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Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf & Cate Blanchett

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (40 reviews)"

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  Excellent Blu-ray - Not-as-good film

| | See all stepstone's reviews (23)

This is a well put together blu-ray. The extras are in hd and are enjoyable. The picture is amazingly clear and it has excellent audio.

I didn't really enjoy the film, i wanted it to be more like the other three. Gophers, fridge, swinging on vines, truck in tree, and some pretty bad dialogue were my main problem. Maybe i'll get used to it and enjoy it more next time i watch the film.

To those who asked; there is no digital copy.

  Swinging Monkeys and Mole-hill making gophers..

| | See all StalloneFan's reviews (31)

I sat in the theatre my expectations through the roof, already humming the magnificent theme tune in my head over and over again (thanks again, John Williams! :-)), I would only be satisfied with a mile stone in movie history, a new summer blockbuster to shape how future summer hits would mould themselves, just like Raiders Of The Lost Ark did 27 years ago. Silly fella, there was no way I could leave the auditorium anyway other than disappointed.

And sure as Steven Spielberg loves aliens, I was disappointed. It plodded along at a watchable pace, slightly amusing at times, the action sequences were fun if silly and far from exciting and the film didn't really introduce any real new ideas, well nothing that wasn't done and done better in the first three movies. Harrison did a fine job of bringing back Indy as an old man, I had my doubts that he could do it but he had added age to the character beautifully as although he still often had is short tempered no nonsense attitude, he at times showed signs of being mellowed by the years and having a softer side. Most of the characters were a tad by the book, ie Ray Winstones George "Mac" McHale seemed like he shoulda been in Indy rip off movies "The Mummy" Series rather than an actual Indy flick and although it is lovely to see the still gorgeous Karen Allen back as Marion Ravenwood she soon starts to get on your nerves as she is a tad giggly and annoying, far from how her character was portrayed in Raiders. The always brilliant Cate Blanchett was bordering on terrible as the obligatory cliched baddie, in fact the surprise was the sure-to-be-annoying-side-kick, upcoming and in-everything actor Shia Labeouf was very likable and fun in a role who's revelation half way through the picture was inevitable. A few nods to the previous movies were very welcome. In fact, that was were the movie succeeded and really only had it's strength, and that was by being nostalgic. We are going through a pretty dire time in Hollywood where no real "new" blockbusters are being made and instead the industry is making it's money off of nostalgia by keep bringing back 80's iconic movies such as Die Hard, Rocky (ok, it started in the 70's but had its hiatus in the 80's), Rambo, and the forthcoming Beverley Hills Cop and Ghostbusters sequels, because they know us kids can't resist making that trip to the cinema and handing the cash over for another instant trip back down memory lane.

Indy IV featured several great looking shots of Harrison's instantly recognisable silhouette or shadow as he pops on his trusty hat or stands in heroic mode holding his whip, as the score plays it's goose-pimple inducing theme and don't get me wrong it was watchable if enjoyable, just not really necessary and not as good as could have been and should have been.

I have watched it again since and with my expectations non existent I found myself really enjoying it for what it was, I found it flowed nicely and was good old fashioned fun, although it tries very hard to have the same feel of the original trilogy, it just isn't possible unless they cut the budget by half losing lots of the cgi, and added some better dialogue and most importantly fired the guy who has a passion for swinging monkeys and mole-hill making Gophers!!!

The Blu ray transfer is great except the crucial scene where we first meet Indy, there is a dodgy blatant shadow on the screen. That besides, it looks amazing.

  It aint an Indiana

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

Rubbish attempt at an Indiana Jones. The Originals are classics and put Harrison Ford on the map and for the life of me i cant understand why he wanted to do this. Well done for Sean Connery in not wanting to do this he must be laughing now. Awful effects and acting, not worth the money and time in watching it stick with the originals!!!!


| | See all Trigun's reviews (19)

So many of my friends said this film was rubbish , i thought i would find out for myself and to be honest i enjoyed it.
Look passed all the over the top bits and its a good movie , judging this by the originals standards is crazy , it was never going to live upto the old classics.
If your after an enjoyable and entertaining movie you could do alot worse than this.

  what a grat blue ray

| | See all dell11's reviews (3)

The film may not be the best indiana jones film but and its a big but its a highly enjoyable film and possibly the best blue ray i own. Picture quality 5 stars

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  Just remember to not judge this by its predecessors. :D

| | See all Jamesyyyy's reviews (4)

Many people have criticized this film because of its Use Of CGI and Mythic Plot-line, However this movie is fantastic for fans new and old as it uses that tongue in cheek humor we came see in the original movies and it has a similar feel to Raiders. Harrison Ford is excellent and looks in better shape then he did in the last crusade. Make up your own mind on this but remember to not judge this by it predecessors but as a new direction for the series. just buy It hehe :D

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  Oh come on....

| | See all daddyjut's reviews (15)

I wanted to like this film, I really did, but there were just parts of it that got too far under my skin. What was Shia Lebouf doing in this? Has nobody realised he has played the same character for three different films now? He seems so out of place in this film it is uncomfortable, especially when he learns to swing like a monkey through the trees in less then a minute. As for Harrison Ford, he is too old and it shows, can he act, yes. Can he do action? Not like he used to. There are also some scenes that just give off that cheesy odour you can't shake, the previously mentioned Monkey scene, the sword fight, and yes.... the ending. The best Indiana Jones films have been done, this feels like a spin off they got a cheaper director to make.

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| | See all spenna's reviews (22)

But still in my opinion quite an enjoyable film all the same.Lets hope the powers that be do not intend to do another one because i think that would stretch things too far,just lay the franchise to rest at this one.I don't think theres a place for Harrison ford in this type of film anymore.As regards the disc itself picture and sound are A1,the surround sounds dynamic when it needs to be,but in the quieter scenes the surround sounds very atmospheric with jungle sounds ETC.Even the THX logo at the beginning will give your surround sound set up a work out (trust me!!!!)

  I dont think it deserves the beating its getting.....

| | See all TarantinosHeir's reviews (62)

True, this film is different. True, it has lost the plot a bit. But its still got a lot to offer and after all these years its good to see harrison ford back doing what hes good at. I think that Spielburg and Lucas sometimes get carried away with their aliens but its just a bit of fun isnt it? The alien story line is stupid but the whole thing about Indy is that its meant to be a laugh and fun and so you cant take these small faults too seriously. The film still has the great stunts, the top notch acting, the cheesy moments and the attitude that the older ones have but i do agree that there is deffinitly something missing. I cant put my finger on it but i think its just the overall feel you get from watching the film. It just feels like something isnt there. I also cant stress enough how much i detest the use of pointless CGI eg; at the beginning when for some reason they have decided to have an animated rat thing run up fromt he ground. The old films didnt rely on special effects too heavily so thats my main concern. Very good film all together though so give it a chance.

  The Old Magic is gone!!!

| | See all MrMovie's reviews (38)

Spielberg and lucas have both lost it these days, this movie is a missed opportunity, let down not by an ageing ford but by a script that could easily have been found on the x-files cutting room floor.
It is unmistakably indiana jones, but without the old sharpness, and sense of adventure, there just seems to be that "something" missing from a movie that they had years to plan.
That said if your a fan then you have to see it, and it does look great on blu-ray, some scenes are almost 3d.
Two stars, but just because it's indy.