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Doctor Who (New Series 2): Complete Series 2 Box Set (6 Discs)

Featuring: David Tennant, Elisabeth Sladen & Billie Piper

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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  Doctor Who? HEY Doctor Who!!!!!

| | See all HermioneMalfoy's reviews (3)

I loved this series apart from one episode... Love and Monsters left me feeling flat as a pancake! I was really looking forward to my forty minutes of David Tennant's quirkyness, and all I got was Peter Kay gobbling people up!!!!! I found it a rather strange episode.

I loved the two episodes set in the Parallel universe where Rose's father and mother were together but unhappy without any child. They were all the more fantastic by Roger Lloyd Pack's amazing acting ability in that episode. It proved he could play more than just Trigger in Only Fools... and Owen in Vicar of Dibley. Also, for a Potter fan like me, I was THRILLED, that shortly after seeing Goblet of Fire at the Cinema, I saw them together on screen again this time on the opposite sides of the fence: (Roger played Barty Crouch Sr, a Wizard dedicated to putting evil Wizards and Witches, called Death Eaters in the Wizard prison Azkaban, David Tennant played his son, Barty Crouch Jr, one of the evil Wizards he sent down.) So, yeah, for me it was the icing on the proverbial cake.

I also loved the Girl in the Fireplace mainly because of the horse crashing through the mirror before the final showdown, and the greatest Who lines of all time:

Rose: You're not having that horse in the Tardis.

Doctor: Why not I let you keep Mickey!

That episode should have been dedicated to Adam and the Ants it was so Prince Charming!

I actually found Fear Her quite scary, I did almost hide behind the cushion, in fact in The Wire episode I DID hide behind the cushion!

Great series, great show, great Doctor and great assistant... just didn't like Peter Kay!


| | See all Destroyer156's reviews (5)

David Tennant is the doctor reincarnated he is the 10th doctor to present day hopefully for a few years to come :D:D
billie piper back as Rose Tyler

  I was glued.

| | See all robin23's reviews (7)

I've just finished watching season 2 and i had to rewind the last ten minutes of the last episode as i was blubbing like an idiot, god forbid if anyone saw me, i looked as though i had come out of an episode myself, a scary one. Absolutely brilliant so far and i'm waiting eagerly for the postie each morning to deliver season 3. I won't give too much away as i don't want to spoil it for you, but i will say one thing, that theme tune, still gives me the heebie jeebies and makes me want to hide behind the chair (do remember the first time round) and the Daleks are just as scary as ever, the only bit that spoilt it for me was Trigger aka David Lloyd doing the voice over for the Cyborgs now that was something i couldn't take seriously just didn't sound right but what is one small mistake for such fabulous viewing and giving us the taste of two yummy Dr Who's, loved them both, and brilliant episodes, and give me Jack Harness anyday he's matured rather well in Tourchwood mmmmmm a girl can dream.

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  Best of the three

| | See all docwhofan's reviews (2)

Great dvd! i think that it's the best of the first three series and really deserves it's 5 stars. here's what i think of the episodes:
The Christmas Invasion: Extremly good!
New Earth: Good, but not as good as other episodes
Tooth and Claw: Scare factor: 100/10
School Reunion: It's very good. I like k-9!
The Girl in the Fireplace: It's ok. I like it because it's got a horse on a spaceship.
Rise of the Cybermen: Very good, but The Age of Steel is better.
The Age of Steel: My second favourite episode.
The Idiot's Lantern: I won't lie, it's not that good.
The Impossible Planet: Good, but it seems to just miss that little spark od Doctor Who
The Satan Pit: Quite good
Love and Monsters: Really, really funny!
Fear Her: Not the best, but it is set at the 2012 London Olympics
Army of Ghosts: Super! I really like the Torchwood Theme
Doomsday: Mega! Daleks vs. Cybermen for the first time. Who will win?
If you like Doctor Who, buy it!

  The weakest of the new seasons

| | See all kennyf99's reviews (127)

I'm quite a fan of Doctor Who so I'd really enjoyed the first new series as it was an excellent return to the show with Chris Eccleston providing just enough humour and drama to make the Doctor really work.

But then the second series came along and David Tennant took over, who I admit at first it took me a little while to get use to him as the Doctor. But Dave Tennant isn't where this series falls short for me, in fact he grows more comfortably into the character as he carries on throughout it. The short fall for me is in the writing and some of the episodes are definitely poor in quality. The main stinkers included "Girl in the fireplace" which I felt belonged to a Mills and Boon book, and the two parter "Impossible planet and The Satan Pit" just really lacked spark, it felt like a half assed version of Event Horizon. But the worst episode of this season was "Fear Her" which to me was just Doctor Who at its most laziest, with poor clunky writing, bad story and a not very convincing or scary monster.

