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Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time - Double Play (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Kingsley & Gemma Arterton

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Epic Fail

| | See all nEoPOL's reviews (21)

From the "team" that brought us "Pirates Of The Caribbean", comes this rather lacking and somewhat boring effort. The trailer said it all, but I dared to hope for more, but in fact got even less.

The acting is up there with some of the worst and most wooden that I have ever seen, with the plot and even the scenery chewing the scenery! I wanted very much to say that Alfred Molina's performance as the Ostrich racing bandit was a saving grace but even this could do very little to help.

Overall, the "good" elements of this film, such as the music, effects and production design, all fail to truly impress, as they are all standard fare, with little to offer in the way inspiration.

But with the screenplay, direction and what can laughably be referred to as acting, with the less said about Gyllenhaal's English accent, strange for a Persian might I add, and even less said about Ben Kingsley's hammiest of hammy performances, this is a film dragged to deepest depths of failure.

"Pirates Of The Caribbean" had something, even at its worst that this doesn't, and that was chemistry. This was AWOL in this film, and the final point that I MUST make is in the form of a question, rhetorical or not I'll leave open to interpretation: Why, oh why, is Gemma Arterton continually being cast in films, let alone major blockbusters?

There's alot wrong with is film and visuals aren't the half of it, though the constant and often erratic camera movement doesn't help, but casting and character direction was at the forefront.

A comment regarding the computer to movie adaptation: There were certainly signs of its gaming roots, but these flourishes worked well enough, paying homage to the huge jumps and action cues which are common place in the genre. They was in many ways were the film's artistic integrity lies.

If a sequel is forthcoming and I PRAY not, then casting, if not recasting needs some serious consideration, as does removing Mike Newell from behind the camera.

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| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

in the true tradition of 'disney' studios another fun and action packed movie for all the family to enjoy.
a story of mystery-heroismy-betrayel and love coupled with stunning special effects.
kids of all ages will love the spectacle that unfolds before you..

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  Great Saturday Afternoon Fun!

| | See all DaveFaz's reviews (182)

Great fun for the family, this film is just non-stop action! The special effects are spectacular and the film is a visual feast. It has to be said that the screenplay is a little lacking and the directing is pretty poor; the actors turning in some real lack-lustre performances, but even so, it's great entertainment. If you like the movie, then well worth getting in HD, thanks to the amazing picture quality.

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  Fantastic movie!

| | See all Chrisdude's reviews (7)

I loved this movie all the way through to the end. Good story and brilliant action scenes! Definitely in my top 5 for the year. One of my fav characters was Sheik played by Alfred Molina, such a funny character and also Tamina (Gemma Arterton) and Dastan (Jake Gyllenhall) because they had good chemistry together. This was a great movie and you will be sure to enjoy it if you like films such as The Mummy and National Treasure..

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  Surprising prince of Persia!

| | See all Hellraze's reviews (7)

An absolute gem of a film well acted by all
Actors espicially the hero. Gemma what can I say bout er she's base an upcoming star in future.

  Immense -xo

| | See all NikkiReynolds's reviews (9)

Highley recomend a watch, great blockbuster movie, Never played the game, so i couldnt really compare. Fantastic storyline, amazing cast and acting (especially from Jake as always), real Hollywood.

  Love the Sands of Time game trilogy, and this movie is great

| | See all Charlie2094's reviews (5)

