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Repo! The Genetic Opera (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Paris Hilton, Alexa Vega & Sarah Brightman

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all HONESTBAZ's reviews (299)

Granted,if you see a film advertised as having Paris Hilton in it,it could well put you off,but i found her to be acceptable in this oddity.
It's not an easy film to explain to others,but if you like it's style,it's quite something.
The story in basic is of a world that's gone to hell,people can get organs to live,but if the fail to keep up the payments they get chased and killed by a repo man. As this is going on,a father is living with a secret whilst caring for his sick daughter,the secret is not as it seems,this is soon made known in comic book style. There is also an underground type of treatment going on for a place obsessed with surgery,the daughter of the misguided guilt ridden father stumbles upon the main character of this world whilst on her quest for a cure. And so the rest of this odd but brilliant story goes on,explained pretty well. Now,the style might put a lot of viewers off,seeing the first ten minutes might get you reaching for the control,but stick with it,please. Yes,the singing is sometimes dodgy,the acting isn't always top quality and the goth musical way it's done is quite odd in itself,but i soon got what kind of film this was and started loving it and it's strangeness. Some will hate this from the start,some might watch it all and be left puzzled at what they just watched,others will love the visual and bizzare feast they've just witnessed. I was the latter,odd but brilliantly so.

  Suprised. In a good way.

| | See all Cowell81's reviews (1)

I was first introduced to this movie through an online review. I normally hate overly gory movies, but the review intrigued me so I decided to check it out.

I am SO glad I did, this movie is AMAZING. Easily one of my favourite movies. The gore isn't no where as bad as I thought it would be considering the directors other projects, and the music is absolutely superb.

I wouldn't say that the movie is for everyone, but I do recommend checking it out at least once.


| | See all a558222222's reviews (1)

If u like blood and opera...buy it
I can see some good points, but how did they get finaces to make it?!

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  what an experience

| | See all SinisterMice's reviews (15)

A very well made film, that has the essence of a fairytale wrapped in a scifi genre...with musical numbers. I myself am not a fan of musicals, but after watching this I bought the ost. A very unique film, entertaining and with hope, they're be a sequel.

  Unratted film must see!

| | See all ollyjrock's reviews (2)

U can tell that this film was made out of love from the horror muscial stage show and it transfers to the film screeen well , antony head is amazin also suprized thaat paris hilton was ace too.

great songs and great gore!

  What an Experience!

| | See all V1pers's reviews (8)

Wow, Just watched this film and absolutely loved it, its gone straight into my top 5, I've bought hundreds of films from Play but this is the 1st one to make me want to write a review.
If you loved Moulon Rouge and Rocky Horror then you'll love this.
The picture quality on Blu Ray although very stylised is still an excellent transfer but it is the DTS Master Audio 7.1 mix that really shines with great surround effect and a real full and detailed sound to the songs.
This is a film that is hard to recommend to everyone as its a kind of love it or hate it affair but if you think you might like it I'm sure you'll be sucked into the world of Repo Man like me.
This is one film that like Rocky Horror I'll be watching for many years to come.

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| | See all bluraysawsome's reviews (1)

Great movie! I was not expecting what played out in front of me. Good songs and some gruesome scenes, I'm not a fan of opera but found myself really enjoying this film. If Sweeny Todd was your thing I would certainly recommend this.

  I loved this movie!!

| | See all robbiewantsit's reviews (1)

Think moulin rouge with dog collars! A goth rock opera which should appeal to any lovers of musicals u have to see this movie!