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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince: With Exclusive Film Cell (2 Discs Bonus DVD) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson & Rupert Grint

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  worst yet

| | See all ry1987's reviews (59)

i have been a huge fan of the movies since the first after hearing so much about the books and not being a fan of reading i was glad they were coming out in movie form.each one have progressed with characters and qualiy,getting better each time.but this time the special effects were way over the top,totally spoiling the film,the story ... well there was no story really. the actual acting was ok but not their best.i actually got fed up of this in the cinema and started playing a game on my mobile to put time in. it is nothing like the book which is irrelevant for people who dont read like me,but maybe had they tuck to the book it would have actually been a good film, and there was also too much mild swearing , usually just a one of bloody from ron in previous films,thi time he cant get enough of it

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  A big let down

| | See all Ammi54's reviews (1)

The special effects was fantastic, the acting too. This you would think and expect it to be a great film. Unfortunately it wasn't so. Unecessary scenes were changed and too many things were left out. each scene was ok in it's own right but it just never linked together, making it a film with no story line unless you had read the book. Obviously somewhere someone gave the copy of the first draft to the actors by mistake and they never realised until after filming that it didn't even relate to the the previous films or the book. Or they were plain lazy. Another scenerio is they thought they had a better imagination the the author. OR they just came to the conclusion why bother we'll make loads of money of this anyway. What happened to pride in your work?

I got fed up of telling my hubby what was actually happening in the film as he didn't understand how it actual linked to the previous films - me neither. Luckily I had read the book so know what was suppose to happen. And for anyone who thinks I expected it to be exactly (or as good) like the book NO I NEVER but I did expect it to make sense.
If you haven't read the book this film will not make sense even if you have followed the previous films.
A tribute to the actors for doing their best with an inferior script.

HACKED BUTCHERED THROWN TO THE RABIED DOGS and made them sick. Thats what they have done to this film

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| | See all coliedusty's reviews (2)

having bought all the previous films on DVD i was dissapointed with the last film the order of the phoenix as it wasnt as true to the book as the previous ones I went to see the half blood prince at the cinema when it first came out and was very pleased to see that this time David Yates has kept more to the book with a few added scenes. I cant wait to see it again I already pre ordered my package and at the price is very good value

  A Great Package!

| | See all HeadlessHorseman's reviews (17)

Haven't seen the film yet, but I just gotta say it's a great idea releasing this 'triple-play' package; I've not yet upgraded to Blu-Ray, so it's a nice idea that you can get more than one format in the same pack - saves on having to buy it yet again when you finally do upgrade, and at this price, I think it's quite a bargain.

I hope other studios follow suit, as this is a great idea!

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  Best of Potter!

| | See all matner77's reviews (6)

I agree with almost everything the last reviewer said. With the exception of the comments about Bonnie Wright. I thought she did very well in her biggest role in the films to date. I've never been a fan of Emma Watson acting, but I have to say she is wonderful in this film. Gone is the eyebrow acting & blurting out her lines in one breath. I believe David Yates has helped her tone down her acting style into something much more honest & believeable. Special notes should given to Tom Felton as Draco, in a wonderful performance. Jim Broadbent is as always awesome as the secretly self-shamed Prof Slughorn.
The visuals, score & cinematography are the best in the series and I'm very much looking forward to seeing this on blue-ray & to what David Yates pulls out of the bag for the 2 part Deathly Hallows finale.

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  Without a doubt the best Potter film to date

| | See all Azwethinkweist's reviews (1)

Director David Yates has shown he has really settled into his Potter shoes, which bodes well for the final two instalments. So what is better about this film than the others?

1) Directing (and acting). David Yates has proved twice over he is absolutely an actor's director. He gets actors to invest themselves in their roles, and it shows, with FINALLY somewhat solid performances from Daniel Radcliffe, and, the main shocker: Emma Watson is actually pretty damn good in this one! Gambon is on absolute top form as Dumbledore, and acts as a slap to the face of the Gambledore nay sayers. Here he looks the part, sounds the part, and acts the part. Not that he's never done any of those in the previous few films. New addition Jim Broadbent as Horace Slughorn brings real emotional weight to the film, as well as a few chuckles.
He's worked brilliantly here with screenwriter Steve Kloves and together they have managed to produce a more relaxed, yet emotionally packed and foreboding atmosphere in Prince. Things have been changed from the book, yes, but unless you're a purist (purists are not the ones with the opinion you want to trust, the moment anything changes from their precious book, for better or for worse, it is product of the devil's work) you're really not going to care because these additions/changes/subtractions are, 98%, done for absolutely the right reasons. Who can honestly say the film wouldn't have dragged with the addition of the Burrow attack, or the slightly enhanced amount of comedy from the book? Some may say the film drags anyway, but I have personally found those of that opinion that I've come across so far are Michael Bay lovers.

