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Watchmen (With Bonus Digital Copy) (With Exclusive Collectors' Booklet) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Carla Gugino & Malin Akerman

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (45 reviews)"

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| | See all Frazamataz's reviews (2)

Really enjoyed the first hour of this movie, but then it dragged and dragged and dragged and dragged and dragged........

In my opinion, just stick to the graphic novel!

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| | See all Fireclown's reviews (2)

Who watches the people destroy the watchmen movie? We did.

Before you see this movie, please, read the book and compare the stories. The ending is very different and because of this they remove the need for the character called the comedian. All the characters in the book have a reason to be there but unfortunatly in the movie they removed the need, for each character. The comedian, for an example, doesn't even need to be in the movie which could not have happened if they had made the movie remotly like the book.

I find it very anoying that they tried so hard to keep the movie to the book, and then decided to give up because they didn't want the the same ending.

Shame on you all.

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| | See all tomheaney's reviews (37)

Great in depth story with raw characters, and most of all it doesnt make the mistake of straying from the original source... fantastic film, it might look like a long film being 140mins but the time flys by!

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| | See all Filmbuff101's reviews (4)

Well..i had heared mixed reviews about this movie, im glad to say it was all unfounded

When is the last time you saw a film of this genre with an 18 certificate!? i cant remember! it makes a huge difference and makes it so much more watchable for me. Give the film a chance, it isnt always perfect but it's well worth it. One of the more pleasant suprises of the year

  Great Film

| | See all Ampersound's reviews (2)

Loved this film at the cinema and I'm now a proud owner of the Director's Cut blu-ray which weighs in at 3 hours long! Its even better than ever and just a shame the UK Blu-ray release isn't the Director's Cut. (US version is region free)

Now looking forward to Christmas when the Ultimate edition comes out that integrates "Tales from the Black Freighter" into the director's cut.

Film - 10 / 10
Sound -10 / 10
Picture - 10 / 10


  An intelligent, provocative, adult "superhero" movie.

| | See all ICanHazStuff's reviews (1)

Before I begin, remember that Watchmen is a deconstruction of the superhero genre - taking stereotypical "superheroes" and finding their flaws. NOT a superhero movie. Do not go into cinemas expecting something along the lines of The Dark Knight, X-Men, Spiderman, Iron Man, etc. This is Watchmen - the greatest graphic novel-cum-movie of all time.

It's also a murder-mystery. It's a whodunnit!

The story premise (Spoiler-free) is this: ex-hero Edward Blake (aka The Comedian) is murdered by an unknown assailant. In this world, "heroes" (ordinary people in tights) have been outlawed. Uncompromising , violent, disturbed vigilante Rorschach, investigates. He believes someone's killing off former heroes, or "masks". He sets out to warn his ex-teammates, and discover who killed Edward Blake.

And he does, to great effect.

Sure, there's a lot more action than the book, but there has to be - it's a movie made for everyone, not just for Watchmen fans.
It stays true to the feel of the book - the characters are helpless, and only one of them has actual superpowers. Each and every character - and also the ending - are morally ambiguous.

After the dramatic conclusion, you are left wondering - without spoiling it - "Did the ends justify the means?".

This is a visually stunning, morally-objectionable, character-driven, dialogue-heavy, uncompromising, thinking-man's comic book movie.

If you have a chance at all, you should watch this.


| | See all JayDee76's reviews (1)

About time too !
Too many superhero movies these days that are directed at the teens and made suitable for even youngsters....THIS is the REAL deal for us old school !
This is how superhero movies SHOULD be made and hope there's more to come !

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  Well worth the watch

| | See all NICKTHEMOVIEGURU's reviews (36)

Received my directors cut(3hrs long)from the USA today and immediately put it on.Theres been a lot of different opinions flying around about this movie,so heres a neutrals view.I dont read comics or graphic novels,and hadnt even heard of Watchmen until the movie was in production,but I really enjoyed it.Great visuals,great sound ,great effects,and a story to boot that actually required some thought.It is quite violent in places,so "X-Men"its definately not,but the twists and turns during the movie kept me hooked for its duration.If you're a fan then its a no-brainer,if you're not give it a try and dont believe all the negative comments doing the rounds at the moment.I suggest the "neggies" had too many preconceptions going in to this movie,just watch it for what is is,a rather good piece of cinema.


| | See all Bernzy's reviews (2)

this film is a masterpiece in its own right, Snyder captures the soul and views of the graphic novel perfectly, he does not shy away from the darkness of the graphic novel and shows it all in all its glory, or inglory. I feel sorry for all those people who watched this expecting an action movie and didnt give it a chance as they have missed out on a piece of cinema which will undoubtably become very highly acclaimed soon

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  Good Movie

| | See all CashCrisis's reviews (1)

If you want the directors cut, then the region 1 blu ray, is region free and works on uk ps3. Got mine today and it works a treat. available at playusa

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