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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince: With Exclusive Film Cell (2 Discs Bonus DVD) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson & Rupert Grint

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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  spell bound

| | See all GodOfGaming's reviews (52)

What a great film, probably my second favourate from the series. the story line is brilliant and the visual effects are outstanding. I liked the fact it didnt go down the traddition route of a slow start and then build up to a huge fight at the end instead it was action packed all the way through. i liked the fact that it is turning more dark as they are getting older and cannot wait for the final films as the book was incredible. Also a cool little film cell to display

  Great Film :D

| | See all MrMeaty's reviews (1)

This is actually a really good film,

I havnt read the book, and i can see that others are really annoyed that they left big bits out, but for a fan of harry potter who hasnt read the books (Just like me) this is a great film ;P


| | See all elmasacretum's reviews (1)

This movie was the most dark / adult version of them all.
I liked how the serie is growing with the character.
Definitely my favorite one.

I'm about to buy this one, but I would like to know this :
Are the subtitles in Dutch?

  Did they even read the book?

| | See all Alexxx1985's reviews (9)

This in my opinion was one of the best books in the series, this book really ties the whole series together, bringing to light Voldemort's back story and including the best action scenes of the series. Imagine my diappointment when watching this in the cinema a full 2 years after the last film and they had neglected to put at least half of the book in. Where were the memories of Riddle's childhood and progression into becoming a dark wizard? Where was the speculation over the Half Blood Prince's identity? Where was the huge battle scene? And why did they seemingly sacrifice it for a scuffle at the Weasleys? All questions I'm sure Harry Potter fans have asked.
The acting of the younger members of the cast is, as ever, terrible. While Rupert and Emma do seem to be getting better Daniel seems to be regressing, I saw him on stage 2 years ago and his performace there was much much better than this. The older cast members, particularly Snape remain spot on, with Jim Broadbent doing an amicable job as Horace Slughorn.
The parts of the film that they did get right were brilliant, particularly the cave scene, it's just unfortunate that the rest of the film was not of the same standard.

A disappointing film, hopefully the next two will be much better, roll on November!

  Prince among Films.

| | See all Jedikneeslider's reviews (4)

This film was made for Blu Ray! Epic picture quality and sound!
I had no trouble what so ever down loading an ipod version, it takes a while though as its 2.3Gb's to download. But looks and sounds great on my ipod touch!
ok the acting is not Oscar winning standard but this is a film the whole family can sit down and watch together. Did i mention how awesome the picture and sound quality are?

  Great movie, shame about the release

| | See all silvercross's reviews (1)

To open with the positive, the movie itself is fantastic. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, but have been very critical of the adaptations so far. Half Blood Prince is my favourite book and I was very happy with the way the film kept the most important elements. Special note should go to Alan Rickman for, as ever, a brilliant performance as Snape and the ability to say so much with a simple look.

Now for the negative. The so- called 'digital copy'. The leaflet inside claims it's compatible with Mac OS X and iTunes. But no. Apparently it will ONLY work with Windows and Windows Media Player. I have read and reread the leaflet, and got my partner, who is a lawyer to reread it, and it clearly states that it is compatible with my system. It's only when you get onto the website that you find it doesn't work. Also, I didn't find a way to contact the site in order to complain.

So, worth getting for the Blu Ray/DVD copies, but don't put too much stock in the Digital one if you were hoping to use it on any iPod or similar.

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  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Film

| | See all DVDjensen's reviews (139)

Once again Harry Potter returns to fight the evil Voldemort - wuhuu(!) - and ONCE again it is just a childrens' movie with no interesting twists. I still love the many little gimmicks which Harry uses though.

Once again (again) the story is only for people who have read the books. I have never opened a Harry Potter book, and like "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" I had a very hard time follow what the heck was going on. Names, places and gadgets are mentioned without getting explored and I'm SO sick and tired of "book"-movies that doesn't reach out to everybody.

The acting is even worse. Daniel Radcliffe might be a chick magnet, but he sure as H*** can't act! His three face expressions (happy, scared and stone face) make Harry Potter an indifferent and dull character. Rupert Grint is not given much as the part of Ron. In this movie he is turned into a giggling clown which only appears to crack off one liners. Even brilliant and hgih class actor Alan Rickman doesn't give Snape much life in this film either - his stone face is meant to be mysterious and scary, but also Rickman isn't given much to work with and I just found his character annoying. They even screwed up the climax in the end, and I ended up just thinking "Hm, yeah whatever."

Once again I am not impressed with the new Harry Potter film, but it is still a lot better than the previous one, though "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" never gets as good as number three ("Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban") which in my opinion is still the best.

Fairly enough I need to say that the special effects are FANTASTIC and saves the films from being a turkey.

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  The Best Since Azkaban

| | See all LukeSS's reviews (10)

Being a huge fan of this as a book, I was ready to scrutinise pretty much every change or scene skipped, and yes, they do skip and change a LOT of scenes. Nevertheless, their selection and filtration of these scenes were well thought through and plot relevant. Personally, I found this to be the funniest of the films to date - Jim Broadbent's Professor Slughorn, in particular, was a stroke of genius. The plot isn't thrilling but contains a lot of-important preparation for the final instalments, and director David Yates successfully keeps the film past-faced, funny, and entertaining throughout. A job well done.

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  Not great but not as bad as the 3rd and 4th

| | See all Wellsy17's reviews (14)

As a film in its own right this is not bad, acting and special effects are both verty good, however, you get the feeling that the producers simply skim read the book, the battle scene in Hohwarts at the end is missing completely and their is a scene in the midle which bears no relevence to the book in any way...this was a great book and could so easily have been a great film, if only theyd read the book before they made the film.

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  Not a bad adaptation

| | See all cgsprite's reviews (5)

I've read the books, I've got the audio books, so you could say I know the story, plot, sub-plots and characters inside and out. All the films follow the books very loosely as all films do, if you went to the cinema expecting a full adaptation then you need to get a refund and stop going to the cinema. The film is very good, every element was present that needed to be and all the small stuff removed. As a film it's a bit vague and I can see whysome were left a little bemused. Bur the book didn't have much going on either it was just a history lesson to set up Harry off on the right foot for hunting horcruxses and nothing more. Acting was some of the best yet from the young trio, with Daniel standing out as much improved. Slughorn played by Jim Broadbent was a fantasic bit of acting and he made a great addition to the cast. The rest of the supporting cast did a bang up job. Rowlings world on screen is different and that's for good reason, unless you have read the books don't compare them as you look a fool, and I recomend those not wanting to read them to get the audio books read by Stephen Fry they are fantastic. A good film based on a great book.