2) Score. Boy is this a step up from the somewhat mediocre score of Order of the Phoenix. In fact, this score has made it ahead of the Prisoner of Azkaban score to be my favourite. It almost makes me sad to know that Hooper is not returning. But this soundtrack is ambience used at it's absolute best, atmospheric, emotional and yet, in places, simple. Simple and subtle, and we all know how underrated subtlety is.

3) Cinematography. Do I really need to say anything about this? Bruno Delbonnel is a fantastic cinematographer, his style means each shot almost looks like a beautiful painting.

What else was good? The pacing is more..."calm" than Order of the Phoenix's and never reaches the Goblet of Fire's jolting break-neck speed, let's-get-everything-over-and-done-with first third. Though there are one or two small patchy places where a bit more time could have been taken. Overall though, good.

Set design is on top form as usual, with the stunning half-real-half-not-real cave, Tom Riddle's Orphanage, Slughorn's office and the Astronomy Tower being the four main new sets.

CGI is a step up from Order of the Phoenix (which was let down only by their experimentation with Grawp), with the inferi being downright creepy and environmental effects, such as the majority of the Cave and the ink-splodges of the pensieve.

Unfortunately, one member of the cast is a little behind everyone else on acting talent, but she's hardly to blame for that, considering the amount of lines she's had in the past. I'm talking about Bonnie Wright, who often is fairly good, but fails to be natural in a couple of places and it is jarringly...uncomfortable...to watch.

I'm thoroughly looking forward to the final two films, now that I know they are safely in the hands of the series' best director.

  More Potter Magic!!

| | See all familyguy86's reviews (1)

I'm a big fan of all the Potter films so far and Half-Blood Prince is another fantastic addition to the series. Year 6 at Hogwarts proves to be as eventful and exciting as the previous five years.

The acting is excellent from all the cast (as usual) and they portray the various relationships between the characters extremely well. Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are great to watch as Hermione and Ron as they struggle to express their feelings towards each other and it was good to see Danielle Radcliffe and Michael Gambon had lots more scenes together, as Harry and Dumbledore continue to find a way to stop Lord Voldemort. Alan Rickman also delivers another outstanding performance as Snape.

I'll definitely be ordering my copy of this on Blu-ray as soon as it becomes available. An unmissable film and excellent addition to an already fantastic series. Roll on the Deathly Hallows!!

  'more 'wand' and 'spell' magic to enjoy.

| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

saw the movie at the cinema a day or so ago,first time i've been for 20 months due to health issues, had it been released last year i probably would have allmost certainly allready own it on 'blu-ray' and would have for the first time missed the cinema showing.
glad to say i've seen it, but as it's not been released yet on 'dvd' and 'blu-ray' ..........we'll just have to wait to own it.
whilst watching the movie i did feel it was a film with little going on until i glanced at my watch and found i'd to my suprise allready been sat watching it for two hours, and, there was more to come.
i guess the film does line up some of the battle-lines for the ( i believe ) two part final conflict.
obviously as the time, did-fly by...i enjoyed the film despite my reservations regarding the story-flow that i felt could have been better.
i feel certain that this review will be one of hundreds, but........whatever is said...this series has been one of the most enjoyed series of books and movies ever, and you cannot miss a moment...........i look forward to the final book on film.

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  Enjoyable film shame about the story

| | See all Opinionator's reviews (4)

Very enjoyable to watch, but lacking the shock and awe content of the earlier films - it definitely has that Empire Strikes Back feeling to it. It's a middle-film sacrificing the quality of its own storyline for the greater good of the series so we are left with an overload of character insight , emotional angst and loose ends. Plenty of funny moments, but not really enough 'new' magic compared to the others.
Greatly improved performances from all the teen actors compared with the last film, particularly from Emma Watson (Hermione) and Rupert Grint (Ron), but little Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) steals the show once again. As before, this film is also brimming with the A-list of British acting veterans, it's such a rare treat these days and watching them is an absolute pleasure

  Year Six, Top of the Class

| | See all EmnSteve's reviews (1)

An absolute must see for any true potter fan. Although there are some mild deviations from the plot, this film truely captures the essence of the book, it is the perfect set up for deathly hallows, and for anyone who has read the book, it has perfectly depicted the background for the surprises to come!

the funniest of all the potter films by far, and the first to make me cry! watch it!!

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