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Falling Down (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Michael Douglas, Robert Duvall & Barbara Hershey

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

perfectly shot, brilliantly directed and stunning performances from douglas and duvall. a gem of a movie that truly captures the results of everyday american life on an unstable, average guy. beautiful.

  Brilliant film!

| | See all MSLADYTHOMP's reviews (60)

This is film is so hilarious, not really a comedy though, but when the opening scene of a traffic Jam starts you wonder where this film is about to go. He gets out of the car and travels on foot to get to his daughter for her birthday, and on his travels, he comes across some people who aggravates him even more than he already is, so he displays his anger and reacts to al these situations in such a way that no one does but most people probably want to. This is why I love this film so much because there is a lot of examples that happen in every day life where most people probably find certain situations annoying but just bite thier top lip, that is what makes htis film so good in my opinion that D fence (Douglas) actually reacts to these situations rather than biting his top lip. For example even in my area they seem to be doing constant road works and it is true, there was nothing wrong with the road before so why are they digging it up and putting up temporary traffic lights? But in this film Michael Douglas reacts in such am agree able but over the top way, it is just so entertaining. The film is simply about a man who has had enough and just wants to get from one place to another to see his daughter on her birthday. Even what he says in the whammy burger is hilarious but a true annoyance that if you are so many minutes late you can not have anything off the breakfast menu, this has happened to me before, so I really enjoyed that scene. highly recommend, a very entertaining film and as always Michael Douglas plays the character brilliantly.

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  Classic Douglas

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

Brilliantly made film with just a touch of own feelings. Ever had one of those day were nothing seems to go right? Stuck in a dead end job, waiting in a massive traffic jam etc. Well Michael Douglas has this day and takes action upon it. One hot day stuck in a massive traffic jam he just goes on a walk leaving his car and after that all hell breaks loose. After seeing a different side of life through crime he decides to act upon it in his own way of justice later spiraling into choas and a personal vendetta. Great film with a great supporting cast from Robert Duvall this is a must have film.


| | See all danman85's reviews (39)

id heard of this film but never watched it, glad i did an on blue-ray, micheal douglus is great as D-FENS! Never seen him act a part sooo well he realy gets in2 the part, buy buy buy.

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| | See all danjam13's reviews (39)

id heard of this film but never watched it, glad i did an on blue-ray, micheal douglus is great as D-FENS! Never seen him act a part sooo well he realy gets in2 the part, buy buy buy.

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  Great movie.

| | See all asdaburgers's reviews (7)

Was really pleased when this came out on blu-ray! The film is great, and looks so good! I enjoyed all the extras on the disk and really happy i got it!


| | See all 1ADAM12's reviews (2)

Great film and one of Douglas best performances. Blu Ray picture is spot on for a film that is nearly 20 years old, but losses a star for only having Dolby 2.0 surround sound, come on this films crying out for a DTS soundtrack!!!!!!!!! Still def worth a purchase.

  You're Arresting Me . . Just Because I Shot Up A Golf Cart?

| | See all MovieZone's reviews (88)

To start with, "Falling Down" is a powerful and dramatic condemnation of American society, communal corruption, and the deteriorating values of the West. The film is not for everyone and will most certainly cause offence to some people, but if approached with a clear open mind, will provide ample food for thought to all those that reside in the western world.

The story gets us underway as a weary and frustrated man William Foster (Michael Douglas) is driving to see his daughter on her birthday, having recently been laid off from his job, the slow decay of his life spirals downwards as it affects not only him, but all those people around him.

Everyday occurrences which most of us witness, such as traffic jams and grid locked streets, breathing in smoke and exhaust fumes, polluted streets, unwarranted conflict from construction workers and bad tempered motorists, along with stifling temperatures and a general feeling of being at war with the city, add to the frustrations of having an alienated wife and only child with limited visiting rights. An extremely disparaging and unbalanced state of mind, and the aggravation of being redundant with no marketable skills, set against the corrupt backdrop of modern day L.A where if you are "Not economically viable" you are of no use to society, then the outcome is "Falling Down".

Abandoning his car in a deluge of jammed streets, he attempts to walk home, and tries to right the wrongs that have been done to him and in his trudge across a hot stifling and dusty Los Angeles he becomes an anti-hero. This story shows us what happens to one individual when he finally snaps. Along the way, Foster comes face to face with various character types: the out of luck bum who is really just a lowlife looking to squeeze some quick cash by harassing park strollers, an insensitive Korean grocery store owner, a homophobic pro-nazi army surplus retail store owner, a cantankerous country club golf player, weird friendly fast food workers, heavily tattooed Hispanic thugs, and so the list goes on. Confrontation with each one will chip away at what remains of his patience and tolerance, fuelling a storming rampage.

Tracking Foster's path of turmoil through the city is Prendergast (Robert Duvall), a veteran cop who has felt many of the same torments as Foster, but who serves as a sort of foil to him. Foster has lost everything, and while Prendergast also has a life of misgivings, married to a wife who is close to being schizophrenic, his only daughter having died years ago under inexplicable circumstances, he still retains some optimism, composure, and dignity in dealing with his job. As Prendergast, who is on his last day as a police officer, begins to put together the pieces of the mystifying crime spree plaguing the city, he seems to be the only one intelligent enough to recognize it's all the action of one man. Some will see this as the chronicle of a dignified, honest man who modern society has crushed, and who desperately tries to struggle against the tyranny and betrayal. Some will see Foster as an absurd lunatic who needs to be stopped. Very few people I think will find that Foster doesn't warrant some sympathy in his plight.

An intense film with plenty of violence, humour and excellent observation of modern society.

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  Brilliant Film

| | See all SuSpEnCe's reviews (4)

Everything about this film is amazing. From the acting to the storyline you will be hooked from minute one.

Some famous quotes in it such as " im going home " or " whats wrong with the street" Michael douglas playes his role brilliant

The blu ray picture and sound quality is crystal clear. deffo reccomend !

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  'i'm going home ! '

| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

' i suspect that like me this movie probably passed you by when released.
when i saw it advertised on 'blu-ray' i read the write-up and saw that 'micheal douglas' and 'barbara hershey' were the leasd roles, so i took a chance.
this film follows the encounters of 'bill foster' an emotionly unstable man from leaving his car in a traffic jam to encounters with several different people, who in 'bill's' mind seem to be holding him up in his quest to go 'home' to see his daughter on her birthday.
but has bill forgotten that he is no longer married to the mother of his child, and has he also forgotten the 'restriction' order that is imposed upon him ?
as 'bill's' temper over-spills onto the streets through his journey's encounters a 'cop' played brilliantly by 'robert duvall' who is suposedly retiring 'today' becomes involved in solving the 'mayhem' 'bill's' journey is causing.
the film cleverly builds to a climax as 'bill's' frustration's' with his lot explodes onto the screen.
at this price it's got to be worth a spin ?

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