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The Strangers (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman & Gemma Ward

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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| | See all Team13's reviews (2)

This is a new take on the horror genre. this is pure mental terror. Its not a movie with axe swinging maniacs. This is a thinking mans movie. Would recommend to anyone with a dark side to them


| | See all IainB31's reviews (8)

I bought this film over a year ago and the day it arrived I sat down with anticipation to watch it, 15 minutes in and I had turned it off as I found Liv Tyler's character so annoying. At long last I finally decided to watch the film the whole way through last weekend and to be honest Liv Tyler's character actually got even more annoying, frankly I can't blame "the strangers" as I would've happily killed her myself. So many unanswered questions in this movie and frankly I really don't care for the answers to them anymore. I'm so depressed as that's 91mins of my life that I've wasted.

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  This was awful

| | See all gavinro's reviews (19)

I bought this film expecting it to be good, the description of the film sounded very interesting. After 'enduring' this film, all i can say as that it was awful. I found it totally unbelievable. These characters suddenly appear and disappear, in a way that is quite clearly not possible by human beings. Either they are demons or humans, the point is never made clear! The woman playing the lead role just screams her way through the whole thing, she is such an annoying character, i really could not care less what happened to her. Don't buy this film, it is one hour and 25 minutes of your life that you will never get back!!

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  Terror at its best

| | See all dzlben's reviews (6)

Focuses on the psychological part of horror rather than blood, guts and mindless gore. It is geniuinely frightening if you can place yourself in the characters situation and it is a fantastic watch.

If you liked Vacancy you will absolutely love this movie.

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  Lack of attachment

| | See all 1976OUFC's reviews (1)

The main problem with this film is the total lack of attachment to the characters involved, the victims or the killers.

Now I get the point that the killers randomly selected their targets and as such there wouldn't be any link between them and their victims but we didn't get to understand in any way why they did what they did.

Same goes with the victims. Because the film gets stuck in right at the start you don't get time to build any sort of emotional bond to them so when they fate is sealed you're left thinking "who cares".

Definitely one of those films where the trailors show the best bits/lines and the actual film is lame.

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  Well worth a look

| | See all benno14's reviews (77)

I rented this. It is genuinely scary and the sound effects are used well. Certainly a low budget movie and agree it could have finished better/had more point, but it is a horror and does what it says on the tin. I would certainly rent, wouldn't buy at £18, but you should enjoy this. I only recognised Liv Tyler in the extremely small cast.

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  Decent film, lost the plot towards the end

| | See all KAV2007's reviews (113)

Well, the film itself started quite well, the suspence took hold of you until the ''strangers'' got into the house.... Then it really did lose its head of stream from there.

Very good concept, but really could have been so much better.

In terms of the picture, this is not one for the showroom shall we say. It does bring out a lot more detail in the film as a lot of it is set in the dark or badly lit areas.

The audioi have to say was brilliant, made u jump out of your skin on a few occasions.

Overall, i would say maybe rent the title first and have a look at the standard dvd release, it is likely the upscaled version would be very good and therfore extra £££'s for you!

Hope this review helps

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  Scary when you think about it!

| | See all Pwee12's reviews (14)

Watched this movie twice now, 1st time it was not so great but when I watched it the second time I actually liked it, The story is good although it is all set at the house.

If you like horrors you will love this, I jumped a few times when the bangs were at the door and that scary man with the mask is just standing there watching you. And to think this is based on true events is just scary on itself.

There is also going to be a sequel this year with the strangers coming back, as they say " Next time it will be easier" at the end of this movie.

I recommend you buy this movie as it is great!

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  Great Idea!

| | See all MrMovie's reviews (38)

I gave this 3 stars but it's more like 3 1/2.
Not a horror movie or the usual bloodfests like Hostel or saw, this is a "terror" movie, and it works well inside this Genre. The only problem with "this" terror movie is that in between the psychological edge of the seat "action" there isn't much else going on, mostly because there's only two characters in the house, and the "sub script" sets the movie up in a very sombre mood.
This isn't some house sitting in the middle of nowhere, granted there's no "next door" neighbours, but the phones still work, and they have a car, which adds to the point that it could happen to anyone. If you have a DVD player with a good scaler then maybe the standard disk would be a better buy as much of this movie is very dark, although the BD sound is great (the FX team put in some good work doing the screams banging etc, take a look at the special features) and the picure is top quality, far better than Babylon AD which I bought at the same time.

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| | See all DVDCONTACT's reviews (15)

Me and my friend watched this and we were kept on the edge of our sofa! It sent chills up us both! This was ment to be like a us version of a french fill called 'them' after watching the strangers we got the film 'them' and it was a real bore! It was stupid and just random!

Strangers is a great horror film of 2008 and has many moments to make you jump and hide behind the sofa! A must see, and a tip from me! Watch in the dark and surround sound turned up!!!!!