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Children Of Men (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Clive Owen, Julianne Moore & Michael Caine

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Strange Experience

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Really enjoyed this movie in a odd way. A friend watched and did not like it as he thought nothing happened, and i can see what he means, not much does happen in a In Your face kinda way.
I enjoyed it on 2 levels, first being a straight up Action, Chase flick set in a recognisable future with some brilliant moments of tension and stunning shots that went on and on without a cut (the attack in the car and Clive Owen going into the building to get the girl towards the end). On another level it was scary to see how we could end up in such a world where civil liberties have ben taken away. and it is almost like a Orwellian world. I won't pretend to make out i understood all the themes and views, but the movie lingered on with me for a few days. Fantastic acting, Clive Owen and Julian moore were good, Michael Caine was ab fab.
Not evriones cup of tea i guess.

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  Bloody Awful!!!

| | See all DanSutherst's reviews (1)

I never normally bother to write reviews but when I saw this terrible movie got 5 stars I felt obliged!

Clive Owens performance was devoid over everything! No emotion at all and I just felt his dull monotone voice was sending me to sleep! The whole film was deathly boring and at the end of it I couldn't stop swearing at the TV! I was angry that I had to sit through that film and just wanted the 2 hours of my life back!!!

Please if you are thinking about purchasing this then STOP!! Spend your money on literally anything else as it has to be better than this dross!! I honestly can't think or many positives about this film apart from some of the action scenes are well filmed with fairly good visual effects (but nowhere near good enough to watch the film for) that's it and the action bits are very sparse.

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| | See all CptCronic's reviews (28)

A bit of an oddball this...In a good way. What starts off as a pritty cool futuristic thriller turns into almost a full on warfilm! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?! Picture quality is a stunner. The soundtrack & the score are as tight as a drum.
Alfonso Cuaron has raised my eyebrows a few times now. Prisoner Of Azkaban is still my favorite Potter film. Watch out for this guy in the future.

  Made for Blu-ray!!!

| | See all hymastar's reviews (2)

I now own quite a few blu-rays and this beats the lot for the full on blu-ray experience. Turn out the lights and park yourself in front of a big HD TV and stick this on, I guarantee you will not be disappointed! The one take action scenes are simply amazing to watch. The picture quality and sound are first-class. And it helps that it's a damn good movie too! 5*

  Modern film making at its best

| | See all TonyCreigiau's reviews (3)

I recommend this film without reservation. Believable and compelling. Relies on the talents of the film makers rather than special effects. Clive Owen is perfectly cast and Michael Cain is better than he's been for years, he's really been picking some wonderful roles recently. The screenplay is only losely based on the novel. Its action scenes are tense and very realistic. The realization of a future world where people are facing extinction is wonderfully drawn and imagined. And the ending is sublime.

  Highly recomended

| | See all NICKTHEMOVIEGURU's reviews (36)

This film is awesome in every way.It doesnt seem like a movie,its so emersive,it appears you are viewing a documentary or a news item.The story is so believable ,the acting first class,and certain parts appear to have been filmed "live" with extreemly long edits filmed on one camera,which are truely amazing to watch.I wont reveal any of the story but some of the scenes have to be seen to be believed.Picture and sound on the BD disc are first class.A great movie all round.Miss it-miss out !

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  A Stunning Movie

| | See all Valentinian's reviews (62)

This movie is so utterly believable it does`nt seem like fiction. An unknown occurence has resulted in a world without children being born. Where the paranoia of an authoritarian, Big Brother state is using immigrants & so called "dissidents" as a scapegoat to deflect peoples attention away from the disintegration of the society around them. Then a miracle. Clive Owen discovers a pregnant woman who must be protected against the different agendas of government & anarchists. There are spectacular action scenes in this movie, but it has a deep emotional core which is profound & at times disturbing in the questions it asks. Children of men boasts the most amazing Blu-ray picture you are likely to see with ultra sharp. lifelike detail. It is visually vibrant, has a super intelligent script, action, great direction & an outstanding cast. All come together to make this film a memorable experience.

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