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Doctor Who (New Series 2): Complete Series 2 Box Set (6 Discs)

Featuring: David Tennant, Elisabeth Sladen & Billie Piper

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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  What an amazing series...

| | See all stargirl15's reviews (25)

Wow. Wow. Wow.

This series really outdid itself what with the return of the cybermen, K9, Sarah Jane Smith and the massive, explosive finale - and David Tennant as the Doctor just worked so incredibly well!

I have to admit, when I first saw David's Doctor in The Parting of the Ways, I didn't think I was going to like him, but how wrong was I?! David and Billie's onscreen (and offscreen) relationship is fantastic and the banter they have is both funny and entertaining, really making for exellent TV viewing. Also, that finale! How could anyone not shed a tear for poor Rose as she told the Doctor 'I love you!'

Overall an exciting, fast-paced series, which will leave you gagging for more!

  I Love you, And Quite Right Too!

| | See all MaxFacts's reviews (8)

Awesome. Obviously. Really great writing. Comeback of the cybermen, K-9 and Sarah JAne Smith. What more could you ask for?

And emotional time when Rose is left stranded on parallel earth. Was there anyone not crying?

Fab, brilliant and David TEnnant is absolutely perfect as the Doctor. Tom Baker who? HE's great!

Oh yeah, and its BBC Wales!!

  The perfect Tennant!

| | See all KaraWorksBetter's reviews (16)

Series 2 was always going to face problems before it was released. Would the writing continue at such a high standard? Would David Tennant be any good as The Doctor? Would the return of the Cybermen be a good idea?

Thankfully the answer is yes to all three as, not only did the series continue with some brilliantly life affirming stories, it also tugged the heart strings during a generally memorable climax to the series. Tennant not only settles into his role, but actually infuses it with enthusiasm and a genuine sense of charm. You WANT to be on that Tardis with him and Rose and you SO WANT the two of them to stay together forever. Tennant is surely on his way to being the best Doctor of the all (And I'm a die hard Tom Baker fan)!

Billie also settles into the character of Rose, after some awkward moments in series one, and overall the thirteen episodes are just, as the Doctor would say "brilliant!"

High points are "The girl in the fireplace", "School reunion", "Tooth and claw" and the double parter at the end... And if your not excited by the prospect of who flies out of the sphere at the end of episode twelve... Then I just dont know!!!!

All in all a brilliant show, with a brilliant cast and quite simply one of the best writers, Russel T Davies, at a career high.

So sit back, enjoy the ride and remember, whatever happens in the future of the series, television CAN be this good in a modern day of throwaway programmes and a deluge of imports! Long live the Doctor!

  one of the best

| | See all doctorTARDIS's reviews (1)

U can not beat doctor who and this series has showed it can't wait for the box set of series 3 its dark and better well done david tennant for taking on the job u r 1 of the best doctors

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| | See all DarkDevil's reviews (3)

David is gr8 n Billie is still gr8 xxx
This series 2 really gd and i cried wen Billie left.
series 3 is gd as well but i still miss Billie and hope she does come back, just like i heard.
Gr8 Doctor Who series well done xx

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  ''A fantastic Series''

| | See all Leighton's reviews (1)

The return of Doctor Who for a second series from the BBC amazed viewers with its complex storylines and special effects. Davied Tennent as the Doctor engaged many viewers as he brought a different side to the caracter which brung both humour and sorrow. The departure of Billy Pipers character Rose, was very well witten and fantasticly actyed by both David and Billy. Also, an amazing rturn of the cyberman which girpped viewer in two breathtaking two part stories. A returning series which the BBC and its creators should be very proud of!

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  Series 2 is out of this world!

| | See all nickinoodles's reviews (81)

David Tennant is an amazing Doctor! He's alot quirkier than Christopher Eccleston, and he seems so natural as the Doctor! This series is even better than the first, the aliens are getting better the stories are getting even more exciting and the acting is out of this world!
There are more great guest stars in series 2, such as Peter Kay, Anthony Head, and a return from Zoe Wanamaker in the very first episode of the series!
The last two episodes are exceptionally well written and very emotional, this series is a MUST for Doctor Who fans! The extras are great, escpecially the video diary of David Tennant, which sees him watching himself as the new Doctor with his family on christmas day! FANTASTIC!!!

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| | See all MrChumba's reviews (32)

David tennant is my fave actor in my fave show. Series 2 aint as good as series three though its better than series1. I givem all 5 stars just for being dr who!
The best episodes in this series are
Tooth and claw
girl in the fireplace
impossible planet/ the satan pit
school reunion
the christmas invasion.

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  A great package!!

| | See all razzer13's reviews (1)

Series 2 arrives on DVD in a shiny boxset jam packed with loads of episodes and plenty of extras! Series 2 begins with The Christmas Invasion and launches David Tennant as the new Doctor in brilliant fashion before he embarks on his first full season aboard the TARDIS.
The show is arguably stronger this year and whilst having a couple of weak episodes (Love&Monster, Fear Her) overall there's plenty to enjoy for long time fans and newcomers alike.
The extras are better than the Series 1 boxset with the highlight being David Tennant's video diary which is a fascinating look behind the scenes at just about every aspect of the show. The commentaries are worth listening to especially David&Billie on Doomsday - here's hoping that the Series 3 boxset will top this one!

  The new Docor Who series steps up a gear!

| | See all WelshBen's reviews (53)

After David Tennant took over from Christopher Eccleston I was slighty worried about my favourite new T.V. show, but Tennant is a brilliant successor!! He is slighly more zany then the previous incarnation, but I think he shows off a larger acting range..meanwhile Billis as Rose is again brilliant - standout moment in the opening episode New Earth when her body is inhabited by the evil Cassandra (played by Zoe Wannamaker)..Billie's performance is HILARIOUS! The effects are better, the gags are better, the action is double the size and there is an almighty battle between the Daleks and the Cyberman to end the series with style!!