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Mamma Mia! (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan & Amanda Seyfried

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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  Cheesy, simple but extremely effective.

| | See all StalloneFan's reviews (31)

At first, I was cringing due to the pungent smell of cheese that the movie was omitting but the movie, so convincingly effortlessly, was very light heartedly comedic and toe tappingly fun. You can't hardly disagree that like them or not Abba have one of the most consistently, longest running popularity of all time, all ages, every party or wedding, everyone knows their music and will get up to dance. I have never bought an Abba CD nor would voluntarily listen to an Abba album but was familiar with 90% of the songs sung in the movie and with the sporadic dance numbers and absolutely beautiful locations, the movie is set on a gorgeous Greek Island, although all the scenes shot at the top of Villa Donna were filmed on a sound stage, tropical trees, Brilliant blue sky and beautiful exotic blue sea is the order of the day and with young bouncy dancers in their hoards filling the screen the whole jolly uplifting experience sure as hell starts to rub off on you. The actors clearly have a lot of fun too, Meryl Streep as Donna, is as brilliant and dedicated as usual with fine supporting performances from her "side kicks", Christine Baranski as Tanya and Julie Walters as Rosie, her best friends and former group members who are attending the wedding of Donna's daughter Sophie, played sweetly by the girl next door beautiful Amanda Seyfried. Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard play the three former love interests of Donna of whom one of them, according to Donna's old diary that Sophie has found, is her father....

The story is clearly and unashamedly a thin excuse to put together an extensive string of musical numbers sang by pretty much all of the major leads throughout the movie. Director Phyllida Lloyd is hailed as a first time director, although she is an accomplished theatre director and her credits include the stage version of Mamma Mia itself. She does an absolutely perfect job bringing it from the stage to the bring screen, and watching it on Blu Ray, I was blown away at how crisp and beautiful the image was, clearly one of the best looking Blu Rays on the market, if someone wanted to see how much better Blu Ray was than DVD, I would arguably chuck this on to get their visual juices flowing! It is so vibrant and sharp, it looked as though you could step into the screen and the join the cast in Greece!

So, despite being one of my least favourite genres and quite simply, a chick flick, you can't knock it for doing exactly what it does on the tin. Caroline was blown away by it and has ranked it in her top 5 movies of all time, and it is obvious why, it will stand the test of time, joining Dirty dancing and Pretty woman, as the leading chick flicks for many generations to come.

Mamma Mia "Cheesy, simple, but extremely effective, precisely conceived to look genuinely effortless, it achieves what it goes out to do in transferring one of the most successful theatre shows in recent years into a rollicking blockbuster musical. Women will love it, and guys, secretly, you won't hate it either."

  IS IT JUST ME BUT..........

| | See all evildave's reviews (25)

I'm not being negative for the sake of it, and I know everybody on the face of this planet loves this movie apart from me but, I can't help but hateing this film, I like ABBA just as much as the next person and have fond memories of the "Fit" blonde one wearing those tight shiny leggings, but I can't see the appeal of watching a bunch of menapausal women trying to mime badly to shoe horned in classics pop tunes. Even Pearce Brosnan has a warble at SOS to horrific results. The direction is inept and ends up looking like an episode of Wish You Were Here, I half expected Judith Chambers to pop up. The plot is pathetic and the overall effect is jaw droppingly cringe inducing. I know it's supposed to froffy campy fun, but for me it seemed like audio torture.
This will no doubt make me puplic enemy #1 with the legion of fans, but I feel better getting it off my chest.
You can all disagree with me know!

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  Love it!

| | See all Lloyd027's reviews (14)

First - I'm a straight guy, and I love this film!
A feel-good film, in all respects, with fantastic songs, half the fun is listening to the actors attempt to sing (Sorry, Pierce, you were a good Bond, but a lousy singer!) But then, the film is about regular people, not singers, and the songs are well-chosen (and in one case slightly re-written) for the film, blink and you'll miss Benny and Bjorn cameos too.
Fellas, sit down with the wife/girlfriend etc and get ready for an enjoyable evening!

  mamma mia - here i go again!

| | See all princesskoko's reviews (10)

A bit cheesy and a bit predictable! But all in all a great feel good family film which is brilliant for introducing youngsters to the joy of abba!! The performances of the actors shows them in a whole new light - especially colin firth who is now a firm favourite!
Buy, watch, don't think too much and enjoy!


| | See all number2's reviews (23)

Perfect picture and great dts sound , a very enjoyable film for all ages , forget about the actors trying to sing just let youself go , grab the popcorn and have 2hrs of heaven in the med

  Good film but definitely a chick flick!

| | See all schumif109's reviews (11)

After all the hype surrounding this film i thought it would get it on blu-ray. To start with im not a huge fan of musicals but I thought i may still like it.

After watching the film for a few minutes, it became clear that it was definitely a chick flick. None of my family are a fan of musicals but my Mum loved it. I must admit i did too. I thought the plot was unique and different compared to other films.

The only flaw in the film was Pierce Brosnans role as Sam. Although he played the part really well, the scene where he started to sing SOS by ABBA was really bad. Ill give him credit, but maybe he should have played another role.

Overall a great film, but not reccomended if your not a fan of musicals.

  Simply magical

| | See all Leebar's reviews (2)

I've now seen this 5 times since I bought the BD version of it. From the outset, it is done in a way that brings the Abba songs into the 21st century.

Everyone in the movie sings in a way that makes the movie greater; if you can watch this movie and not smile throughout then I simply don't understand you!!

Pierce Brosnan came in for some flack because he's not a perfect singer - well, do you know what? He has been coached to understand his range and I think he does a fantastic job.

There are two awesome scenes on jetties - again showing the humour behind the production. I could try to suggest that "Does your mamma know?" is the best scene/song in the movie but it's too hard - "Money Money Money" is brilliant, "Take a Chance" hilarious, ah, there are too many to mention.

I predict that this will be my most-watched BD disk ever.

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  Good, but the original theatre show is better

| | See all asteberg's reviews (15)

I saw the original musical show in the theatre twice (once in Spanish, once in English). While the movie is very good, the original show is even better. The good thing about having the BD version is I can see it anytime I want! If you haven't seen the original show, you should see this one (even if you're not a fan of ABBA). If you have seen the original show and liked it, you should still see this one too (brings back nice memories). If you saw the original show and didn't like it, you might as well miss out on this one too.

  unbelievable mama mia

| | See all thewinnertakesital's reviews (6)

Never expected to like this movie. The story is good, excellent performance by Merryl Strip - no wonder why she is considered the best actress ever - great songs, most beautiful scenery, all that seen in blue ray!! Recommend this movie which I'm sure will be watched over and over again.


| | See all glenh8's reviews (4)

Please don't give this movie a poor review because you have an old blu-ray player or a sub standard amplifier. This blu-ray has an awesome dts-ma soundtrack and i had no problems playing this on a bd-55 or ps3 player. The picture was as good as the audio and looked tremendous on my [breitling] pioneer plasma [/breitling]. I gave this 5 stars based on the actual movie unlike some other reviewers. If you like abba then this is not to be missed.

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