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The Quick And The Dead (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman & Russell Crowe

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Sharon Stone unexpectedly on top form

| | See all rohanrider's reviews (33)

If you like the western genre, you will love this. It went a bit under the radar at the cinema but came to prominence after DVD release. Top movie. Not one bad actor, well scripted and good narrative. Russell Crowe is excellent in it and so is a very young de Caprio. Hackman plays the bad guy to perfection .
The story is about a knock-out competition for gunfighters, some who have their own personal agendas; hence the title. Be quick on the draw or die. A right motley crew of interesting characters led by Sharon Stone who is unexpectedly good in the female lead, they could not have cast better and certainly her role is very plausible. and the story makes sense. It is one of those films that you can watch several times. The blu-ray is ok but to own it on DVD does not detract from the excellent story. Highly recommended.

  Good film but a poor transfer

| | See all Ramistrov's reviews (1)

Film is good as people have mentioned above but the quality of the transfer is poor, watched it alongside my dvd copy and there is not much difference.

  Great Western with a stellar cast

| | See all shiffty79's reviews (2)

Managed to catch this excellent film about 10 years ago on t.v and was instantly gripped by the story line and top quality acting from a cast that included the likes of Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe, Sharon Stone and Leonardo Dicaprio who at the time the film was made could not have been any older than 17 or 18. The story centres around the four main protagonists mentioned above with Russell Crowe and Sharon Stone on there own particular mission for redemption, Leonardo Dicaprio having some father-son issues and the always reliable Gene Hackman on top form as the deadly and cold hearted mayor. As they all enter a quick draw competition to find who is the fastest gun in the west!.
Another thing that stands out about this film is some of the excellent support characters particularily Lance Henriksen as the gunslinger Ace.
Now for the blu-ray itself and unfortunatly there are no extra's. The picture quality is largely very good with the exception of noticeable grain in one or two places which does not really detract from the overall quality, and the sound which comes in dolby digital is also of a good quality with gun shots and ricochets fizzing around my room on my surround system.
Overall well worth a look especially at this price.

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  Listen For A Click From The Clock, Just As The Hour Strikes!

| | See all MovieZone's reviews (88)

In a western town called Redemption, John Herrod is the law and the organizer of the annual quick draw competition where gunslingers compete for big cash winnings by eliminating other contestants in gunplay by being the fastest draw, until just the winner remains standing.

The story focuses on The Lady (Sharon Stone). She is an unknown female gunslinger visiting the dusty town in the middle of the desert. She has a valid, but personal reason for showing up, arriving just one day before the gun fighting competition will take place.

Each character in the film has a little background history, some coming to the competition with a reputation, some for their own personal reasons and some for the sheer fortune should they reach the grand final. John Herrod (Gene Hackman) as usual does justice to his mean cynical role almost relishing it. An early role as Cort (Russell Crowe) shows a glimmer of what is to come from him in his later career, although his character role is strong and convincing. Ace Hanlon (Lance Henriksen) as the slick gunfighter is a real delight, portraying a powerful and convincing part. The Kid (Leonardo DiCaprio) the son of Herrod is a cocky character full of confidence with his ability through guns and women. A draw is made and pairs of contestants do battle each and every day in the centre of town, with the whole town betting and observing the gallant combatants.

The gunplay commences each day at a predetermined time. In the middle of the town is a large tower clock, with a huge pair of wooden hands that creak when they move and at the stroke of the hour gunfire commences. The tension, which builds waiting for the hands to move, is a masterful touch. While the movie is first and foremost action driven, it does contain enough storyline in the morality sector to be totally acceptable with abundant subplots ranging from hidden agendas, broken pasts and character integrity. Well worth a watch, particularly if you are a western fan.

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  Excellent, underrated Western

| | See all MultiRegion's reviews (30)

I like this movie, I like it a lot actually: good acting, good actors, a good story line.
Rating video 4/5 (somewhat grainy); audio 4/5 (somewhat muted).

If you have the cut US release, you'll mis the love scene between Stone and Crow, and Stone running up the stairs of the brothel: the scenes after Stone left the graveyard when she spoke with the doc (chapter 13). Check the R-2 DVD for these scenes (chapter 21).
Fortunately, the EU release is un-cut: runtime 108 minutes (the cut US release last approx. 105 minutes).
Unfortunately: no extra features on both Blu-ray releases.

Nevertheless 'The Quick and the Dead', un-cut EU release: very recommended!


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| | See all number2's reviews (23)

This is one of my favorite westerns , on dvd it was good on blue-ray it is great . The picture quality is first class the sound is also good however you need to crank it up a little to get the full benefit . Added to this the picture is in full screen size which i always think is more enjoyable , a very good buy

  One of the most underrated westerns ever

| | See all Brigadier's reviews (2)

This is one of my favourite films, a constantly watchable rollercoaster of revenge, fear and the unexpected. Sharon Stone was never better as the haunted Ellen, a gunslinger in town for a shoot-out contest that's going to change everyone's life. Just look at the cast list: Sharon Stone, Russell Crowe, Leo DiCaprio, Gene Hackman, Tobin Bell, Keith David, Lance Henriksen and others in lesser/cameo roles - this film deserves a far greater reputation.
As for the blu ray, the picture is full screen, which I actually like. The sound is a little muted, but I cranked it right up to almost full volume, so it's liveable. The picture and cinematography are superlative, if a touch unreal at times.
In summary, this film is massively entertaining and really ought to be in anyone's collection.