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The Omen 666 (2006)

Featuring: Liev Schreiber, Julia Stiles & Marshall Cupp

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  Not worth the time

| | See all Sar1989xx's reviews (1)

Why make a remake of a classic so poorly??. It lacks the suspense (and the creep music) =) of the original,was dissapointed when I saw this like may other remakes it lacked something the old films have. My advice watch the original instead =-)

  what was the point?

| | See all eradicosword's reviews (1)

the original built up tension throughout, and in my opinion that made it 1 of the all time brilliant horror films, but this 1, even though it tries to stick to the scenes from the original lost all the tension that it had..... a bitter dissapointment, watch the original


| | See all DONTLISTENTOIDIOTS's reviews (1)

This one rushes throough the exact same scenes without the atmosphere.this film rhymes with 'brad pitt' .telling you how it is from dontlistentoidiots

  better than you think!

| | See all copper101's reviews (1)

I watched this film on TV a while back and didn't think much of it. However, i watched it again the other day and it really is quite good. if you're expecting this big gorefest then you'd be wrong but don't let it put you off. if you're wanting a scare then the little boy (Damien) does just that, he is played so well. my verdict: good film with a few jumpy moments that keep you hooked.

  Actually quite good!

| | See all SteveUtd's reviews (15)

Warning: This contains many spoilers, so if you don't want the film spoilt, especially if you haven't seen the original, don't read on.

I am a long time fan of the original films and was not expecting this
remake to come anywhere near it, but I thought they actually did a good job with this remake. One of the things I loved about it was the in depth look at Damien/Kathy's relationship; the film focuses a lot more on that than the original does and makes it all the more creepy. I liked the way Kathy's death was handled, the way Damien kept the police guard transfixed while Mrs Baylock (not as good as the original - Billie Whitelaw I think, but had her moments and some of her facial expressions were chilling) went in and injected poison into one of the tubes attatched to Kathy.

The 'nightmare' scenes added a lot to the film and gave a better insight into Kathy's deteriorating mental health, due to Damien's effect on her. One or two were somewhat signposted, but there were also a few that made me jump!

Liev Schreiber, while no Gregory Peck, did a good job as Robert Thorn; I felt especially sorry for him in the climactic scene in the church at the end. Julia Stiles was very good as Kathy, although maybe a bit too young looking? Having said that, she appeared more mature and authorative than in her 'teen flicks', especially in the scene where she demands that Damien be dressed for Church immediately.

However, the use of music in this remake was poor, compared to the excellent original - the scenes just didn't hit the heights, due to the lack of music in some scenes.
The scene where Mrs Baylock fights Thorn was far too short and nowhere near as hard hitting as the original.

Overall, the original is better (I didn't like the Father Spilletto scene in the remake at all), but this is a decent remake. The montage of current events signifying the arrival of the AntiChrist at the beginning was very effective, as was the death of the Pope (?) at the end. I wonder if they'll remake the other two?

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  Not that scary, not that violent, not that good

| | See all ArnoldKILLER's reviews (308)

I thought that this film was good but not that good. It wasn't really that scary at all. It could of been scary because it was the omen. There was always more room for improvement.


| | See all FALCONCRESTFAN's reviews (8)

Those of us who are old enough to recall the original excellence of the 1976 Omen 1 were generally suprised when this remake popped up. I never thought that they would dare try to improve on such a classic. It was bound to go wrong.

It did.

It isn't so much a 'bad' movie...just a 'poor man's Omen 1976'...it simply isn't as atmospheric, exciting or well-acted as the original...therefore it is utterly pointless.

A lesson learned, maybe.

There are SOME movies that are just SUCH classics, that to remake them is utter stupidity. Movies such as The Sound of Music, Star Wars 1, etc... could NEVER EVER be remade with any credibility...The Omen trilogy of the seventies and early eighties is a further example.

You may quite like this film if you are under 25 and have never seen the original. But even then, you may find it just 'OK' rather than 'great'.

Mark C. Edwards


| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

pintless scene for scene remake of the original. just does not work. the only people who enjoy this must not have seen the original. very poor.

  the Omen (2006) - pointless remake using the same screenplay

| | See all OldEnglandsEyes69's reviews (401)

This is certainly not a superb horror film like the original. It is a pointless copy using virtually the same screenplay. It's made even more pointless by the fact that the original has now been remastered with a decent 5.1 surround mix.

Buy that original and not this. Most phrases in this remake are taken verbatim from the original. It also loses the very English atmosphere of the original. Something about London 2006 just doesn't give that impression. No Routemaster buses, Jensen Interceptors or other decent English cars to speak of and no rugger games. No real excitement either. Good grief, animals going mad behind bars - wow! I was terrified. Oops, my nose just grew by 2 inches and my tongue has burst through my cheek.

They've even left the ending the same, instead of finishing the little blighter, leaving it open for the worst horror story - more remakes! They wouldn't have the cheek would they? I certainly hope not.

If the original had not been made then perhaps this would stand alone as a half-decent horror film but that unfortunately is not the case. It's a copy, plain and simple. Avoid at all costs unless you buy it in the recent "Pentology" box, now going for a reasonable price, in which you get this, Omens 1-4 and an extras disc.

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