel to put right the mistakes of this movie.

  Misunderstood, brilliant movie

| | See all ViceCrockett's reviews (1)

A great actionthriller for the 21-century. Perfect in every way, the actors, the setting, filming and music.
People expected a clone of the original Miami Vice tv-show, (which is one of the greatest cop shows), but this is for the 21-century, and it's perfect :)

  good movie

| | See all Tigger125's reviews (190)

This film is great however the public have been ripped off again where is the director's cut ,blu-ray has 5x more than dvd they can fit two films on one disc !!!!
The extended cut is now only available in region 1 so we will have to wait and see if it get a re release next year i doubt it though one last point the blu-ray version in the us is abc region so it will play on all region blu rays!!

  Undervalued Cop Film

| | See all GWI2329's reviews (3)

This has had many critics and comparisons with the original tv series were a mistake. This is a clever and intricate movie, and michael mann has provided a movie that if watched with an open mind can be seen for the excellent piece of work it is. Colin farrell has not been as good since 'tigerland'. But.. If this blu-ray version is the same one as the region 2 dvd then leave it for now. The director's cut, up to now only available in region 1, is a clearer narrative and far better.