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Payback (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Mel Gibson, Gregg Henry & Maria Bello

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  No I'm not threatening you, I am threatening Carter...

| | See all StalloneFan's reviews (31)

Not so long ago Mel Gibson was a very bright star in Hollywood, and in this movie he show cases his former glory effortlessly. A wonderfully fun action thriller with great characters, lots of cool charm and awesome action scenes by the bucket load. Far better than the 4th Leathal Weapon flick that was released just before it. This Blu Ray edition is superb as it brings you both versions of the movie, of which are almost completely different flicks, and some really interesting and indepth documentaries. I think this is a must have Blu ray.

  very nice movie

| | See all vieuxsijo's reviews (3)

just to say that the bluray have english subtitles and many more but not french subtitles the movie is very good i prefer the theatrical version 10 mn longer

  Great opportunity to see both versions

| | See all Dirty5Harry's reviews (12)

Being a big fan of the Parker novels (of which this is based on the first one- The Hunter), I was a little disappointed when I first saw the film. That said, it's still enjoyable. I prefer the Director's Cut, as it's much, much darker, avoids that cliched voiceover and is more in line with the Parker novels.
As for the quality of the BD, it's grainy but it's meant to look like that and it suits the mood.

  'porter' only want's his share,he'll do anything to get it'

| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

'yes, the transfer to this format isn't the best, however the film itself is a good watch.
it tells the tale of 'porter' ( mel gibson ) who is basically a 'thug' and 'thief' ,
during a 'heist' his partners in crime betray him and leave him for dead, however 'porter' 'lives' and he want's his share of the robbery's cash, and of course revenge for the betrayel.
to get his share he has to work his way toward the 'top dog' in the mafia' style organisation his partner had paid the money to.
it makes for a gritty and ernjoyable movie, if you haven't seen it before it's worth a watch on which ever format you choose.

  Poor conversion

| | See all mark85's reviews (5)

Great film, Having both the Original and directors cut is a bonus as they both tell the story a little differently. However for me it was all let down by the conversion, when you upgrade to Blu-ray you expect crystal clear images, all my other Blu-rays have been of this standard so i know its not my tv etc.. So just be warned, if you have the original version its probably best to stick to it.

  Vengeance is Mine!

| | See all Valentinian's reviews (62)

Ignore the more audience friendly Theatrical Version & cut straight to the chase with the superior Director`s Cut.Here you see Porter`s exsistence as a moral vacuum,intent only on gaining revenge on ex "business " partner Val,who gunned him down,leaving him for dead & stealing his $70,000.Porter will kill anything with a pulse in his obsessive,corpse strewn journey to "Payback".Gangland bosses,corrupt cops & even his junkie ex-wife,all feel the rough edge of Porter`s wrath.Like a relentless human juggernaught of death,he cuts his way through a mounting pile of dead bodies to the scumbag Val & his stolen $70,000-not a penny more,not a penny less.This hard, fast & mean movie is given a superb, sharp,gritty picture in keeping with it`s moody attitude. While the sleazy,jazz influenced soundtrack is more subdued ,than an in your face speaker workout. Payback:The Director`s Cut is THE definitive crime thriller of recent years. It`s nasty, vicious, violent & boasts a "hero" entirely without scruples or a normal moral compass. Porter lives by his own warped rules & code & God help anyone who crosses him. Highly recommended.

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