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Pinocchio: Platinum Edition (2 Discs) (With Bonus DVD Copy) (Disney) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Mel Blanc, Don Brodie & Walter Catlett

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

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  Pure magic

| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (637)

One of the golden classics from the Disney vaults (only their second full-length animation) but showing a depth of confidence and storytelling ability that explains why it has endured so well over the years. We all know the story of the little wooden puppet boy that comes to life though most people seem to forget that there is a lot of darkness at play in the story to counter the sweeter stuff. Either way, it works fantastically well and should be required viewing for every child. It looks completely stunning on Blu-ray.


| | See all liamabr's reviews (4)

What can i say... amazin! Keep them coming disney!

Indeed... What was that guy on about! If you have ever seen the film enchanted you will notice the animation at the start of the film appears in the same ratio. It then jumps to widescreen with the live action sequences... they did this to resemble the old disney films

  A classic tale given a modern day sheen

| | See all uncleaddyb's reviews (54)

Pinocchio has never been one of my favourite Disney movies. While it is a great story it's never been one that has grabbed me in the way that their other earlier movies did. That being said, I was blown away by the picture and sound. Disney have been proving for a long while with their Blu-ray releases that they take a lot of pride and care with their releases and for that Pinocchio is a stand-out release. Kids who, due to it's age, may not have seen the film will no doubt love it and adults looking for a bit of nostalga will be amazed at just how different it now looks.

  One of Disney's best given star treatment on Blu-ray

| | See all swartzy's reviews (82)

Pinocchio celebrates it's 70th Anniversary in style with this 2 disc bluray and 1 disc dvd package which has never looked as good in the 70 years until now...Even though it's shot in 4:3 fullscreen ratio this does not deflate from vibrant colours and detail that has never been seen before...As said if you want to zoom the picture to fit a widescreen tv this can also be done with fantastic results...From the conscience of Jiminy Cricket to Geppeto Pinocchio's toy making father comes a fantastic journey of a puppet with no strings given a wish by a fairy to have the chance to become a real live boy only to get kidnapped by a cunning fox and a travelling entertainer...add to this a boy's dream in pleasure island that has dark secrets with a ship eating whale , which concludes the fantastic imagination of this feature animation....Pinocchio is probably one of the most emotive Disney's both for the young at heart and adults alike but one thing is for certain you will not be disappointed in this fantastic package ..very highly recommended....

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| | See all NICKTHEMOVIEGURU's reviews (36)

Takes me back to when I was a kiddy,but in Hi-Def.Stunning picture and sound,yes its in 4.3 format and the featured "Disney -View" fills in the black bars with an abstract picture frame,but if you,ve got a decent tv,zoom1 will fill the screen without spoiling your viewing experience.

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  Very entertaining

| | See all Shaunz's reviews (19)

Picked this up to watch with my three year old lad, he loved it, and was glued to it. Very entertaining film, with plenty of extras, also included is a standard DVD, which is a great idea, means he can watch a bit in his room, before bed.

Get this for yourself and family, decent price for three discs as well.


| | See all LucaMazzocchi's reviews (6)

..what languages in?..it seems it's not only english one but it's multilanguage ? is it ?..thanks

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| | See all xLozziex's reviews (47)

Bought Pinocchio on Blu-Ray and Wow!
Beautiful picture, and well presented.
Cant wait for other Disney classics to come
out on Blu-Ray! Was a good price too! Thanks Play!

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  4/3 and 1.37:1

| | See all ga150564's reviews (2)

Ok, we all know that old films were not filmed in widescreen. So Pinocchio or Gone with the Wind. hippo99 was completely right: they all were in 1.37:1 format. Still many of them, if not all, were released in 4:3 that IS NOT 1.37:1 but 1.33:1 that is a whole different story. As everyone can see 1:37 is different from 1:33. Not a great difference, in mathematical sense, but huge when you see this "crime". (let me be clear: if the original ratio of a product was 1:33 and the release was in the same format, this is more than correct. When the two formats differe i say it's wrong). Now let me understand before i purchase the blue-ray. what is the REAL aspect ratio? which one? 1.37:1 or 1.33:1. I apologize for my bad english. Many thanx in advance.

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  Nothing below 5 out of 5 acceptable

| | See all CaptainRoberto's reviews (2)

OK, when people complain that the film is not in widescreen, they do not know anything about this film or in fact the film creation process. In order for this film to be in widescreen, they would have had to re-make the whole thing (unthinkable), or re-draw the lost edges (impossible). As another reviewer has stated, any "widescreen" version is a fake, they've used simple tricks such as cropping or stretching to fill a widescreen space, there is NO widescreen version of this film because it was NEVER MADE IN WIDESCREEN.

Stunning steady picture quality, the colours and quality of the drawn lines, for a 70 year old movie, is astonishing. The scenery and backgrounds are absolutely brilliant. This is easily one of the best Blu-Ray releases, but I'm biased slightly because this is one of my favourite films ever made.

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