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Pirates Of The Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest - Special Edition (2 Discs)

Featuring: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom & Keira Knightley

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (54 reviews)"

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  sooo good!

| | See all andy157's reviews (11)

this film is amazing. Great story, great acting, and absolutely amazing effects. Its a great connecter film between the firt and third film
Its both funny and action packed, well worth buying.
The kraken is amazing

  Very entertaining!

| | See all SqutterNutBaush's reviews (3)

Forget all logic, forget trying to follow any formula of the previous film, just sit back and enjoy! As long as you remember the film's beginning i.e. what the film is aiming to achieve, you'll have a great time watching this. Some scenes are really memorable, especially a sequence after the first half an hour! I thoroughly enjoyed this film, much more than the first, and I'm sure anyone will love it if they watch it with the right attitude; it's a fun exciting film!

  i think the other reviewers are confused

| | See all byngbong's reviews (9)

this film in my opinion was sooo much worse than the first that it made me skeptical about seeing the third the first time i watched this i was so bored and my friend fell asleep and that does not happen very often but back to the films thank god the third one makes up for the lack of imagination in this one.

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  Provides Exactly What It Needed To

| | See all privatepetexxx's reviews (5)

If you enjoyed Curse of the Black Pearl because you loved the characters, then Dead Mans Chest is a must see. If you liked it because it had skeleton pirates, then you'd better like fish men as well.

Lets face it, Depp and Rush held the first film together because Bloom and Knightly were fairly new to the acting game but this time they're much better. All the supporting cast return to play their part in another thoroughly enjoyable swashbuckling adventure.

Admittedly i thought there were a few ridiculous moments in this film (depp fruit fight mainly) but overall the action, the story and the jokes are all top knotch. The new characters bring a touch of conspiracy to the proceedings, and Squidfaced captain Davey Jones is a CGI Masterpiece.
Its always good to see a giant sea monster of course, and this film delivers it in the form of the mighty Kraken.
At first you think the film is too fantastic to follow Black Pearl, but then... undead pirates were pretty fantastic in the first place.

An Empire Strikes Back Type Ending Leaves the characters lost and their ship destroyed... but most importantly leaves the film rolling straight into it's concluding sequel. Which you will want to watch right afterward.

Dont go into it expecting a groundbreaking sequel, go into it expecting an enjoyable romp. And as an enjoyable romp it will definetly provide a healthy and exiting continuation of the Black Pearls Epic Pirate Adventure.

Get the Popcorn in.

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  Oddly better than the first!

| | See all Tewit91's reviews (77)

I found the first film brilliant, so of course like many other films i expected the sequel to be rubbish, but surprisingly it's better! It provides comedy, whilst still keeping a serious and involved storyline. Just to let you know, the plot of this film carries on in the 3rd, so watch carefully. But don't go see the third IT'S CRAP!

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  Bigger, Deeper & Better than the first!

| | See all stormkaiser's reviews (21)

What made me love this film was not Jack sparrow but Davy Jones! Everything about him was amazing, one of the most amazing cgi characters ever created thanks to the star wars folks at ILM. I found myself sitting through out the film just waiting for the davy jones scenes lol! But don't get me wrong, I love the plot and many of the characters, Jack sparrow was still amazing and as always stole the show . It was a lot deeper than the first and you really had to pay attention to what was going on. In my opinion it was better than the first.

  Poor sequel

| | See all neogeopocketcolour's reviews (16)

Too long, the first hour on the island is totally rubbish and not needed for the plot if you skip the all the island scenes it actually becomes watchable

  The original on acid

| | See all jimmyfloydroy's reviews (23)

Pirates of the Caribbean Part 1 x Johnny Depp(2) + 50 tonnes more sea monster - Bloom and Knightey still made of pine = Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Superior to the first in every way, if a little long, but overall much better me hearties, ah haarrrggh. Raagh.


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  I'd rather walk the plank!

| | See all idioteque's reviews (21)

Ok, so I enjoyed The Curse of the black pearl...really I did, but this for me is just not up to standard. Its just one of those movies that goes on and on without really grabbing hold and demanding your full attention. For the die hard Pirates fan, this is probably a great follow up, but otherwise I wouldn't rush to buy! Worth a watch when it turns up on sky movies or the BBC at Christmas in a couple of years. Until then, I wouldn't bother wasting any of your hard earned on this one

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  Wow - Johnny Depp

| | See all Shazzer's reviews (1)

I laughed out loud several times which is unusual for me.Johnny Depp is gorgeous as always and I enjoyed this film almost as much as the first one.