There are some good episodes here as well especially the Cybermen two parter "Rise of the Cybermen and Age of Steel" which was excellent. One of the season's best episodes was "Love and Monsters" which was a really nice departure from the normal Dr Who episode, which focused on other characters rather than the Doc and Rose, and features Peter Kay probably giving his best performance.

But overall I felt this season lacked the quality of the first, and it got far too campy and cheesy. Thankfully things get better in the third season and David Tennant really has settled into the role incredibly well since.

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  The Best Doctor Yet

| | See all Comdeyfan's reviews (21)

This must be the one of the best series of the Classic Science Fiction show made yet. No longer are the wobbly sets and a man dressed up in a silver suit to look scary. These Cybermen would certainly scare me. Ranging from meeting Queen Victoria to seeing what could be the end of the world (without the Doctos help of course) there is something in this series for everyone. BBC Cardiff - Keep up the Good work. Oh and by the way David Tennant is just gorgeous as the TImelord.

  The Doctor's Back

| | See all phetish's reviews (5)

After rave reviews and massive audience shares for the previous season of Who could the production capture lightning in a bottle twice?

They did - just about.

The Doctor has regenerated into David Tennent - a life-long Who-fan who has been been involved with the good Doctor previously as a supporting character in several Big Finish audio productions. And doesn't he play the doctor with gusto - he's reminiscent of Baker at his maniacal best, Hartnel at his most devious, Troughton at his most playful and McCoy at his most manipulative. A joy to watch - though a tad irritating with sometimes excessiveness.

The Doctor is still competently supported by Rose, played flatly by Billie Piper (that's personal opinion - I do know that many like her alot which is why I've no interest in deconstructing why I dislike her portrayal here).

The stories are more abitious than the previous season - and it has to be said that they are more hit and miss, though the quality of the hits far outweighs the misses.

The series effectively started with the Christmas special, "The Christmas Invasion" which ably introduced the new playful (yet dark) Doctor and introduced a scope and grandeur which set the store for series two.

The stand-out episodes of this year were The Christmas Invasion, the entireity of disc 2 (Tooth and Claw - the excellent werewolf romp, School Reunion - the return of SJ Smith and K9, and Girl in the Fireplace - the Steven Moffat penned, Hugo Award winning episode that blends science-fiction, drama and humour effortlessly), The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit - a proper off-Earth adventure tht delivers a sence of scale and finally doomsday, Cybermen Vs Daleks, what more can a fan ask for?

The weak points of the series are Fear Her, a good idea that lacked a sense of urgency and fear that the plot promises; Love & Monsters, good cast, great concept but leaves you with a hollow feeling where your satisfaction normally lives; and finally The Idiots Lantern - Mark Gatiss wrote the Dickens episode of the previous series so had good form and this is a well thought out idea and again has a superb supporting cast but there is something in the execution which just doesn't work.

So we get onto the package itself - the BBC has chosen this set to be one of the first where the menus have audio descriptions to aide navigation of the visually impaired, as well as every episode of Who having full audio descriptions, a most excellent situation and something which beggars belief as to why it isn't been done more often.

In terms of extras we get the usual doco-lites that are the Confidential Cut-Downs - Who fans tend to be witty, intelligent and very good-looking so why they are lumbered with these vacuous BBC3 fillers which offer little or no objetive insight into the show is beyond me. Maybe I'm spoiled with the Ed Stradling produced documentaries on the Classic Who releases but if I were writing a report card it would have to say, "Must Do Better".

Finally - commentaries, poor, poor, poor - not the content of the commentaries (though a certain exec is incredibly banal and patronising whenever she talks) but theway they are presented. Valuable space is taken up on the discs with 'in-vision' commectaries where we can sit and watch people watching the programme they are talking about - utterly pointless, remove these and you'll have more than enough space to include the commentary tracks used on red-button TV transmission aand some decent documentaries.

Though I've ranted I do love this series and the positives far outweigh the negatives. This series is well work some shelf-space in your home and is worth far more than the vanilla releases. Enjoy

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  Explosive Second Series

| | See all oncomingstorm's reviews (112)

It wouldn't have been thought possible to improve on the triumphant return of Doctor Who after the first series, but the second series blows it out of the water completely.
David Tennant successfully takes over as the Tenth Doctor and very quickly makes himself at home in the role and proves that he can do a fantastic job.
Piper returns and continues in the excellent role that she started in the first series.
This series sees the triumphant return of the Cybermen and a reunion with Sarah Jane Smith and K9 companions from the old series which builds to a climatic finale that will have the tears flowing brilliantly acted out by Tennant and Piper. Very moving.
A must buy.

  Awesome Second Series

| | See all kingmaily's reviews (24)

This deserves a 6 out of 5, though unfortunately you can only get up to 5 out of 5. anyway, it's another brilliant series which includes the return of the cybermen, sarah jane smith, k-9 and also the one and only daleks!

believe me, it's a must buy.