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Singin' In The Rain - 50th Anniversary Special Edition (2 Discs)

Featuring: Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor & Debbie Reynolds

Format: DVD | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

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  A gift for my wife...

| | See all cenkish's reviews (3)

bought this as a birthday gift for my wife and she absolutely loves it.
no arguments from me as she watches it in the spare room while i play my PS3...

  Moses supposes his toeses are roses. . .

| | See all inisbeag91's reviews (503)

This is an absolute classic. They really don't make them like this anymore. Gene kelly is don lockwood the current "it" guy in hollywood in 1927. He is a silent star and has an onscreen partnership with lina lamont ie. the most irritatingly stupid person ever. Don meets debbie reynolds and takes an instant liking to her despite the circumstances. Donald o connor steals the movie as lockwood's sidekick cosmo. He is hilarious in the songs make em laugh and moses supposes. This is universally loved musical and you will love it

  You know the one

| | See all lascenara17's reviews (97)

Perhaps the most famous musical in motion picture history, "Singin' in the Rain" is a shot of pure cinematic joy, a beautiful paean to the movies, their stars, the trials and tribulations of a turbulent time in Hollywood history and a subtle satire on the whole silly affair. It's a movie everyone has ever heard of, from its iconic title to the legendary centrepiece dance sequence. The hype is to be believed. The dancing and choreography are astounding; each number carries an immense and intense energy, exuberance and creative dynamic so that each piece stands alone as a breathtaking culmination of the scene's theme. Particularly outstanding is the extended 'Broadway Melody' sequence, a fantastic, wordless 15-minute scene that looks like Busby Berkley by way of German Expressionism, and pausing for a second to deliver a double blow saying that, even in the modern (1950s) movie world, words aren't the only way of communicating emotion. Even more impressive is the fact that what you see on screen is what you get: no special effects or editing, just the sheer genius of physical manipulation; contrast this with the current cycle of 'dance movies' and their efforts to impress through styling of clothes and music, rather than inventiveness of location or weather (I'm talking to you, unnecessarily rain-soaked finale of 'Step Up 2').Although "Singin' in the Rain" is built upon existing songs and melodies already seen onscreen, it's the execution and the detail in how they are reworked into something basically similar but contextually different and that is what makes them just as special this time around and shows that, more than 50 years on, "Singin' in the Rain" has such a cultural influence that homages, inspirations and rip-offs have become something of a cliche themselves. Of course, the original is always best and even half a century on nothing can detract from its overwhelming impact. Gene Kelly is the star here, acting and dancing in his own superbly choreographed numbers and ultimately directing the whole show, his performance and input are what makes the film so whimsical and emotional. Excellent support comes from the rest of the cast, particularly Donald O'Connor's irrepressible 'Cosmo' and his hyperactive jollity.
With some brilliantly wicked satires on the conventions and processes of early talkie Hollywood, the film seems to have everything in spades what any musical tries to do best. If there are any qualms, the nastiness of Jean Hagen's 'Lina Lamont' seems a little ill thought out, coming on a smidge too late in the film to really convince. But overall, it's a true work of art, a sublime experience and something to put a smile on the face of anyone watching. If you don't like musicals or have never seen one before, this will instantly change your mind about them. Who can resist singin' along? Do de do do, do de, do de do do, do de....

  Classic Musical.

| | See all MissNox's reviews (25)

One of the best musicals ever made. The songs in this musical are all exceptional. And the dancing is inspiring. I find these films very uplifting and enjoyable.

A perfect thing to kick back and relax whilst watching.
You'll find it hard not to sing along once you know the words.
And it's even better when you're with friends and family.

I think Singin' in th Rain will appeal to music enthiusiasts and romantics. ;)


| | See all ROYDYBR's reviews (10)

Got to agree with swartzy.If there is one single image which sums up an MGM musical or any musical for that matter it has to be Gene Kelly tap dancing in the rain.It also has to be said though that it would be wrong to pick any single moment in Singin in the Rain without mentioning the rest of this masterpiece.Donald OConner and Debbie Reynolds were never better.One of those movies where you truly can say "They never make them like that anymore"

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  Probably the Best All round Musical ever Made

| | See all swartzy's reviews (82)

Gene Kelly's famous song and dance sequence from the title has become a household name.Added to this a young Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor and you have a film that connects both musically and with dance sequences that are colourful and imaginative even today....Donald O'Connor's rendition of "Make em laugh" shows how superfit and talented he was...In the background of the silent movies the competition into talkies made the big studios have to pull out all the stops..This is a talented if not tongue n cheek look at those times....Kelly is masterful with the Broadway Melody sequence with Cid Charise dancing charisma to enhance the mood...."You are my lucky star" is one of many heart stopping hits to top the romance love tale that intertwines between Kelly and Reynolds.......a tale of when Hollywood was at it's best in it's musical hey day and with an all star cast this is a must see musical for any fan of the genre and even for those who are not....Kelly is a genius

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