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Crank 2: High Voltage (With Exclusive Sleeve) (Blu-ray)

Released on 14 September 2009

Featuring: Jason Statham, Amy Smart & Dwight Yoakam

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

(16 customer reviews)  |  Write a review

Condition:  Used - LikeNew

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Comment:Near Mint Condition

Crank 2: High Voltage is the follow up to Crank's electrifying success, keeping alive hitman Chev Chelios as he launches himself on an electrifying chase through Los Angeles in pursuit of the Chinese mobster who has stolen his nearly indestructible heart.
  • Suitable for 18 years and over. Not for sale to persons under age 18. By purchasing this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age and over.
  • Exclusive sleeve!

    Crank 2 Blu-Ray is optimized to the latest Blu-Ray software. If the disc appears not to play, please ensure that you have downloaded all required updates to guarantee compatibility.

customer Reviews

 Average rating (16 reviews)


| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

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Jason statham is one of the coolest actors on the planet, and he is on fire in this movie, not just his acting but literally in one scene! a pumping powerhouse of a film, always on the move, always in your face action, tons of use of bad language like you expect, extremely funny, wild and highly entertaining film, couldnt recomend it more. ten times better than the original pushing the story into overdrive. buy it, watch it, love it.

 Most Amazing Sequel of all Time

| | See all alfaromeo156's reviews (6)

Now then, where to start... This movie is absolutely mental. It's loud, crass, vulgar, and down right disgusting. But that's what makes it so damn brilliant! It's an absolute laugh riot from start to finish, it cannot and should not be taken seriously.

The DVD should come with a whole bag of salt thrown in for free, not just a pinch. Statham is superb as Chev Chelious, the movie goes from the sublime to the ridiculous from one scene to the next and had me in stitches from start to finish.

You can't judge this movie in comparison to other movies, because it isn't really a movie, it's just a big ball of insane that drags you along for the ride, and I loved every minute of it!

I give it 4/5 because a few bits were even a bit too much even for me, but on the whole this film had it all. GTA4 styled action, the gorgeous Amy Smart (Who bounces off of Statham brilliantly!), sex, violence, and plenty of humour.

I will definitely be buying this on Blu Ray when it comes out as it's a movie I will go nuts for after I have had a few!

 Brown Bread, Right Said Fred, Simply Red.....

| | See all Freakapotamus's reviews (6)

Do NOT under ANY circumstances listen to the reviewers who gave this film a poor rating, as these guys were clearly watching a different film to the rest of us.

In a nutshell, this film is faster, more action packed, funnier, sexier, grosser, and downright more adrenaline pumping than the original Crank, which was undoubtedly one of the best action films in a very, very long time.

Statham is awesome, hard as nails and far crazier than ever before, which is what every fan wants to see from him, Amy Smart is sexy, funny, and wearing far less clothes than ever before, which is again what every Crank fan wanted to see.

Yes, it's insanely far fetched, yes the story is completely over the top, but thats hoiw it's SUPPOSED to be, and thats what makes these films so damn entertaining. Were the original Crank and Transporter films realistic??? Not in the slightest, and thats part of the appeal.

Without even mentioning the brilliant supporting cast this really is an outstanding action film which surpasses the original (which I didn't think was possible), and is something EVERY crank fan with half a brain will absolutely love.

Get it ordered and get it watched, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about!

 Zero stars is more appropriate

| | See all NightAvatar's reviews (3)

The first Crank was fun, with some sex, nudity but mostly lots of humor and action. This film completely forgets what made the first film work and decided to focus almost solely on the sex and nudity, with some pathetic, poorly choreographed fight scenes thrown in - which mostly feel like they were only added to fill time.
The problem is, the sex isn't even good. I like good nudity and tasteful sex scenes, and certainly enjoy seeing boobies as much as the next guy - maybe more! But this film was just so HORRIBLE that even some topless strippers walking around the horse tracks during races (which happens in this film) was only stupid to me and not at all interesting or "exciting" to watch.
If you really must see this, either rent it (which I don't recommend either frankly) or wait until the price drops in half. I know it will, this movie is too bad to last at this price.
Like another reviewer wrote: Watch Crank twice instead of this one.

 If only it were possible to give this zero stars.

| | See all Caraticus's reviews (2)

I am going to try and keep this as brief as possible because unlike this film I don't believe in wasting time. You don't have to take my word for it but this is a bad and poor film, so I implore you to rent it if you must watch it and if you like it that much THEN buy it. It took what the original (Good) film had and ruined it. I am a big fan of Statham films as a whole but this goes beyond far fetched to non sensical. Once the film finished I was surprised that only 90 or so minutes had passed because I felt as if I had aged by about 10 years. To sum up; Poor script, poor acting, poor directing....poor film. Buy Crank and watch it twice instead.

ActorsJason Statham, Amy Smart, Dwight Yoakam, Efren Ramirez, Julanne Chidi Hill, Reno Wilson, Keone Young, Art Hsu, Joseph Julian Soria, Ling Bai, Clifton Collins Jr., David Carradine, Corey Haim, Geri Halliwell & Billy Unger
DirectorMark Neveldine & Brian Taylor
Certificate18 years and over