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District 9 (Nine) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Sharlto Copley, David James & Jason Cope

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (83 reviews)"

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  District 9 out of 10

| | See all seenitseenitseenit's reviews (36)

Great film, loved the fact it was set in 'johannasberg' not 'l a or new york' 'wikus' was a great character and swore with a scouse accent, inspired!


| | See all stannard45's reviews (6)

great film
greta story
great acting
hope there is a sequal...
+lots and lots of swearing- u have been warned lol

  truly amazing!

| | See all jaguarxj220i's reviews (16)

its not the usual alien comes to earth to take over etc etc... the creatures can actually be sympathised with. The setting is real life, and the style of filming is very effective... it uses a cross between cinematic and handheld cameras, which give it a real authentic looks as though it is real life. I just cannot wait for District 10! wow.

  District 9

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

I can see this has garnered some pretty mixed reviews. I have to say that mine will be on the positive side after having finally seen it recently.

Doing what some of the better sci-fi in cinema history has done - take a trip down the lane called humanity and thematically reflecting quite consciously some of the issues to have affected South African history - and turns it into a visceral, violent and also entertaining sci-fi action film with brains and impact.

Mixing handheld camera/interview/security camera and regular style footage blended together as part of the storyline the film has a visceral-ness not often seen. The aliens themselves are not warm and cuddly to look at, they are not all nice. But neither are the humans..........as personified in the main character Wikus (Sharlto Copley) the human who finds himself on a journey from being a persecutor to being the persecuted.

That said, there are some gripes - the final third of the film does tend to slide into fairly generic shoot-em-up stuff that you will have seen before, the mechanics of the plot are fairly simple and straightforward and at times the effects are not always the best (that said, the film did not have a huge budget and did well with what it had). But then it doesn't entirely matter because by then if you're enjoying the film you will be completely involved with the characters.

Definitely an interesting film, and with rumours of a sequel I would be interested to see what the next part of the story is.

  Lovely Prawn Sandwich!!

| | See all MANIB81's reviews (147)

This is such a great movie and I really don't know where to start. Sharlto Copley is fantastic in this movie and gives a great performance and yes, you do feel sympathy fo him.
The picture and sound is amazing in Blu ray and it will blow you away. Also the extras are really good to as you get a Chat Track and a Blu ray Exclusive of an Interactive Map.
This is worth buying as it's one of the best alien movies I have ever seen... And the best part is that it's not set in America!!


| | See all Drewienko's reviews (19)

Probably the biggest surprise of the year in movie industry. Finally different approach to the whole alien invasion thing. Great job done on the movie. Didn't see that coming. Highly recommended. Probably one of the best sci-fi movies of this decade.

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  DIstrict 9 Top class

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

This film is brilliant and is well worth any money. Great acting and story with loads of surprises and thrills. Maybe doesnt have household names in it but it doesnt matter because there are top class with the acting and script. I went to watch this at the cinema and couldnt wait for it to come out. Top draw SC-FI film and will be classic to most people im sure.


| | See all SimpleUK's reviews (7)

Amazing movie, very original and under-rated.. from begining to end i was glued to the screen to see what would happen next.. i really hope there will be a sequel! Bring on District 10..

  Proof you don't need big names/budgets to make good movies

| | See all Goodie2000's reviews (5)

Have a feeling AJE123 (below) is mixing 'District 9' up with 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'. This film was excellent. Well acted, and mixing contemporary and topical themes with sci-fi in such a way that did not make you squirm in your seat. Basically this film was about prejudice and racism and very cleverly done. Only complaint was it was a bit obvious to set it on South Africa - I think the audience would have been smart enought to get it without the obvious reference to the slums and townships of apartheid.