First off, I'd consider myself a Prince of Persia fan. I've played the original trilogy, Sands of Time-Warrior Within-The Two Thrones, the recent 2008 'reboot of a kind' and The Forgotten Sands (set after Sands of Time and before Warrior Within) and loved all of them, the originals more so. Due to the Sands of Time being one of the greatest games ever, most people obviously had high hopes for the movie adaption. Yes, the movie deviates quite far from the game - No Sands Monsters, Farah etc - but who really wants to see just a two hour retelling of something we've already seen. This movie retains the same elements and overall plot of the game whilst adding in new parts. The game creator Jordan Mechner was heavily involved with the movie and it's script so, fans, don't be put off. I had a great time watching this movie, whether it be because of the love-hate relationship between the prince and Tamina, or because of the great parkour sequences. The production value is incredibly high, with the cgi looking fantastic and all the sets looking amazingly realistic. Jake Gyllenhaal does a great job at playing the prince, as do the rest of the cast in their respective roles. Ben Kingsley as Nizam, is essentially the same as the Vizier, so expect to see him in his more, monster like figure in a sequel. My only problems with this movie is the poor script and the shots used during action. During the action sequences, there are far too many close ups making it hard to make out whats going on, which as a Prince of Persia movie, is kind of important. Wider, not so close shots showing the main action and its surrounding would be appreciated in any sequels. Secondly, the script isn't that great with many of the 'comedic' lines not finding any laughs. The script isn't by any means terrible, but next time, new writers and a bit more polish please? And throw in more Pirates of the Caribbean type comedy. Overall, the film is highly enjoyable, with a great cast, effects, action, set pieces and relationships. The film was filmed in Morocco so obviously the movie is beautiful. The landscapes and sets all look incredible. One for all the family to enjoy without a doubt. Hoping to see a sequel incorporate the split personality - The Dark Prince! - the Dahaka, and maybe the Vizier/Nizam, in his Two Thrones monster form. Won't mind if these aren't in a sequel, but they'd be a great direction to take the series in. Watch this movie, and enjoy it for what it is.

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  Good Family Fun From Disney!

| | See all Rookie1986's reviews (5)

I wasn't really sure what to expect from a Prince Of Persia film, I had played the original game from 1989 but other then that hadn't followed any of the more recent games. Maybe this is a good thing because the story is new to me?

The film itself is set in ancient Persia and you follow the story of Dastan a young boy who lives on the streets and due to an unfolding of events he is set to become a "Prince of Persia"

The film itself is exactly what you would expect from Disney and offers something fun for all the family. The action is constant throughout and the story stays strong and interesting, there are also a few laughs and if nothing else you get to stare at the beautiful Arterton for around two hours which we can't see as anything other then a plus. Both Gyllenhaal (Dastan) and Arterton (Tamina) make it a good watch with a decent performance from both. The attention to detail in the CGI of this film is just outstanding and the costumes are awesome, it is by far a better watch then say the re-make of "Clash of the Titans" which was released earlier this year where poor acting made the film just feel dry and unappealing.

If your looking for a good summer blockbuster and something thats not too heavy or complex then this is the film for you. Its not Pirates of the Caribbean but still delivers and is a good watch for all!

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  Pirates meets the Mummy

| | See all MacAttack's reviews (7)

First of all I dont rate this movie 5 stars I actually would give it 4.5 because my out of 10 rating was a 9. So this is actually a 9/10 rating. If you have been let down like myself in previous years from rubbish like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil, 2 great games that got made into Movies then this is the game-changer!!!
The start is brilliant, Mike Newell gives us 5-10 mins of seeing the young Prince as a Orthan boy in the market standing up for his friend who gets stopped by the kings guard for stealing. The king is overwhelmed by the boys courage and takes him under his wing. The movie then goes 15 years on were we see Jake Gylenhall as the youngest of the 3 princes of persia. They invade a city for missing weapons and end up taking a mystical dagger and the beautiful Princess Tamina as there prize, played by the brilliant Gemma Arterton. It is from here the movie really picks up, Im not going to say why, but Prince Dastan (Jake) and Tamina end up running from the kingdom for something they didnt do. The relationship is very similar to the great Han Solo - Leia star wars bickering and keeps the movie flowing nicely. Its during one of these Arguments that Dastan learns the powers of the dagger that he discovered raiding Tamina's city. Releasing the sand from the dagger hilt turns back time by 1 minute, yet only the holder is aware of it. Its from here that Tamina and Dastan must take the dagger to the guardian temple before its stolen by others that want its powers. Thats all I will say on the Synopsis side of it. Graphically the film is supurb, Jerry Bruckheimer really pulls the stops out with the effects team. Support roles from Arterton, Sir Ben Kingsley and Alfred Molina are great. And Jake Gylenhall is fantastic as the high flying, all action prince of persia. If you like your films with good action, humour and a gorgeous lead lady in Gemma (My own opinion) then this is definately for you. The scenery of Morocco is lovely and the film never gets slower than 400mph - A summer blockbuster to be proud of - Take note Michael Bay (Transformers) - this is how its really done.

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