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The Omen Trilogy Box Set (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Gregory Peck, Lee Remick & David Warner

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Damien: Omen II

| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (703)

No classic but the sequel to the 1976 Anti-Christ blockbuster is actually really good fun. Its sole purpose is to devise grisly deaths for the people who discover who the young teen Scott-Taylor really is, and, in that regard, it comes up trumps with an incident with a crow on a deserted road, an ice hockey accident and especially, a wayward lift all doing the job. Plus this hokum is pretty well acted and Goldsmith is riffing enjoyably on his iconic score.

  A good Blu-ray for the Trilogy

| | See all thocrown's reviews (2)

Of course, the first is the best, but the second is close to it. The third has some great moments (the hunt...). The good new for this Blu-ray is that the OMEN Trilogy doesn't exist everywhere and for french fans, the Trilogy has a good Blu-ray edition, with french subtitles on each movie ! The best copy is for the Richard Donner movie, of course, there was a special edition on DVD a few years ago, that's why. But even if the 2 others movies are less good, they are better than the last DVD copies... Now, the price is here but if you love this Trilogy, put it on your list for Christmas !!!

  Play.com Have The Omen Blu Ray.

| | See all Cruisecontroller's reviews (2)

The first and best of the the Omen film series is available seperatly on Blu Ray exclusively from Play.com. I have it and the transfer although not as good as say new films on Blu Ray is still the best the film has ever looked. I don`t have the trilogy on Blu Ray just standard DVD.

The first film is probably my favourite ever horror film a masterpiece and every bit as much of a classic and as terrifying as The Exorcist. It`s the music that really unsettles you choral numbers that sound like a black mass summouning Satan. The evil child of the devil Damian and his sinister nanny from hell Mrs Baylock brilliantly played by Billie Whitelaw ruthlessly bump off anyone who threatens to come between Damien and his evil destiny. The second movie is also really good although not quite as good as the first but the thrid film is a big disappointment with the series turning unintentionally funny with clunky dialogue and a silly script. The fourth film available seperatly or on The Omen Quadilogy DVD Set with Damiens daughter kicking off the cycle all over again is also disappointing. Well worth having though for the first two films.

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| | See all watersmeet's reviews (4)

To last reviewer
Omen not playing bloomin typical i know
I have same player as you got it up graded b4 xmas wouldnt play batman begins the thing
I belive tha latest firmware is 1.9 version anyhow its the lateset my omen and the others i just mentioned play fine now

  Pressing fault

| | See all SaintLea's reviews (15)

Just got the UK boxset.
None of the films will play on my Samsung BDP-1400 Blu-ray player.
The menu screen loads up on all three of the discs but that is all you get.
When you make a selection on any of the features on the menu screens the screen goes blank for a few seconds and then loops back to the main menu screen again.

FOX's quality control is rubbish.

I'd like to hear from anyone else here if you have the same problem also.

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  Good and Bad News!

| | See all GoldDigger's reviews (2)

Looks like Fox UK have dropped extras that the US release had. Also the US can buy the first film on its own. At least we get the isolated score track. Still annoying they can't give us the same release as the US though. Another good reason to either forget Blu Ray or find a mulit region Blu Ray player.

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  "Look at me Damian" - Brilliant

| | See all MikeyDraycott's reviews (54)

The Omen is the greatest horror film , psychological horror film of all time. The haunting score from Jerry Goldsmith is absolutly fantastic, and Richard Donner's direction is utter brilliance. The acting is terrific and the writing is beyond excellent. Even it's sequels are pretty damn good, though the acting begins to slowly get worse, however, the films themselves are good sequels, more lesser key sequels.

I'm a little confused about this set though, I have pre ordered and cannot wait for it to arrive, however the USA version of the collection has just been on the Blu-Ray format, however it also includes the 2006 remake 'Omen 666', which I wasn't satisfied with.

Anybody know if we'll also get it?

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  the omen trilogy boxset(blu-ray)

| | See all alberts's reviews (5)

The omen - 'THE' greatest psychological thriller ever made! - not to be confused with a horror film.

The film essentially deals with love and subsequent destruction of it between man,wife and child brought about by a bizarre chain of events.

A man denies the warnings that his life will be destroyed and that his beloved little boy is indeed the son of the devil who will take everything that he has to establish future wealth and power.

This is a beautiful, tightly scripted,directed and cast thriller which is ultimately far more than people recognise it for.

Infinitely superior to any of it's sequels although,Sam Neil is a superb adult Damien ready to take over the world in the somewhat far fetched third chapter( the final conflict ).

The original is a cinema classic - the 2006 John Moore remake(call it what you will) should not have seen the light of day,shame on you fox!

If the love and attention is there from fox! - the high def transfer of these films should be well worth the wait.

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