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Ong Bak (1 Disc)

Featuring: Tony Jaa, Petchtai Wongkamlao & Suchao Pongwilai

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  "..A W E S O M E.."

| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This was a serious game changer in martial arts movies when it was released, nothing had been around like this, Tony Jaa really stepped up the game by giving us 100% genuine fighting and amazing martial art skills unseen before all with no help of wires or effects, Ong Bak is bone crunching awesome, full of amazing stunts and fight scenes that are breathtaking and very cool, this is a cult classic martial arts movie now and spawned so many movies taking on this style. A must for any fan. Jaa is a class act, dont forget to check out the awesome Warrior King.

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  top notch fight scenes

| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

tony jaa excells in this action packed fight fest. some of the best fight scenes and stunts ive ever seen. a true martial arts classic.


| | See all tommygun1966's reviews (427)

ong bak is a brilliant/violent martial arts epic which brings us tony jaa who was already a stuntman by trade but this was his first real attempt at acting and very good and convincing he is.the film has a brilliant story and the fight scenes are extremely violent and well choreograghed by jaa who trained for 3 yrs to learn the different styles of fighting required.its a bit more bloody than warrior king but the stunts are jaw dropping and performed by jaa himself without a wire.he is learning english and looks tipped to make it to the international scene big time.overall top draw stuff

  excellent fighting scenes make up for the rest!

| | See all 72espada's reviews (78)

Lets be honest, you buy a film like this for the fighting, and in that respect, it doesnt dissapoint, its totally wild!. However, the rest of the film (where tony jaa is not fighting!) plods along with little enthusiasm, and is handled very clumsily at times. The chase scene involving tuk tuk's, while entertaining, is about as realistic as those in the cannonball run!. Also, tony jaa's 'i really hate to fight, but i must' posturing gets quite cringeworthy after a while. So to sum up, the fighting is so far ahead of what hollywood has to offer, it may as well be from another planet, but the story and acting is more like a corny hollywood b movie from 20 years ago!.

  Up there with best

| | See all JDBaillie's reviews (23)

Finally a proper martial arts film where people are getting hit and not falling over from the wind of someones foot or fist!

The film is superb. This is what all martial arts films should be like!


| | See all Mutilations's reviews (2)

If you are looking for an insane martial arts epic then look no further! I saw this when it came out and I was stunned, the story was brilliant and not all over the place, the fighting was absolutely incredible and the stunts were freakin' sweet!
Its nice to see a different martial art as well, there are not many Muay Thai films out there from what i've seen at this standard! Tony Jaa is brilliant and I recommend this film to any fan of martial art flicks :D 5/5

  Quality film with seriously good REAL martial arts.

| | See all TheRegulator's reviews (6)

put it this way as soon as i saw this i ordered warrior king, makes other average martial arter's look terrible deffenatly worth the buy, no disappointment's.

  1 Word Amazing

| | See all TheManAndTheMovies's reviews (4)

U can sum this film up with one word AMAZING. Theres action from start to end with this classic film with all the stunts performed by Tony jaa with no camera work or stunt men this is a film not to miss. U would be mental to miss this film so go on and buy it or rent it will be worth it.

  Muay Thai at its best!!

| | See all Heinz57's reviews (1)

This film has a plot that is a little bit thin but dont let that detract from what this film is really all about, Tony Jaa is a master in his art and deserves as much noteriety as Jackie Chan. He has the heart of a lion and fights like one too! I was heard shouting WOH! when I saw his fight scenes as like the late great Bruce Lee he truly is stunning in is art. In summary great film, superb fights and im really glad I purchased it!

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  Jaw-dropping Muay Thai action

| | See all juhakoo's reviews (2)

Tony Jaa is being hailed as the new Bruce Lee for a good reason. His impressive acrobatic and fighting skills will make you go "ouch" and "wow" in equal measure. For that, I'm willing to let the mediocre plot and overt milking of impressive moments from different camera angles slide. And who knew you could have such an impressive chase scene with tuk-tuks?