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Featuring: Charlotte Gainsbourg & Willem Dafoe

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (36 reviews)"

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  waste of my time

| | See all joshyfilm's reviews (1)

This has nothing to do with the anti Christ! weird all the way through do not buy this load of rubbish!

  worst film i've ever seen

| | See all wewillbreak's reviews (1)

i am watching this right now and feel despair that it is so shockingly awful.....it's like a bad poem with a bit of nudity........i'm obviously missing some point as all the other reviews are good....

  Not a horror per-say, but a psychological masterpiece.

| | See all wilsonater's reviews (8)

This film isn't particularly horrific, not as many people think it will be, or as the cover suggests. However it is a treasure trove of superb acting, genius directing and filming and a storyline that will make your brain cogs whirl and your heart strings vibrate.

The film is centred around a couple clearly in love who mourn the loss of their child under somewhat strange circumstances. The husband (a psychotherapist) quickly gets over the death for the sake of his wife who after a month in hospital, starts to go through the mourning process in this agonising tale.

The husband tries to help her through the three stages of the process, grief, pain and despair... much to his own. But stays faithful both to helping her and his ability to assess the situation despite seeing strange things himself.

With no obvious conclusion, the plot expands and contracts through to the end with bits of imagery popping up throughout. Definitely plays with your emotions as you can obviously see the love between the couple and the love of a mother for her late child skewed by depression and anxiety in her mind.

Would definitely recommend to anyone, though this film does contain a few real sex scenes and some bloody scenes. If you like films that make you think or the so-called 'art-film' genre... this is one you MUST watch.

  A disturbing, uneasy, weird and horrific film

| | See all tbrookey09's reviews (74)

This is a real struggle to watch. The film starts in impressive, arty black and white slow-mo but descends into awful depravity.

A middle aged couple have passionate sex whilst their son accidentally kills himself. Pain, suffering, guilt, despair and horror then follow. The film is broken into chapters, with ambitious themes, dream elements and suffering that surfaces through aggressive and graphic sex and torture, based around a woodland shack. The couple lose the plot, and so an ultimate showdown between the two builds.

Yes the film is dark and deep, and buried under the horror, there is almost some storytelling but it just feels like another attempt and excuse to push the boundaries of censorship and shock tactics. I am no William Defoe fan, but he and co-star act well, it's just the actual film that is barely endurable, pointless and unless I missed the point completely, painful viewing. A sickener too.

Warning..contains graphic sex, genital mutilation, torture and strangulation.


| | See all tangsoodo's reviews (5)

absouloute pants, this is a very poor movie, there is one bit of self harm and ive seen worse on tv,it says real sex scenes, well im still waiting, give this a wide birth.


| | See all beryld's reviews (2)

Total rubbish, not a horror film and a waste of money. Don't bother just rent it.

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| | See all KARAELISE's reviews (1)

I bought this DVD because I had heard about the director and the types of horror films he directs and also because I love William Dafoe. I was left confused after watching this, I am still trying to work out if it is a psychological horror or a soft porn..lots of graphic sex. and not very horrific.if you like horrors leave this one on the shelf!

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  Psychological Horror of Fears

| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

Here we have an art house directors trip into the world of torture cinema, but its torture cinema with a twist. It's strictly a psychological thriller with some gruesome scenes, it has all the twists but a bit more flare and style about it.
The story is a rather simple one, following the death of their son the wife suffers a breakdown and husband Willem Dafoe, who happens to be a therapist decides to take the reigns.
The story is a slow burning journey into the human mind, into our own deepest and darkest fears, what drives those fears. The story is filled with metaphors and symbolization, everything has a meaning deeper than the obvious visual level.
Lars Von Trier's directing is superb, he brings us some brilliant visuals with breathtaking sound, you can't help but stay focused and locked into the story.
The gore and violence is quite extreme, there's not a massive amount but when it comes it's full on, and its no holds barred. Von Trier's directing remains tasteful throughout the mutiliation and torture scenes, he shows you just enough to get you cringing and doesn't over do it with excessive gore.

Overall: Antichrist is a dark and disturbing trip into the human mind, a very sexual and violent trip. At times the film borderlines on Hardcore Pornography so definitely not one for younger viewers.
Art House at its most extreme, I'd recommend it to anyone who likes to think outside the box

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| | See all Splash24's reviews (21)

Probably the most depressing and boring film i've ever seen, i just didn't see the point in it, they lose their son at the start of the film then after that nothing realy happens. I really wouldn't bother.

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| | See all Lepetomane's reviews (116)

Probably just watched this due to a certain level of notoriety and had to say it was pretty weird. Some parts are just plain disturbing - particularly the self mutilation scene (certainly had me cringing). I'm sure there will be arthouse lovers out there who understand it better than myself but just can't see it somehow. Summing up - DISAPPOINTED.

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