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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Featuring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (103 reviews)"

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| | See all chezdoll's reviews (14)

i personally love this film! its a great follow up! this is the film that makes you question team edward team jacob for sure!! you get really into it! we have all been dumped and found the one that makes us feel better but stil cant let go of the old love so alot of young girls can relate! its gets you glued to the screen specially in the race for bella to save edward.. its like will she get there in time? the books are equally as good but the film has missed somethngs out of the books.. not alot but just a few things! id obviously reccomend watching the first one before this as the story continues.


| | See all Deano29's reviews (18)

Need a knap? Watch this film!! Really liked the first film, with its good story, strong plotlines, good acting and some good action scenes and then they cash in with this!! It just doesnt go anywhere, there is no story, hardly any action. Boy dumps girl, girl is sad....for two hours...the end! Lets hope the next one goes back to its roots.


| | See all stitchy78's reviews (3)

i loved this film,, didnt move from my seat,,, great follow up from the first
im soo looking forward to the next,, really felt pulled into the film x

  Mind Gripping

| | See all heaven121's reviews (2)

This is one of the best films i have seen in years , the whole twilight saga is just brilliant and the books too , films that you can watch over and over again

  The Twilight Saga: New Moon

| | See all ozcymru's reviews (6)

This is a truly awful film. Nothing happens and the film doesn't go any where with the plots within. I had to switch this off before the end of the film. Bad special effects, poor story line and actress who plays the lead part you just want slap she is so miserable. Maybe one for the ladies but lads stay away from this film you'll hate it. Shame as the 1st film was OK.

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| | See all MI55LH's reviews (86)

Wow, I'm loving these films - they are really great! The books, we all have to admit, are better (the best books ever!), however, the films are pretty insane too!!!! Omgggg, Rob and Taylor get hotter!

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  New Moon = No Moon

| | See all Horrormovielover's reviews (12)

This sequel is a disappointment compared to the first Twilight film. While this a bigger film, it's not better. However, the classic romance is still captured, with references to Romeo and Juiliet but that doesn't stop this film from being a 2 hour bore-fest.
Kristen Stewart more to do since the first, Taylor Lautner is good, Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning do good with little amount of screentime
Nothing happens, doesn't have a proper storyline it was a mix of at least 5 subplots thats don't go anywhere, CGI werewolves, no humour, takes itself too seriously, so boring, doesn't know where to end.

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  Twilight is Amazing! a MUST have!

| | See all Jadeee's reviews (5)

When the first twilight came to the cinema, i thoguht oh no, not another teen vampire movie. My boyfriend decided to bribe me to watch it after it came on dvd, and surprisingly i love it. Im pratically obsessed. I dont know what it is or how to decribe it. But i utterly love everything about these films. They are brilliant for a night in, feeling lonely or in love. They give off such a good loveing vibe, with bella having such a loving boyfriend (even though hes a vampire).

Annnnyywhooo. I whouldnt think secondly about buying this dvd. If you have brought the first then, what are you waiting for :) and if you are new to twilight... Buy them both!

I Love Twilight! Best film in a long time, and even better it being a series with cliff hangers! Even got my dad into it haha ;)

Hope you enjoy it as much as me.

  twighlight new moon

| | See all mrdavidamiller's reviews (5)

I think the film was really good but really lacked a kick at the end was very prodictable but the actors in the film made the film brillant with some superb computer graphics and some brillantly timed topless scens by the male stars had my wife drewling lol overall pritty good

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  im not a twi-ard

| | See all oliver1991's reviews (18)

I think that the viewing of the twilight series is split between the true fans who thave read the books and just the movie viewers, so heres the review frim just the movie viewer and not particulary a fan. Lets start with the story line, its an ok story line pretty easy and straight forward to follow and understand but just seems to lack something in this film, I have seen the first and it does follow straight on which is good and also works nice. Not enough action for a vampire/wolf-thing film for me. some cool cgi and the sounds great if you have a sound system. well overall, just watch it if your girlfriend wants you to, other wise don't get it.