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Zombieland (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg & Emma Stone

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (46 reviews)"

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  Nut up or Shut up

| | See all StalloneFan's reviews (31)

Zombieland is a fantastic comedy horror. Very jumpy and gory at times and wonderfully fun and enjoyable throughout. Great comedic performances from the entire cast..the zombies look fab too. It has a brilliant sparkling blu ray transfer and the movie features the greatest cameo ever! A great movie for a great night in.

  Absolutely brilliant

| | See all magoosey's reviews (83)

As a big fan of zombie movies and comedies this film ticks all the boxes. Well scripted and well acted, witty and gory. A lot of comedy horrors hold back on the gore. This one does not.
The voice over from the lead character talking about the rules to survive a zombie apocalypse is superb. It's so well thought out and truly hilarious. The cameo appearance from bill Murray is outstanding. A great action zombie comedy. And the blu ray transfer is excellent.


| | See all FLIRTONI's reviews (17)

absolutley fantastic movie and in blue-ray it's even better cannot wait until the next one comes out!

  Excellent film...

| | See all LanDiabolical's reviews (1)

But not based on L4D as one previous reviewer stated. There are similarities but L4D and Zombieland have no official affiliation.

  very funny zombie movie

| | See all jaguarxj220i's reviews (16)

this movie is inspired by shaun of the dead but is very different and much funnier.. the characters are interesting and the rules of survival are just hilarious lol

  Ugh I don't think so!

| | See all MSLADYTHOMP's reviews (60)

Not very often I take a chance and buy a DVD I have not seen, let's face it the only point in buying DVDs is if you are going to watch it again, this one does not fall into that category. Ok it has it's good points, like for example the characters were actually not bad, but they lacked something, there seemed to me a lot of boring parts in this film, and majority of jokes were not funny, only a couple of jokes at the end actuallly were funny, everything else fell flat to me and was not funny at all. I love Zombie films. It was nothing like Shaun of the dead, so I have no idea why some people compare it, shaun of the dead was a laff a minute this is one is a snore a minute.. woody should have stayed in Cheers I much prefer Will Smith anyway.

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  One of the greatest zombie films of all time...

| | See all callycap3's reviews (2)

While many call Zombieland a Shaun of the Dead knock-off, I believe this is not the case. While they are both zom-coms, which, I will admit, is a very rarely used genre, the similarities end there.

Shaun of the Dead is actively a spoof of zombie films, poking fun at zombie apocalypses while keeping the action silly and slapstick. Zombieland on the other hand, often has both poignant and serious scenes.

Zombieland has a fantastic cast - the very likable Jesse Eisenberg shines as usual, and his friendships with the 3 other survivors are very genuine. Woody Harrelson is perfectly cast, as is Emma Stone as the beautiful, mysterious Wichita.

Overall, while this may have come after Shaun of the Dead, it does not try to copy in any way. Although not as funny as Shaun, because of its likable cast and brilliantly shot action scenes, Zombieland is the film I find myself coming back to when in the mood for a Zombie comedy.

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  Very Poor Shaun Of The Dead USA style

| | See all brucespringsteen's reviews (3)

This movie had some funny moments but they were few and far between and it's a shame.Shaun Of The Dead is a class A comedy that's tough to compete with and I was really looking forward to seeing this American zomcom.I hope somebody else has a crack at this style of movie in America and comes up with something better.

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  Great Zombie Comedy

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

Shaun of the Dead style film with added extras. Great film and funny through-out. Follow the storey of a young lad who has a certain set of rules that he lives by to keep himself alive. Watch him make his way across america to see if he can find his family. As he goes on he meets up with Woody Harrelson who is the crazy zombie killer and two sisters who hav them running in circles. Great bit of comedy gore and violence and a great appereance from Bill Murray. A must have

  Remember the Rules!!!!

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

Zombies have taken over the USA and amongst the sparse survivors, a disparate group of people are about to come together to try and survive!!

Zombieland is a refreshing and funny take on the zombie genre, with energy and pace and a compact runtime that doesn't allow it to develop much flab. Even though the mechanics of the plot themselves aren't new, they feel fresh here and thanks to likeable characters, well cast and acted by Harrelson, Eisenberg, Stone and Breslin (alongside that other famous cameo as well!) we don't get wall to wall action. In fact, the majority of the film is simply getting to know the characters and their stories before we get to the finale, as a result, you actually get to care about them all and it's that time spent with the characters that elevates the film above the norm for the genre to deliver a crackingly entertaining romp.

Great fun!