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Doctor Who: Planet Of The Dead (Dr Who) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: David Tennant, Michelle Ryan & Lee Evans

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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| | See all braveheart1's reviews (4)

People seem to forget that Dr Who is made on a shoe string budget ,if you want Hollywood effects we'll need to triple the tv licence price ,this was a great little story , nice acting , good plot , great ending , fun to watch ,job done ,as for the spelling comment , i'd rather read a poor spelt review than none at all ,thanks for other reviewers for making the effort.

  The first episode of Dr Who in HD

| | See all dickiep's reviews (137)

Why is planet of the dead the first Dr who on Blu Ray because it is the first episode filmed in HD. All the previous episodes are in standard format and would not benefit being transfered to Blu-ray as they were filmed on video tape and not film so can not be up- graded. This is a fair yarn for Dr who, the story is OK, not fantastic but still enjoyable Michelle Ryan makes an interesting companion a the effects are pretty good too, for the specials this is the last one before things get quite dark until the regeneration.

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  Fair enough

| | See all Steve42's reviews (3)

Okay, we were expecting better but all in all, it was a good episode. I watched it in HD and the effects were great without pushing it (ooh look, hd, hd). I was wondering though if the other people writing reviews could possibly look into the idea of having spelling lessons. Just a thought.

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| | See all merlyanne's reviews (3)

The ep was kinda week but it look good. For those naysayers deriding why earliers series haven't came out on hi-def it's cos this was the first ep to be shot in hidef!!!

The rest of the specials and Matt's first series will be shot in hi-def which requires much more sfx work for the format (and new sets - which is why you didn't see insode the console room in this ep)

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  doctor poo

| | See all MSLADYTHOMP's reviews (60)

Don't blame me it was John Barrowman who said "doctor who is going for a poo" lol...but I love doctor who and I saw this twice on TV, I totally agree with alex it wan't all that bad this episode but I really wish they would bring out a series on blu ray like series 2 or 3, because there's much better episodes than this to bring out blu ray disc, it's great to see there's a doctor who disc avalable on blu ray but shame it had to be this episode of course I wil be buying it, I just don't inderstand why they havent' brouight out a full seires on blu ray like they did with torchwood series one and now two..yet they haven't brought any doc who series's out blu ray, I just don't get it, yet they are bringing thiis one out, wish I knew who made up these ideas coz they defintiely need an emergency temrpal shift so they can do a better job at chosseing which to bring out on blu ray. But at least it wasn't the chrismas episode with the other doctor..this one was better than that one IMO..

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  Disappointing as the first episode shot in HD.

| | See all alexatkin's reviews (4)

I really did not like this episode. It wasn't aweful, but it was one of the poorer episodes in my opinion and especially pathetic as the first shot in HD.

There have been so many good episodes that would have been stunning in HD, this was a huge letdown. Perhaps it will be more stunning on Blu-ray, but the quality on BBC HD was nothing to write home about. It did not seem to look anywhere near as good as Torchwood for picture quality.

Again, that might improve dramatically on Blu-ray as its far superior to what they have to squeeze down the BBC HD pipe. But sadly I still think this episode pales compared to some of the better previous ones and I expected at least equal to the better ones for a "special". It would have worked as a filler episode for a season, but knowing we only get four this year its very weak indeed.

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| | See all nicole1967's reviews (27)

Planet of the Dead was brilliant. I had been waiting to see the episode since I heard the news that Lee Evans was going to be in it and when I saw his performance in it, my god he was brilliant (plus Lee Evans character could have his own spin-off). Also another enjoyable performance from David Tennant who never lets me down as The Doctor and will miss him when Matt Smith takes over.

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  Superb entertainment!!

| | See all Justininferno's reviews (30)

I totally LOVED this episode - wonderful and vibrant bank holiday viewing and the most colourful show on tv broadcast on Easter Saturday 2009. Never mind all those 'fans' who complained they wanted something darker and serious, this was just the tonic for good, jolly Easter viewing. (After all the 'darker' stuff is to follow.)

What a superb and fun script with an excellent cast. We have been blessed in recent times with good, rounded and strong companion characters. Christina joins them - prepared for everything, bold and confident. And what an entrance! Very Mission:Impossible and the best intro for a companion/ally ever.

Also, the actual production too looked absolutely utterly stunning. I am now convinced that modern day DW is made for HD and this Blu Ray release (the first for the series) is a very welcome addition to the DVD collection and with the confirmation that from this story on, all episodes will be filmed in HD begins a brand new chapter of how we view the episodes. The quality will be simply amazing I am sure.

Roll on the slow path to the tv airing of the next episode ..... and then the next Blu Ray disc.

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