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Amadeus (Director's Cut) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce & Jeffrey Jones

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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  One of the best

| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (693)

This sublime take by Milos Forman of the play by Peter Shaffer gets everything just right. The sets, costumes, locations, direction, screenplay, cinematography, everything is perfect. But three things in this tale of the rivalry between mediocre court composer Salieri and his all-consuming hatred of the supremely talented but extremely vulgar Mozart are absolutely spot on. One is Tom Hulce, blissfully obnoxious as the former child prodigy. Another is F. Murray Abraham, sheer perfection as the lesser composer, every slight against him writ large on his face, destined to a life of madness. And of course the last thing is the music itself, a key part of the construction of the film and its success. Wonderful. The director cut adds 20 minutes to an already lengthy film but they happen to be 20 good minutes.


| | See all depmode's reviews (3)

this is one of my all time favorite films, its a work of art. well filmed, and beautiful music, and the acting is amazing. i cant praise this film up enough, its timless and well shot.

  Why not the original version?

| | See all allsidius's reviews (1)

I agree to the previous reviewers on the quality, but why don't they give us the possiblility of watching the original version? I for one get offended by the socalled director's cut inserts of scenes that were deemed unnecessary when the film was originally made. The scene where Constance tries to seduce Salieri is just pathetic and awkward. The incident in the dressing room is nothing exept boring. Is it just me who think the original was better?


| | See all Quiggan's reviews (166)

In 1781 Vienna, esteemed court composer Antonio Salieri (F MURRAY ABRAHAM) is musical maestro to Emperor Joseph II (JEFFREY JONES) when they hear of the new prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (TOM HULCE) and grant an audience with the young composer.

Mozart turns out to be an intensely headstrong, arrogant, blunt and flirtatious man but a true musical genius who immediately woos the awe struck Emperor. Salieri is consumed with jealousy and soon becomes a stalwart enemy of the young musician. He sees in Mozart what he himself should have been. Over time his hatred grows.

Much to the dismay of his father Leopold (ROY DOTRICE), Mozart marries a beautiful but poor young woman named Constanze (ELIZABETH BERRIDGE), who soon develops a demanding nature and obsession with money.

Meanwhile Salieri hatches constant schemes to ensure that Mozart becomes unemployable as a music tutor, while his concerts are given only limited runs on the stage. Leopold dies and Mozart falls into a deep dark depression, heightened when Constanze leaves him and takes their infant son with her, and he rapidly heads on a downward spiral to self destruction.

AMADEUS is one of those interesting films (such as THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and A FEW GOOD MEN) which was a highly successful stage play before being reincarnated onto celluloid.

The story is told in flashbacks by a remorseful and elderly Salieri, now an asylum inmate, confessing to a visiting Priest that he killed Mozart. As such anybody expecting a true biopic of Mozart may be disappointed, yet for fans of his music the film is a dream come true as the entire score consists of his own work. Not one note has been changed.

Although this is an extended cut with an extra twenty minutes (ensuring the film now runs to three hours in total), I never saw the original so am not sure just how important the additional material actually is. Slightly off putting are the American accents used by many of the cast but after a while they do not distract the viewer quite so much. The film is lavishly produced and has been created purposely to expand on the highly stylised form of the stage play.

Special Features include a commentary from the Director MILOS FORMAN and Writer PETER SHAFFER, the Original Theatrical Trailer and, best of all, a fascinating and insightful hour long Making Of documentary.

Many people tend to find films about composers rather tedious and somewhat boring. AMADEUS, the winner of eight ACADEMY AWARDS, begs to differ and in this is highly successful.


| | See all Jennysman's reviews (3)

One of my favourite films of all time, wonderful sets, beautiful music
but,why oh why couldn't they give it the full hi-def treatment it richly
deserves. The Blu-Ray disc is most definately not the best that could be achieved, just compare it with Gandhi that was issued about the same time. I agree that most Blu-Ray discs look good on
your 42" flat screen telly but when projected on a 7 ft screen it's a
different story.
Amadeus- such a shame!

  Must Buy!!!!

| | See all Filmbloke's reviews (24)

I, too, feel I have to stick up for this blu ray. One of my favourite films. The transfer is lovely - the image is clean, colours pop and fine detail is excellent - head and shoulders better than the DVD. The sound is top drawer too. There doesn't seem to be any intrusive DNR or edge enhancement either. Great job Warner, if only all catalogue titles got the same treatment.

  Amadeus Blu-ray...

| | See all londonboi's reviews (48)

Epic, majestic film that really needs no further comment. This is a review simply of the quality of this BD. Those other reviewers giving this transfer a 2-3 star rating really need to either, visit their optician, or buy a new TV! Lets please remember this movie is 25 years old! The PQ is first rate with hardly anything worthy of note to diminish a near flawless transfer. Colours are rich & vibrant, blacks are deep & inky. Some scenes may be a little 'soft', but mostly the level of detail is crisp & sharp & surpasses the Standard dvd completely. The DolbyTrueHD 5.1 soundtrack is sublime, so important for a movie about Mozart. Do yourself a favour, buy this now, you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended!!!

  Great film, pity about the transfer...

| | See all fedmcnorris's reviews (1)

I found the audio very good but the picture did seem fairly lacklustre compared with other transfers.
I have around 100 blu ray discs and this is one of the more disappointing transfers. Stick this disc in your machine after playing a scene or two of Zulu (an even older film) and you'll be wanting to go back to the Michael Caine classic straight away.
This should have been a brilliant chance to show the abilities of blu ray but I find myself rather disappointed.
A missed opportunity.

  Amazing Film... Lazy Transfer!

| | See all Hellodavey's reviews (2)

This film is definitely one of my favourites films. The fact it won 8 oscars underlines just how amazing the film is - the story,the acting, the editing and the music are extraordinary.

However I gave this 3 stars (and not 6!) simply because the video quality struck me as very lucklustre very quickly. I currently own the directors's cut DVD and to me the difference in quality throughout the film was only marginal. The majority of the transfer definitely showed a deeper range of colour and less signs of video compression. However it just isn't enough to warrant a release on blu ray. Indeed some scenes looked pretty much the same as my DVD, particularly the opening scene. And I'm in the group of people trying to persuade others how good blu ray is.

I mean if you look at how they have restored the Bond films from the 60s, this "upgrade" might well be seen as a rip off. I remember some of the scenes in Dr. No looked spectacular - as if they had been filmed yesterday with bitrates often above 30Mbps in visually rich scenes. Amadeus is certainly not short of visually rich scenes with all the costumes, palaces, salons and stages but nothing was made of it. The VC-1 transfer seemed to hover at around 15Mbps for the majority of the film sometimes climbing to the twenties (and rarely to 30) and sometimes dropping to 6Mbps.

So... if you own the film already on DVD, make sure you really love this film enough to buy it on blu ray. It is better quality - but with the smallest justifiable margin.

If you have not seen the film, buy it already - this film IS brilliant and this is still the best quailty in which you can view it.

(If anyone else agrees about the picture quality - post a review as well)

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